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Spring has officially begun in Southern California, but you wouldn't know it by the weather. Yesterday we were slammed by a winter storm that drenched the entire state and covered the mountains in that strange white powdery stuff. Before the weather took a turn for the worse, I did manage to get out to a couple more local meets over the weekend. One of them was an import meet held at a Boba and Crepe shop in Cerritos on Friday night.

One thing that I noticed about this particular gathering was that the S-chassis community was out in good numbers. There had to be at least 20 S13's and S14's that I spotted.

That's not to say that there weren't a lot of Hondas that came out. Pretty much a given at any meet in Southern California.

The same goes for the Scion folks. TC owners in particular come out to these meets in force.

I also spotted some more unusual body styles in the parking lot, this Corolla wagon for example. Extremely clean.

Nismo-tuned Z33, still a cool looking car.

One thing I've noticed at this and other meets is the immense popularity of the 2006+ Civic Si. This one looked pretty clean on a set of staggered VS-XX's.

A few certified classics also rolled out for the evening, this 510 for example.

In another part of the lot, this group of AWD cars had assembled,

There's always something cool about seeing drift cars in a "street" setting.

You just don't hear much about the Honda Prelude these days. This one was one of several that were out there on Friday night.

Stock body, good wheels, and some low. Sometimes this is all you need.

Very cool looking Genesis Coupe. I actually remember seeing this one at the SEMA show last year.

Another clean S13 in street trim.

Nothing like a little panning to make a parking lot look like a race track…

Another shot of the wingless DC2 Integra.

One more S13 fastback. See what I was saying about the S-chassis turnout?

My favorite of the S-chassis and my personal pick of the meet had to be this drop top S13.

Another shot showing the rear view. Must be a great car to go cruising in on a warm SoCal night.

That's just another Friday night in Southern California.

I'll be back tomorrow with a look at another meet of a totally different type.

-Mike Garrett



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I love socal.. always packing with 240s!


White s13 vert is killer.

I've always wanted to have a convertible s13, you should do a feature on that if he puts a little more into it.

What wheels on that busted black s13 coupe?


Wow this is awesome. Nice to see my car =)


that busted 13 is mine. haha fn01-rc's in the front. mustang cobra reps in the rear. both painted champ white. beautiful pics!


I saw his thread on Ziliva.. dude has a ka-t setup...... Sleeper as f*ck!!!!!!!! You should do a feature on his car... shits sick and i want to see more of it!!!!!!!!!


lol that 180sx bumper needs to come off that pos 240!


Is this meet every Friday night?


all the cars look clean and tastefully modded, sometimes I wish there was no snow and salt here in the Great North!


I am so glad to see some no abused S13's, the red one is pretty much the exact style I plan on building mine to. Stock look. lowered and most importantly fun!!!


No pics of the girl's ek who hosted the meet! :(


nice meet.. gotta get me one of those S-Chassis cars one day.. never knew they did a drop top S13![?] - love the DC2 Integra without a spoiler, looks clean. Civic Si looks just right with those rims..


The convertible S13 and the Corolla wagon are my favorites. Did that Silvia get its roof chopped or is it a genuine convertible?


The convertible S13 and the Corolla wagon are my favorites. Did that Silvia get its roof chopped or is it a genuine convertible?


Are these meets every Friday?? And when are the M&M meets? I got lucky and traveled to get doughnuts one Sunday night. Haha


where exactly is this located?im down for a new meet, after fixing my ride.


glad you made it out to this event Mike!

-Will from Night-Import


I love the pics!!!! Thank you guys for coming out!!!! Did u try their crepes? D=


The black coupe has FN01rc's up front and Mustang Reps in the back. 17x10.5 all around.


Never been a giant Honda fanatic but the Prelude has always been a sporty name plate. With the S2K gone I think they should bring it back in a RWD configuration. Something like Toyota is doing with the FT86.


What's the deal with you calling 180sx (or 240sx for americans) a S13. It's a S13 chassis, yes, but it isn't a s13 shell.



Best looking FF Japan ever made. Gen-5 FTW.

Loving the vert S13!


Damn Mike is the Huell Howser of southern california car meets all of a sudden. Rock on Mike "California's Gold" Garrett!


any more pictures of that datsun 810 maxima wagon in the background???


Woot woot!! my vert was fav s chassis! Thanks for the great shots!!


What the hell is all this KA+T setup shit? down here in New Zealand all our Silvias run CA18DETs or SR20DETs and if your lucky youll find a few RB20,25,26,30 powered ones even :)


No S14 love! Lol

Great coverage as always! A+


i so wanan bring my 32 GTR from australia an do a run around the US in it :)


i so wanan bring my 32 GTR from australia an do a run around the US in it :)


Any more shots of the GC8!?!?


So happy my car was your favorite. Like on of the dudes above said, I would be more than happy to have you guys feature me on the site! If you would like to, car has some bells and whistles.


Where can i buy i 13 convertillble ??



haha the white s13 vert owner installed my springs that morning. got to see his car up close before the meet =)


I wasn't going to comment, but I couldn't help it after reading what people had said about Casey Dhnaram's coverage on the JDMST Meet. A lot of negative stuff was shown in there, about his knowledge, photography and then the quality of cars displayed.

I'm not bagging the stuff shown in this blog post, however this write up isn't that much different from Casey's. The photography is nothing special, standard of cars isn't amazing and I spot fake wheels in there just like someone mentioned in the JDMST Meet post (and he was actually incorrect).

All I'm saying is, give him a go and give our Australian JDM scene a go as well. I'm sure he tries and reads all the posts and tries to take on board what people say.


More Prelude Love!!!! It's awesome that the last two days I've been on the site I've been able to see two bb6's. More bb6 love.


The 5th Gen Prelude is a nice car, it makes a lot of fun to drive it.

Unfortunately there are not many in Germany.


This meet was at Boba Cafe in Cerritos (Artesia & Norwalk Blvd.) by the 91 FWY... Boba Joe on FB will notify us of any future meets that they're planning.. Possibly next month. Give him a friend invitation. http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1679710034



Can you send me an email at SpeedhuntersMike (at) gmail.com please!




that vert has fake rims...not speedhunter approved


Not everyone can afford nice rims, but he rocks his rims better than many people can.


I can seeeeeeee me! hahhaa