Random Snap>> Audi On The Ring

Just came across this shot taken by Willem De Zeeuw during one of the many ‘touristenfahrten' at the Nürburgring. This reminds that I need to go there next week for some Speedhunting.

Anybody else going to the ring next week?

-Jeroen Willemsen

Spotted on Flickr



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Worth a desktop. She's-a-so-nice!


Anyone else notice that this Audi is registered and tagged?

i dont know how they deal with tags in Germany, but im assuming that means it drives on the street?

hell yeah!



i´m going, probably on saturday.

who else is coming?

what do you drive?


Ya thats registered alright sweet


we are there 25/26.9 maybe with the rally AE86


That license plate is actually from a town quite close to where I live. I'd love to see some more pics of that car...


widebody much?

love it


I'll be there this coming up monday :)

If you HAPPEN to be there. you should look for a p.o.s. red and black CRX.

It my be a p.o.s. but i love that car. XD


love the car!! ive never been to the ring, but its one of the tracks i always wanted to visit, but unfortanatly i wont be goin next week :(


i will be there next weekend !


weasle you would correct about that. if it had temp tags it would have red lettering on it. not the black. and by the looks of it he/she is from Bavaria.

and i'm planing on being out on the track in my CRX, which isnt the fastest ( its settin @ 135 hp w/ 120ish ft/ilbs tourqe.) and it sure isnt the best lookin with all the canerous rust, fading paint, and Ricer front bumper ( O god i think i just threw up a little). but i love the car.

i should be out there monday around 3:30- 4:00 with my friend who has a pretty clean MR2 (2nd gen which just had a bit of a rebuild and some upgrading).

sooooo if your out there you should look for those two cars out there (mainly his) havin some good clean fun :D


@well, it a legal registration. the car comes frome miltenberg, bavaria. but living in a country were a massarerti mc -12 corsa racespec is registed. it's quite obvious, that you can register everythink, as long as it passes smoke and crashtests (can be quite expensiv). anyway, you can see with the lotec sirus (basicly a group c car), that given, you have enough cash, you can get anythink you want on german road's.


damn i wanna see more of this beauty


looks very mean... more pics please!


at stephen gleason

do you ride on oz rims+ a cage?

if so you once overtook me after galgenkopf =D


I am awestruck by this photo, it is captures so much.


mas photos por favor! ;)


@Weasel: Yes it drives on the street. I've spotted this thing 'in the wild'. If flew by on the fastlane on the autobahn when I was on my way to Czech. So weird seeing that in your mirror!


I`m there on 14.09. with a mate, two Evo IX`s.



I'm at the ring from friday (9th september) to sunday (11th september). We participate in the 1.000 km Youngtimer Race on sunday. Check the paddock for the THATE Motorsport Truck (silver blue trailer with a red Scania V8 truck). We race a BMW 325i. I'm the 2,10m tall guy with the videocam... Check by for a beer and a chat!



yep it's registered.

it has to be for a "touristenfahrt"

nice shot by the way

i want to got there too again

hope to get a chance in the next weeks again...


Remember this random snap ? I just came across this picture that shows the front of the car. A lot of