Behind The Scenes>> Rauh Welt Begriff Meet – Part 1 – Moriya Pa

Before the Christmas break I stopped over at Rauh Welt one night to say hello to Nakai-san and take a look at some of the latest cars he was working on. He had a lot going on back then and was putting the finishing touches to some imposing looking machines. He told be that if I wanted to see something real special I should probably come along to the first soukoukai of the year that he was organizing on the 9th of January. I immediately put the date down on my calendar as this was a day I was definitely not going to miss.

Then late last week Nakai calls me up and tells me that it would probably be a good idea if I met him and the RWB crew at the Moriya Parking Area on the Joban Expressway, the place they always gather before heading out to Tsukuba Circuit in convoy. The meeting time was 11 am and there was no way I was going to be late so I probably woke up a little too early to check the traffic situation on the internet in order to make sure there were no accidents on the shuto, as this can at times turn a simple 1-hour journey into a grueling 3-hour torture.

Being a long weekend all the roads were pretty deserted thankfully which meant some much welcomed smooth sailing from the C1 onto shuto number 6 and then to the Joban Expressway.

As soon as I passed through the Joban toll gate at Misato I was immediately overtaken by a pink RWB beast…

…and then again by this wide 964! These two guys were running together at quite some pace! I stepped on it trying to coax the Legacy's flat-6 (having a boxer 6 I somehow felt part of the RWB club LOL) to churn out its mighty 250HP in an attempt to keep up.

Moriya PA is only a 10-minute drive or so from the beginning of the Joban so we were there in no time…

…and thankfully some traffic slowed the Porsches a little so I could catch up and get a couple of more shots.

Welcoming us at the PA was one of the biggest group of bosozoku I have ever seen! They were there waiting for all their buddies to arrive before shooting off together, like a noisy hoard of angry bees. An undercover Police Toyota Crown was sitting there, peacefully looking at them as they left the parking. They followed them out like they were escorting them or something. It never seizes to amaze me how powerless the Police are against these guys! Only in Japan as they say!

Nakai-san's new personal car has just been finished, the Royal Montegobay…

…sporting without a doubt the widest ass ever seen on a 993! It's as wide as Nakai has ever gone, making this thing beyond imposing from the rear!

Nakai was busy that morning, trying to coordinate everyone and keep the schedule running on time. The idea was to wait for everyone until 11:30 and then head off towards Tsukuba Circuit, grab some lunch and then get busy on track from 2pm till 4pm.

I was amazed at the variation of cars that came, a lot of which I had never seen before.

Even a 928! Can you imagine this once it gets the RWB treatment??

White on white 964, simply awesome.

Look at those BBS shine under the morning sun!

In about fifteen or so minutes quite a nice little group of about 25 cars had gathered with more arriving by the minute.

No matter if you like the RWB style or not, you just can't help but admire each of these unique creations.

This is one of two orange 964s that Nakai has recently finished. The second, called Sunburst, is a widebody race car, which you will be seeing in detail soon!

The race look of this 993 made it one of the toughest cars present. 

RWB all the way!

Despite all this mouthwatering selection…

…it was without a doubt this white 930 on red SSR SP1s that did it for me, I especially liked the RS-like rear ducktail spoiler! 

But there wasn't enough time to continue the drooling session as Nakai-san gave the word it was time to head out.

It's only a 5-minute blast up the Joban to the Yawara exit…

…and then onto regular roads for the twenty or so minute drive to Tsukuba circuit.

Not every day you get to see this kind of metal at junctions!

I did my best to stay with the group and try to grab a few snaps at the same time!

We arrived at Tsukuba fairly quickly, but you will have to wait for Part 2 to see the rest of the coverage!

RAUH-Welt Begriff

-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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I agree, whether you like the style or not, you have to respect the work put into it. I personally think it's sic!


Beautifull! Like Porsche :) They is great!


Wow, these cars are soo cool! I would love to one one here in the US,full bore out on the track!!


Montego Bay huh? I like it (I'm from Jamaica).


Got any more pics of the white one with the ducktail? Gotta love a ducktail...


Ohh dear. So much awesome


white 930 on red SSR SP1s Indeed one awesome semi retro racer


Looking forward to more, great coverage


Desktop of the 4th to the last pic and 2nd to the last pic pls!!!


PLEASE make a desktop of the first photo... The master piece is unbelievable!


Awesome cars..

i love 911's so much.. and these are like the exciting extreme tuned versions.. so many variations all off the one chassis..!

too bad a nice manual 993 coupe is worth so much money here in Australia. <_<


on anything but a porsche this style would look so shitty, but man these are works of art..ive seen the RWB cars before, obviously, but a lot of new ones in this post as well. i imagine that is one caravan that musta been jaw dropping to see in person.




Awesome pics....I love the look and stance of most of these Porsches


desktop of...well pretty much any (or all) of them :)


Praise to the Japanese gods, and you shall get a damn amazing Porsche ;D

Great story and photos Dino!


I love these porsche's. I would love to own one! One of the best tuners going!


Yup, I'm in love all over again. I want that White on white 964.


and when you like the style you respect it as a divinity.


Royal Montegobay. Awesome. Great feature and excellent pics. I love that these cars get driven not just to the track but on it as well.



Need much more of the red one with the gold rims! (3rd to last pic).


One word... hideous!


Dino how did you drive with one hand and take pictures of each other ? ^_^ Love Rauh Welt


Nakai-San has amazing taste.

Stella Artois, Jamaican references, BADASS porsches, the guy has it right.


Once again, Dino delivers with the RWB content


Rauh Welt cars are AMAZING !!!!!!!


amazing how one man in the mountains made so much amazing machines.. i envy him


Please organise a spotlight on that 928 S4 once ity has the RW treatment Dino!


Moar info on nakai-san's 993! exactly how wide? 18x14 rear?


Rad. I'm always feelin the RWB style!


Some wallpaper maybe?


"sekund entwicklung" haha :D sooo nice, these cars!


white 930 on red SSR SP1s...please please do a feature!


Couldnt imagine the sound of that convoy thru the streets


Sunburst is fire wow love the color


What do they want to express with "Sekund Entwicklung"?


What's better than reading RAUH WELT BEGRIFF MEET - PART 1 ? - Reading PART 2 as well!


Having been a Porsche mechanic and racer back in the late 80's-90's, it's great to see so much 964 goodness. One of the most under-rated Porsche chassis, in my opinion. Seeing the 928 S4, however, reminds me of how much of a pain it was to work on those 32-valve Porsche V8s. Like the body was shrink-wrapped around the engine! Fun to drive though, especially with a 5-speed.

Oh yeah... and Ducktails FTW. :-D


Must be pretty crazy to unite all these incredible cars and know that you built every single one of them haha. Great work as usual on Nakai San's part. Any more pics of his new car?


And to this the body work on these cars is done in his GARAGE. Simply mouth watering...


Whos more EYRE than Nakai-san?lol ....Montego bay boi!

God I love his brutal fuckn IRIE!!


can never stop lovin RWB! their cars look so freakin sick! i espically love that bright orange one o_O!! arrgh i want 1...maybe more than 1 lookin at these pictures!


I had no idea there were this many RWB cars, his website doesn't really let on to the variety of work he does.


FFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU any other meets planned soon Dino?!!


great cars dude


im laughing so hard everytime i see "der dritte schlag" or even more stupid sounding stuff like "rauh welt begriff" - just to make it sound like german. Sekund Entwicklung clearly is my fav.. but somehow its nice they really like to sound german. seems to be something good?! anyway, impossibly awesome porsches!!


Desktop 1st pic please?


That is sick!!! The name "Second Development" is pretty cool for his new car.


well not name, but quote on the rear side of the car.


so is the maestro going to sprinkle some of his magic dust onto that 928? PLEASE confirm!!!

meanwhile im going to get a clean pair of underpants...


Not a Porsche fan. But I love the RWB ones. I love the RWB S15 as well.


That red, white 930 is the hottest Porsche I have ever seen.






Poaw... i never grow tired of those Rauh Welt beast, thanks a lot for all this pictures, but please... Desktops please.


Desktops please


I love how all the moving shots are from behind! lol


OMG can i have one of each?? or just one


DONT STOP TAKING PICS!!!! I could look at these all day.


Much respect for the RWB crew and what they do !


anyone can ruin an Elfer, only very few can make it even better. Nakai-san is one of them.


would love some desktops, awesome coverage :)


something about japan is the sky always blue. LOving it when taking pic around japan, the sky never fail in the picture. Great cover! Love the pictures and the stories.


Best looking Porsche's in the world IMO


Time to pick up where I left off yesterday and head to Tsukuba for the second part of the Rauh Welt meeting


Royal Montegobay, white and red 930, that picture of the blue 964 through the wing... oh man, I'm lost for words.

Dino, please, you HAVE to show us that 928 S4 once it gets modified (if it gets modified...)


Porsche? What Porsche? Where?

So this is the reason why I can't get my hands on a decent 993. They're all being exported to Japan.


I am so glad I got to finally see a decent picture of the White and Red RS widebody with ducktail. Watched it being built on his blog in those tiny sideways camphone pictures.


It would have been a great pity if I wouldn't have shared this last selection of shots with your


The sound of naturally aspirated and boosted flat-sixes was interrupted by the occasional scream of Japanese