Car Spotlight>> T-garege Ra6 Toyota Estima

Next to the Supermade S15, D'Custom Freak Toyota Crown Majesta and Toyota Century front-ended Toyota Celsior that Dino and I favored at TAS, the T-Garege Toyota Estima was one of my personal favorites. 

Because of the advent of the internet and just how easy it is to search up anything you desire, many of us have seen minivans done up in all sorts of ways. But T-Garege has somehow kept this RA6 Estima new and fresh. 

Most of the time, we'd see VIP'd minivans in giant chrome wheels rather than these sporty looking SSR Professor SP3s.

Looking at the Estima from the front and seeing the huge intercooler inside the bumper, you can spot its sporty origins. This is a minivan that will definitely go from your house to the grocery story in no time flat.

The interior matches the exterior with its red accents.

Though the pink reupholstered seats, interior trim and hot pink belts don't really quite go with anything….

The suede treatment on the dashboard and steering wheel is a nice touch. Still, the interior isn't quite my style….

But the exterior styling speaks volumes. The rear fitment is rather something to behold.

A turbo charged RA6 Estima. This is a minivan I definitely wouldn't mind running errands around town with.

If you drop off your kids at school in this van, would the other kids be jealous? I think so. 




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I was going to say that I didn't quite like the red embroidery on the carpets and then I saw the pink.

Holy mother of bob that killed everything. Aside from that silliness, I quite like the car on a whole.


I want to go to school in that


Saw one in San Francisco with Washington plates on it a few weeks back.


Concur with Linhbergh, exterior is on point (love the integrated turn signal mirror/LED tail light) but, can't say the same for the interior with exception to the suede upper/lower dash. Would love to see what the owner did with the headliner and the air-ride set up. What do I do with my Estima (MCR30)…respray and freshen up the interior or opt for the newer MCR50 or even the Vellfire? Only money not time will tell.


wish they had this stateside i want 1


what caliper is that in the back?? wonder if the e-brake works with this aftermarket one


This is definitely what vanning is all about. Slammed with gangster fitment, and a turbo when you want to leave quickly!


People are so hard up for a performance toyota vehicle that they have turned to tuning mini-vans. I'm sad.


what calipers are these? love complete big brake kit front AND REAR. Wonder if it still has e-brake


RA6 is an Odyssey. That's an ACR/MCR, if you insist on using chassis codes. Or is there another story behind the "RA6"?


So... what is the story with the RA6? My other comment never got posted for some reason, but since RA6 is an Odyssey, and this Estima is an ACR/MCR, I'm curious about the RA6 moniker.


please more vans! i'd like to see more of the vellfires and elgrands!


Awesome! That's cool Estima..


i wish they'd do something that sick to the hiace grandia so i can take cues and start messing with ours.


It's been a little more than a week since I was in Japan. My head is still trying to process I've


looks nice.. love the outside more than all of the inside.. nice chocie of rims too