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Over the 23 years Spoon Sports has been in business it has firmly established itself as one of the biggest names in Honda circles. With the simple motto that every 1/1000 of a second counts they have created their own tuning philosophy and applied it successfully to both road and race cars. Ichishima-san has always preferred to dedicate himself to the affordable spectrum of Honda production cars, almost ignoring one of Honda's greatest creations, the NSX. So you can imagine how excited everyone got back in 2008 when he came out of nowhere with the car you see here.

Built to celebrate Spoon's 20 years of race entries, Ichishima decided to go full out and build a special racing version of the NSX-R GT that he would, later on that year, enter in the Macau Grand Prix.

It's not every day you get the chance to take a look at such a rare car, so when Ichishima invited me to Motegi during one of the final test sessions before the car was due to be shipped out, I definitely didn't turn him down.

Applying Spoon's knowhow to the C32B can only give incredible results, and this particular build showed the just how extreme Spoon can really go if they want. So boosting power and response of the V6 is a fully balanced one-off stroker kit that lifts capacity to 3.5L. The heads are ported to increase airflow and boost response and fitted along with special Spoon camshafts. Once sealed along with the Spoon metal head gasket an 11.0:1 compression ratio was achieved.

While fully custom race headers and exhaust were created the intake side employes a Toda Racing injection kit made up of a six-throttle conversion and special blue-anodized velocity stacks. Yes the sound is insane! Ichishima says power is around the 400 HP range but seeing the car blast down the Motegi short course I'd guess that was a very conservative estimate.

The work that went on behind this build is nothing short of mind-boggling, it is a true race car in every sense of the word. The all-aluminum chassis was further stiffened and fitted with a custom cage before being painted in gray, a special color that Spoon uses on all their race cars. Simplicity rules inside with a Takata race harness equipped lightweight carbon-Kevlar race seat and the same Spoon steering wheel that is sold on the Spoon catalogue.

Stock instrumentation is replaced with an LCD race display. If you recognize the orange character you will also be able to figure out who took care of creating the lightweight dry carbon…

…dashboard and body parts!

The stock 6-speeder is joined by a ton of Spoon parts like the clutch disc, lightweight flywheel, release bearing, clutch hose, special LSD and a 4.4 final.

A look at the carbon doors. 

A lot of effort went into shaving weight off (down to 980 kg!) so along with the doors the NSX-R also sports a carbon hood. The "GT" front…

…side and rear treatment help enhance looks, especially with the blue and yellow livery. Oh and that "unicorn" air intake is a must for feeding air to those six hungry throttles!

A staggered set up is run with 9.5Jx17" SSR Type-C RS and 240/640R17 Advan slicks at the front, with the rear running 10JX18" rims and 250/660R18 rubber.

A set of Tein adjustable race dampers are used at each corner while unmistakable Spoon monobloc 4-pot calipers take care of braking.

Ichishima had a bit of trouble in Macau on during the qualifying session of the 2008 race, smashing the side of the car against the barriers as the rear end kicked out when exiting the last corner of the street course. The mechanics stayed up all night to fix the car and it was as good as new for race day.

He finished in third in his class and 6th overall, a great success for the team and the car. You can check out this cool film of the race here, and hear that screaming V6 for yourselves! I'm not sure where this car is kept now, but since I have to head over to Spoon Sports in a few days I can see if it's still kept at the shop and maybe get a few pictures. More on Spoon soon!

Spoon Sports

-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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soooooooo good.




Awesome feature Dino! Desktops please?


The race actually took place in 2009.

The orange kanji logo belongs to Dome Carbon Magic:

The dashboard is actually wet-carbon (the doors are dry carbon), and the car needs desperately a sequential transmission to be competitve.


I rarely comment, but this is nothing less than a dream car !






What kind of seat is that?


It's official: You have one of the best jobs EVER in the history of jobs.


wouldn't mind getting behind the wheel of this beast.. if only to blip the throttle - thanks for the post!


that orange character is Dome Composites. They make the GT500 NSX's and HSV's as well other cars.


wallpapers!!!! asap please...


Absolutely beautiful. I never get tired of seeing the NSX. Desktops please.


It may not be that powerful, but when you have less than a ton to haul it sure can get quick!


Wallpaper of 1st picture... pretty please... :)


Awesome NSX

Evil weight to horsepower propotion....


Spoon NSX-R GT weighs 2,160 lb! I think that's about the same weight as my AE86. Great post and can't wait for your Spoon Sports feature.


@ Eugene - The car weighs about 2150 lbs. which is a bit more than a ton.

A Spoon NSX-R using Teins?! Please. They could have done a LOT better. I mean, the ITB's are a nice touch, but as stated, where is this car going to be competitive, stock tranny and all? I guess I'm just not a huge Honda fan. This thing should be featured in Fast 5. LOL!!!


Mmmmmmmmmmm. So much good.

Those blue velocity stacks are beautiful.


Dome !!

We need to see video of this thing on a lap.

Thanks Dino for the feature on this car.


Its a DOME sticker, same company that made the DOME ZERO!

Nice car!


Wasnt this a turbo powered project from spoon?


those individual throttle bodies make that v6 look like a true race engine! this car is only what you could expect from Spoon, a quality built, race inspired car.


Desttops! ...all of them!


those individual throttle bodies make that v6 look like a true race engine! this car is only what you could expect from Spoon, a quality built, race inspired car.


Very nice. We are building a similar turbocharged street version.


Great car and excellent pictures, as always!

That visit you're going to do at Spoon sure sounds promising. Please, be sure to cover old school Hondas too, like the E-AT!


Very nice feature.


again, it seems if my comments are really late or not coming in at all.

But as far as i know about this car, It was a turbocharged car before it got the ITB's. Ive seen pictures with a HKS GT3037 turbocharger and they where pushing around 420hp with supersick response!


beautiful shots!!, 980kg on that NSX, its krazyyyyyyy

gretings from chile!


Continuing on with our current Honda theme for this month I'd like to take a look at a car that has


I wish i could get 5 minutes behind this car.


nothing more needs to be speaks for itself...awesome.


Amazing car indeed! I had no idea Ichishima-san raced the car himself as well! That GT-chanel vid was awesome


I like that Car. Such a great photos.