Car Spotlight>> Kermit The Ps13

In a sport dominated with s-bodies how do you stand out from the crowd? Painting it the brightest color you can find is normally a good start and that's the path James Bull went down when selecting his 2011 drift weapon. In Kawasaki green, the Origin kitted PS13 certainly does the job in the getting noticed stakes.

'It's green on the outside and pink on the inside, just like a frog'  was the answer I received when quizzing James on the new car's name.

Kermit sits on a full complement of Driftworks suspension components along with steering knuckles specially modified by JDM Allstars driver Jon Calvert. Z32 Rotors and calipers handle the stopping department and the whole package sits on 18" Rota rims. I think you will agree this is one good looking PS.

Inside the car is fitted with a full spec Huxley Motorsport roll cage and is nicely stripped for competition. Corbeau seats re-trimmed in Bride fabric along with an Origin carbon seat are a nice touch but nothing says drift car like a classic Nardi steering wheel.

An S-body with its original power plant is becoming a rare thing here in the UK. Kermit still has the intended SR20 but it's far from stock. Garret 2871 turbo, Nismo 555 injectors, Jun inlet manifold … the list goes on. All mapped by Protuner, the SR20 provides more than enough power.

At the moment the bodywork is clean and sticker free. But it is a drift car so its a rule that there must be some stickers present.

James achieved his semi-pro BDC license on Saturday so we should be seeing allot more of the Lurid green PS throughout the year.




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i want it



That thing is gross. Looks so awkard with those big wheels/tires and high ride height.


Great looking car. Love the stance as opposed to all those slmmed hellaflush cars.


^Agreed the color is horrid and it rides like a monster truck.


Ugly as Shit, not Speedhunter worthy at all!


Uh oh, that looks stupid.

Would like to see a shot of the interior though.


the hood latches on the bumpers look dumb


i think it looks pretty good! i like bright colours and it makes a change to all those cars with hideious stickers drowning the car. as for the ride height... you USA people try driving an hellaflushed car on the roads in this country! haha ripp the **** outta your car with all the pot holes and speed humps!


Don't hate, appreciate.

The guy looks like Faruk Kugay from Worksmag.

Already thought it is him from the opening pic.


It's different so its bad. it's stupid, it's ugly. Get over the mainstream crap. It's a nice car. the 18's are not something seen on S13's often, They look suprisingly nice on it. The color stands out, it's also nice. And where is this "Monster truck" ride height?. It's at a good height, not dragging on the ground destroying things and its not so tall that it's horrid, the wheels are tidy, tight to the wells. Theres nothing wrong with this car.


deep dish version of (knockoff) lmgt4s look pretty nice... id love to see those on some 275+ tires :)


Thanks for your comments good and bad! At the end of the day I like the car I did not build it to impress anyone else and although it still needs work I'm happy with the outcome. And yes tobias well spotted it is faruk kugay in the drivers seat he borowed the car at the weekend and was very happy with it's performance


Wow. Dude called this a 4x4 ride height. Looks good without looking squashed, functional as hell and a little dfferent. Would change the pink in there, but the rest I'm totally down with.


i like the nardi wheel. that is all.


needs moar low


car is FUGLY. color is fine but the devil is in the details and this one falls flat on its face.


so when yashio factory pumps out pink s chasis cars nobody hates. i personally like these unique builds with cars that stand out. also nobody's mentioned that he's running on rotas. this being a budget build, it looks great with them and it looks like a blast to drive


YUCKY. the green on bronze color scheme is the only thing this car has going for it.


looking good congrats on the licencex,,,,


I find it unfortunate that cars with Rota's are getting spotlights... Speedhunters isn't doing any car lovers any justice.


I wanna see what those seats look like big guy and my fat ass aint gonna fit in no brides lol


This is bullshit!! That's my cars name and color! I'm from Orlando FL in a limerick green coupe, nick named Kermit by the crowd at local events.


really? no mention of the upholstered dash?

and who the fuck recovers corbeau seats in bride fabric?


IMO, this car is awesome!


Can't say I really dig this one either.



Green is the new White.


Laughing at all the comments from those not in the know , cars sweet James no doubt I'll be under it at some point along with bizz's calvert's and Finns thruout the Bdc season well done on the semi pro licence cars very capable just go enjoy yourself , Lee :)


its bright!. with plenty of battle scars - not the look of a typical drift car but probably as best it can be for a drift car in this country (or as near as damn it) - quite a few latches for the bonnet here & there too!???


he didnt get it painted it was done before he bought it. i know this as i painted it!!!!


I'm not being a hater; I'm just not feelin it.


have some sympathy for our english roads and have some respect for road registered drifters everywhere!


Thats horrible, triprojectors are disgusting, rota's are garbage, pink everywhere is awful. Thats Honda rice.


Aerocatches on front and rear bumper are disgusting, there's way better ways to quick release a bumper without looking like ass.


Haters gonna hate. The car may look high but we don't have silky smooth tracks in the uk.


Super bright colors scream rice.


Get over it fellas. To all who think the stance / ride height is fugly / bad / not hellaflush .... man this is why I hate the internet sometimes. d|ckhe@ds have the power to comment then I'm caught up reading it.

From a functional standpoint this will work around a track, while your hellaflush car is bottoming out resting on the bumpstops...In the carpark. The rubber doesn't have to tuck under the guards. The center of gravity is low already on these cars - why go lower? I can bet its sharper than anything you've driven and owned.


Love the car, it's an awesome drive too. Everything a well set up S Body should be.


can someone let me in on why the bumpers have aerocatch hoodpins on them?


Yucks!!!.There's a Malaysian drifter that drifts a 180sx in that color whom is known to be a scum! So i doubt this color would catch on there!


i love it! different from everyone doing the same thing!

drift in this country cant be slammed, as ppl have said the roads and sometimes tracks are sh*t!

plus in my opinion, your gona brake stuff wen drifting, why spend 1/2 your budget on wheels that have a good chance of getting trashed when you can get just as cool looking rims that do the same job for a lot less!

huxley motorsport is awsomness!


Lovely car and i love the panda stickers on it, where can i get one ? :)


thats one of my stickers i made for him on the front screen!



Yep haters gonna hate... funny how the stance fans come out to dump their hate on a car with "4x4" ride height, but have a big emo cry when a stanced car gets picked on. Stance and hypocrisy go hand in hand eh?


Makes me laugh at how many people talk shit about others pride and joy. I know James has put a lot of time and money into this car... and you know what? Kermit drifts. You guys can bitch about it all you like but she does her job!

Ride height is due to the roads and tracks in the UK, they ain't smooth and the car was built to function!

Yes the car was green when James bought it, he never said it wasn't, he was not keen on the colour, and was going to change it, but its growing on him now and people seem to love it (in the UK anyway)!

As for some guy calling his car Kermit in Florida, it's not like there are that many names for a green beast and its what everyone started calling her so thats now her name!

James has tried to be a bit more original rather than conforming to the rules and 'likes' of other people. After all, we are all our own person and if we did everything the same ... this world would be pretty frigging boring yo.

I love the car and can't wait to see it at events this year. Well done James!


Thats my old car! Although now its got afew more things done to it! Used to skid REALLY well!

Good luck dude


No a fan but atleast he's out having a go, the more involved the better the sport will become, good luck with the season.


It's hilarious that anybody would think he picked green&pink to look good! LOL.

He painted it green and pink so that all you fools would look - and ya did.

Well-played, James. Brilliant.


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Slick slider man! Wish i had it as my first car