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Jacob sent us some photos of his 2000 R34 Skyline Sedan from New Zealand and we knew it would be fine addition to our R34 posts today. The project started off as non-turbo shell that had been stolen and stripped. Although its seen drift action in the past, Jacob says the car is mainly a street cruiser and show machine now.

When it comes to a four-door R34, you can't do much better than the URAS kit. That's what Jacob decided to outfit to his car, along with a carbon fiber bonnet, or "hood" for us yanks.

Powering Jacob's four-door is a full RB26DETT swap from an R34 GTR. He's tweaked it a bit with a set of HKS cam gears, HKS exhaust, Apexi intake and chip, and a Greddy front mount intercooler.

The stance comes from a set of BC Gold coilovers. Wheels are DTM Drift 18×9.5 +12 on each corner.

He also enclosed a shot of the car at the recent 4 and Rotary Nationals.

Another beastly street car on the streets of NZ.

Thanks for sharing Jacob!

-Mike Garrett



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Nice, Was thinking of buying a R32 four door and drop a RB26 in it!


i hate kits like that. the whole thing looks thoroughly average


Love skyline sedans but don't like the kit, especially the rear kit. Think it would look better with no kit on the back and just the sideskirts and front bumper.


i'd love to have this as a daily driver. nice ride and engie swap!


ewwwww that rear bumper just isn't my kind of thing. I'm glad someones into it though


wheels are so nice!

but I dislike the skirt like kit,

looks like a man wearing skirt out to street.

and the clear front indicators are needed.


At least this car isnt on fire!!! hahahaha Jacob also owns the Black s13 with the 180sx front that Jake Jones used in the Taupo Round 4 D1NZ last weekend haha

good work! photos dont do this thing justice!


om nom nom nom nom nom nom


yea jakey mean bro!!!


a 4 door sedan can look like this.. i never ever thought something like this,.. GOOD on ya mate


its for sale for 25k nz dollars


im sorry but i have to disagree you can do much better then URAS kit.

cross factory 4 door kit is the best on the market .


great idea and i for one always like that kit.

Good work!


not a big fan of the lower skirt all around the car, reminds me of my Grandma'sold bed.. but that engine bay looks ready for action!!


Mean as! another car of mine on speedhunters...and its not on fire lol


I promise you those skirts look nice when going sideways!


mean!!! another car of mine on speedhunters lol cool droollllllllllllllllllll


i know skylines are common and all, but there's something about the 4 door R34 with the uras kit that i like. like nomukens old one when he had it silver, not sure it had a uras kit or not, fairly sure it did, but DAMN they look good!


dope car man