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This Honda S2000 belongs to Honda Verhagen, a Honda dealership in Rotterdam, Holland. In 2010 they raced this car in the Dutch Supercar Challenge, a series that is completely independent and runs solely on entry fees and sponsors. Unfortunately they weren’t able to reach a podium finish last year. So to be more competitive this year they needed more power and contacted Hontec and R-Developments for an engine rebuild.

Verhagen bought the car in 2009 from Fleper Motorsport after they retired the car. Fleper is responsible for building the car and raced it extensively in Germany. At the recent Time Attack race in Assen, Verhagen tested the car with the new engine. It really stood out with its green color and the fact it was the only S2000 present.

The car has a lot of carbon components to keep the weight down. One prominent part is the massive rear wing that keeps the rear wheels planted on the asphalt.

These center lock 17″ wheels are made by ATS and are wrapped with extra sticky Dunlop tires. Brembo provide the stopping power with 4 pot calipers and special endurance discs.

The front end of the car has been made lighter using FRP fenders, front bumper and a carbon hood.

The suspension is comprised of H&R components that are fully adjustable. So Verhagen can adjust the settings for each circuit it races on. Another trick part is the air jacks that allows for very quick tire changes.

Carbon mirrors and a lexan bubble that directs air inside the driver’s cabinet.

The beating heart is this F20C that has been completely rebuilt by R-Developments. It uses Mahle racing pistons, Inline rods, Cosworth bearings and gaskets. At the front you see the TTS supercharger that gives the car more low down torque and a higher end speed on the straights.

After R-Developments finished building the engine, Hontec installed everything and then it was time for Bekerom Tuning to map the car. This resulted in 407.4 bhp at fly, 354,7bhp at the hubs. There is a small video that you can see here of the car on the dyno.

A flocked dash, Sparco steering wheel and a Stack multifunction dash display dominate the interior.

But there is more like this extensive rollcage, Sparco seat and fuel cell.

To prevent fuel starvation the car has two fuel pumps that ensure the engine gets more than enough fuel out of the FT3 FIA approved fuel tank.

While shooting the car at Hontec I saw some other cars that included this Ford Fiesta and the Mitsubishi Colt that are used for rally racing. They aren’t exactly WRC material but they sure sound like them.

-Jeroen Willemsen



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k20 ?? did you mean f20c ????


Fake carbon mirrors*


K20? F20 is what you meant. God dammit I've seen that mistake at least 3 times on Speedhunters the past month. I'm no Honda guy but even I know the difference and it is a big one.


I'm not saying this one, because that definitely looks like either the F20C or F22C engine, but interesting to note there is an uprising of people swapping in the K24 Honda engines in search for more torque.


Damn, I want an S2000 with a hardtop like that. :D


Agree with J240.. I am the furthest from the Honda pack and even I know the K20 is out of an RSX... I would expect a site that reports on car culture to at least do some due diligence.... Sheeeeesh..


cant say I'm a fan of the roof or the colour but it looks like a blast to drive


a k20 powered s2000? siick swap!!!

i kid, i kid. although the key for k is pretty far from the f.

rest of the story was good though


never expected to see a Veilside Bodykit on a race car :)


Looks like the K20 swap is everywhere now! Lol jk


That's a proper S2000 racer car!

I so wish Honda used the S2000 in Super GT GT300.


I don't know how functional Veilside aero parts are, but surely they look good in a track car...wing is sick too...At first I thought the wheels were Porsche center lock ones, GT3 RS to be exact...


That's an F20C, not a K20. The K swap has been done on s2ks before but there's a big difference there.


Hi guys, sorry about that. It was indeed a F20C like everybody mentioned correctly.


K20 or F20c???


yeah if you guys are going to dedicate an entire month to Honda you should at least have someone who knows a thing or two about Honda writing the columns i've seen other threads calling ek hatches ef's and now this K20/F20 stuff. sick S2000 nonetheless i bet it's a blast to take around the track.


The front bumper looks F&F2 S2K?


herp derp guys. a K20 spins the same direction as an F20C, and shares the same transmission bolt pattern. they're pretty much directly interchangeable. same idea as an SR20 or 4AGE being mated to a FWD transaxle or RWD transmission.

...that said, that valve cover (thus head, thus block) still looks an awwwwwwful lot like an F20C...


the oil fill spot is on the back, near the firewall, K24 swaps are near the center. this is an S2K F series.


i own an s2000 and those fenders are not frp they're stock metal fender that have been rolled and flared, that front veilside bumper has to be the gayest bumper ever made for the s2000,and how does a race team have money for center lock suspension and center lock wheels but doesnt have money for real carbon mirrors and you guys messed up on the engine code too. i say do your homework before you report on a car you don't know alot about.


Its amazing everyone on the internet is an expert. Its not beyond the realms of possibility that its a K20 and not a F20C. K20 has much more tuning potential as has been proven times and times over. But from the pic I must concede it looks like a F20C from the valve cover.


have been working in a team @ the DSC..

and never seen this car run once...???


I love this car, it sounds amazing on the track too.


this color has never looked good on a car, ever. neither has that front bumper


would a RB26DETT fit in there ? that would be insane


Caliss DE policiers à marde pas de vie avec leurs caliss tickets à la con...c tout ce que j'ai a dire...


Thnxs for the nice feature Jeroen, here is a vid of the car on track:


Geez, ok we get it they messed up get oo their nutz for christs' sake. i like the car overall for function as a racing car. and who gives a damn about the mirroros being "fake" , can you be anymore anal?! And for the record there have been succesful K-swaps in the past and are now becoming more common, some of you "car guys" seriously need to take a step back and think things out. peace.


I'm not surprised this team isn't competitive when they can't even put a proper splitter on a race car. And that puny thing that might pass as a diffuser? Please.


Great choice on the rotrex supercharger, it will give the S2000 its much needed torque and additional horsepower. After the vtec crossover point, there was big jump and the power kept climbing on the dyno vid! Whats great is that it has a usable power band still.


I love the whole engine setup, but the car looks like shit with those ugly bumpers!!!


This car is still under construction. This week i'll hope to get our dry carbon undertray diffuser for the Honda S2000. And we are busy to get an sequential gearbox. Last year we raced 3 races in the Dutch Supercar Challenge.. this year we go for all races. We are a small raceteam (we have no budget :) )

Berry we did Zolder (ss2), Final Assen (sport), SPA last year (sport).


Prett damn cool me thinks!