Gallery>> 1:8 Scale Porsche 908/03

Patience is a virtue that is much desired among many, but very few have the actual weld it. This is the case of Simon Dagless’ and his 1/8th scale model of a Porsche 908/03. What you're looking at is no hobby shop kit, but a model that has been built from the ground up by Simon himself for more than a year now. 

Though far from being finished, I felt the need to share such an astounding project. I find the actual processes of building the model much more interesting than my desire to see it painted and finished.

So, let's take a quick look at the model.

This is the basic chassis framework.

Here's the formation of the exhaust system…

…and just under the exhaust is an engine that has every detail represented. Amazing.

The suspension components.

The pedal assembly.

For size comparison, here are the four brake calipers. 

This is the almost completed transmission.

This is the transmission complete with cooling ducts and duct mounts!

And here is completed and painted transmission

This is an overview of a little more than a year's worth of work in this model. 

If you're interested in knowing more about this project, head on over to the Automotive Forums thread, catch up on the discussion and check out the many photos Simon has taken to document this incredible journey.




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Of course you included a link to the 25 page build thread... It's not like i actually had anything particularly pressing to do tonight.


that's so awesome i love those years for racing!!


Thats pretty swwet. But here's a video of a actual Ferrari built by hand that works.


Is this the guy who built that mini exact replica of that Ferrari who when hearing of it, Ferrari bought the car, and then hired the man who built the car to work for them? Is he trying to work for Porsche now?


I am so glad SpeedHunters has placed Simon's work on the site.Beautiful work !!!


Why not just spend your year building a real car?


So this isn't functional? That sucks. There is a 1/8 scale ferrari that is.


Nice to see someone take the time and rebuild something like this !


Nice plastic model but i think you should feature this


one word: WOW!!!!!!!!!!! That is absolutely beautiful!!


I love cars, regardless of scale. This is amazing work, well done, inspiring stuff.


Scratchbuilding=Ghetto Engineering=Build whatever, whenever you want.

(Or making money for what you enjoy.)

Awesome !!


the handbuilt ferrari took 15 years to build. this took a year and look at his progress. the man deserves a little more respect then nit picking at the fact its not functional. build something that good then talk sh*t. GREAT JOB ON THE PORCHE. that wasnt so hard was it?


patience indeed. hell, im afraid to just make opening doors on a plastic model. this is amazing.


whoaaaa! this is out of this world. salute!


Such attention to detail....