Random Snap>> A Dusty Fd Rx-7 On Viennas

I stopped by Michael Essa’s shop, GSR Autosport, this morning to check out the progress on his Formula D BMW Z4, I couldn’t help but notice this FD RX-7 on SSR Vienna Kries sitting out in the lot all dusted up and seemingly forgotten. The backs of various shops seem to a place where cars are in a perpetual state of purgatory. We’ve seen this evident when I visited Top Secret with the complex filled to the brim with dusty, forgotten yet amazing machines.

For the time being, let’s just gaze at this tastefully modded FD3s while wishing for it to one day live its life out on the road once again….




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If these guys are about to sell it, contact me! :P


Now that is a proper stance for a RX-7, nothing too low, not too much camber just, just the right mix of form and function.


I honestly don't care about the FD. Show me the Porsche in the background !


Hey, that's my car. Oh wait, I'm waking up now...damn!


Tastefully? Um...no.

Another FD wasted.


I'm feelin that. So... Soon Mike will have another BMW that isn't comepetative..?! ROFL


its just sat there rotting?.... can't see it. nice though i hate those wheels.


its just sat there rotting?.... can't see it. nice though i hate those wheels


If these guys are about to drift it, film it! :P


sweet rims.. although they look good here.. i'm not entirely sold on the idea that they suit this car.. i think they are too bright - now they same rims with a gunmetal grey finish??!!


These shops need to give them away or sell them if they are just going to sit! Way to waste a timeless machine when someone could give it a good home. Instead of having these sad commercials about abandoned pets, they should have them for these abandoned cars, LOL!

I agree w/Henry(2).. What a waste.. I dont understand how some people like those fugly rimz...


Rims don't suit this car, they are just a hair too big. Other than that its not too bad :)


did anyone else notice that the car is RHD?


got wheels? i think it would look better on stock wheels, those chrome manhole covers are a are a tragedy. nice seven though


put just the right way take away the chrome and it all good


the car's stance is spot on...However the wheels on the other hand dont cut it for me they look ugly and their chrome!


i like it

RANDOM SNAP>> A DUSTY FD RX-7 i brazen-faced VIENNAS - Speedhunters

now im your rss reader


I think he's still trying to sell it. It's Rhd converted to full 99 specs I believe


It needs proper wheels. Aside from that... the FD's clean and smooth deisgn will never stop impressing me.


Linhbergh, your killin me! I drove the car 3 days before you took that pic. yeah, it gets dusty in the lot! and yes, i am going to post it up for sale soon. I dont have time to drive it as often as i would like.


It honestly looks a lot better than I would have guessed if someone said they were going to put Viennas on a FD