Gallery>> NÜrburgring Parking Lot Pt.ii

The amount of Porsches that were present during the Touristenfahrt on Friday was astounding. Especially the 997 model which was very popular both in GT3 and GT2 form.

A view at the parking lot shows it was pretty packed. It was all about checking your tire pressures and meeting up with friends.

One of my favorite cars was this green Porsche 964. Not sure if it was a real Carrera RS but it looked perfect.

The green and the gold from the BBS split rims are a perfect combination.

It looked so right from every angle.

Another beauty was this older version of the 911. A true classic.

I had no doubt this was a true Carrera RS, can you imagine taking this iconic car around the Nürburgring?

These Porsche owners and enthusiasts are true diehards.

This 993 owner was checking his tire pressures. It looked almost mandatory to have such a device in your car when you go to the Nürburgring.

Just a bunch of tubes, an engine and a huge spoiler defines this Ariel Atom. I have deep respect for the people that dare to drive this thing.

Take a look at the carbon seats; I've noticed both the seats and center console are made from one piece.

At first I thought 'Oh cool a flat black wrapped Focus RS' But a closer look revealed it was a bit more special …

It was actually the Ford Focus RS500. Paddy made a small story about this very special version.

If you haven't got a car or don't dare to take it to the track there is always the option to rent a race car.

I saw several men taking these rental cars to the track. You can rent almost any car you want from a fully race prepared Porsche 911 to this BMW M3.

On my way out I saw this Volvo on BBS wheels. I thought it looked pretty cool.

A final look at Dottinger Hohe with the famous Audi sign.

I'll be back on the 26th of October, so if you are there and want some Speedhunter stickers speak to the guy with the Sony camera. 

- Jeroen Willemsen

Nürburgring Parking Lot Part 1



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the 964 really is nice


Another Item to add to my bucket list !


that dark green porsche was very nice! and i love the number plate on the atom "mad" haha, and omg! an RS500 ford focus lovin that!!


My dream, that ring


The blue 993 is just gorgeous. Great spread.


I really wanna see that volvo run...


id like to meet that guy with the porsche tattoo so i can tell him hes a toolbag. otherwise, awesome pics/cars.


volvo with bbs as wallpaper, please



I've been waiting for this.


On the 964 Carrera RS: The lack of a sunroof is a pretty good indicator. The U.S. version, the RS America, could be ordered with the option (along with air-conditioning, radio and limited-slip diff), but I think the Euro-spec Carrera RS was typically without a sunroof, while the run-of-the-mill C2s and C4s almost always had sunroofs.


If it is real - and I see no reason why it wouldn't be the headlamp washers tell me its a Touring model.


You should have seen those Volvo´s getting thrashed on the track. They belong to some locals, and they are super-fast.

You can hire one of those Sciroccos for as little as 380€, or if you want, drive behind an instructor for a little more.

Keep attacking the Nurburgring!


The 964 RS is a replica featured in GT Porsche a year or so ago. Built 964 RS spec motor but mated to a Carrera 4 AWD system. The company that built it also has a peppermint green 964 based on a C2.


I wish there were more Atoms running wider rubber.


Die Nordschleife is magic...

Can't wait to go back with a 'Indian Summer' weather forecast.

Deep respect for the guys with the GT3's, M3 CLS's and so on, for running hard on this wild track snaking through the Eifel.

It shows that for them fun truly is not a straight line. But 77 turns, 300m elevation and 20.8 hard km's.


dog_day_sunrise, thanks for the info. An AWD RS, that must be fun!


Txomin actually that volvo 240 is from sweden, atleast it has swedish plates on it.



My mistake. But there are some local boxy Volvo´s that drive the hell out in the ´Ring.

Sorry for that.


The 964 Carrera "RS" (nice as it is!) is a rep. The colour is a give away - Aventura Green wasnot an option until 993 and the cage is Heigo, while the factory item was made by Matter. Still I wouldn't kick her out of bed if she farted


wow - looks like a Porsche day!! we all know the Atom can thrown down..


Those are great photos! Really sharp and detailed.