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After visiting Goodwood last week, I took two days out to see the sights of London city. I'd only been briefly before and I'd never had the chance to take in the sights. As most of you know, this whole speedhunting thing is something we can never turn off. It is something that is ingrained in our very being. No matter when or where, the sound of a V8 rasping towards the rev limiter will have us at full attention. Much to my girlfriend's dismay, once she was finished shopping, I knew it was time to go 'hunting.

It's a Sunday evening, just gone six o'clock. The city is slowly
starting to wind down and I only have one destination in mind, Harrods
department store. Why Harrods ? A couple of weeks previous, I had seen
pictures of an electric blue Koenigsegg and Murcielago SV that had been clamped outside of the world reknowned department store. Since I don't know London very well, I thought it was a good a place as any to start looking for some exotica.

Starting out on Bond Street, we made our way down Park Lane. With one eye on passing traffic I nearly fell over myself when I glimpsed the unmistakeable reflection of a Pagani Zonda in a shop window. Except it wasn't a reflection, the car itself was sat behind a window. Beside it was this Diablo GTR. I wasn't five minutes into this excursion when I was already salivating at these fine Italian machines behind the glass.

They were kept company by this Murcielago roadster amongst others. You can just about make out a lime green shape in the background. That would be a Koenigsegg then.

A couple of doors down and I was again stopped in my tracks, this time by the Aston Martin dealership where the Rapide sat proudly in the window.

A Maserati Gran Turismo. Bellissimo !

Every side street on our journey was scouted for possible hidden gems.

Although there is nothing mundane about an IS-F, the hunt was getting boring. It was just too easy with all these cars presented on pedestals behind the glass.

It was then we stumbled upon the motherload.

I'd never before laid eyes on so many exotic cars in one place, in public before.

First was this yellow Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano.

Beside it was a Rapide and alongside that was this evil looking matte black Murcielago.

Looking rather ordinary amongst all of these was this C63 AMG Mercedes.

A new 997 GT3 RS sat proudly.

Rolls Royce – Not Small. You can just make out a Range Rover beside it which should give a sense of scale.

This champagne coloured 599 completed probably the most expensive car sandwich I've ever seen.

Range Rover, Bentley Continental and a 997 Turbo completed the hotels front car park.

As we left (really I was dragged away) I managed to capture this DB9 passing underneath the trees.

I know to some of you this might be boring, but where I'm from I'm lucky to see a handful of supercars a year in the wild. To see this many, in such close proximity was just amazing.

Check out part two coming soon for more of the same !




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I did that same circuit not a week ago when I was on my Honeymoon, I didn't see as many exotics but tons of car porn none the less.


Seen that hotel before, whenever you go past theres at least 3 Phantoms in the car park, must be a popular retreat for the rich and famous!


Try this:

Next year, when the Long Beach Grand Prix is in town, take an outside seat at Rock Bottom and have cameras ready. You would not believe the cars that go by that people in LA have hidden away. Absolutely amazing.

And you don't need to travel to London to see it :) Of course, it makes me wonder what rolling masterpieces must be spotted at Monaco when the real F1 Grand Prix comes into town there.

Excellent shots, too. Thanks for sharing with us.


Man, it is the Dorchester hotel on south Park Lane. Next to Hyde Park, right?

Last time i saw there Zonda Cinque (5th piece out of 5), which got me completely. Next to it was same Rolls as above, just RED! Both with Qatar licence plate. Few pictures ready to be shared if requested...

Nice pics, though!



Note that most of the cars are on foreign plates! xD


Nice pictures! btw thats a C-63 AMG~ haha gosh that 997 GT3 is to die for! <3


Amazing. That silver/grey Diablo GTR would be my pick!


They had a Zondo F when I went to the park lane dealer back in 2007. They were closed but I was drooling just looking through the window.


Very nice, thanks for sharing!

10 hunting in Europe is so much fun

London is one of the best cities for cars


That C63 is so discret...


It's not a E63 AMG - this Merc is a C63 AMG


wow, awesome. but it's a c63 amg. ;)


Thats a C63 AMG sir


I went to university (Imperial College) in the South Kensington area over 10 years ago. For a car lover it is an excellent place to visit. If you spend long enough there you will get to see every possible exotic, classic, mega dollar and/or limited edition vehicle you can possibly imagine. There are lots of boutique car dealers around with all sorts of interesting stuff for sale not to mention the cars that are driving on the road.

Were thoae cars at the Ritz Carlton?


I feel like a kid staring on a mountain of sweets and toys....


Fantastic photographs Paddy! The natural lighting really helps to capture the intricate details of cars in the dealerships and the flowing body lines of those in the hotel parking lot.


the very same reason i love going to london ... last time i was there i followed a genuine 427 cobra ... pulled over at the petrol station and had a chat with him ... he had braught the car over with him 3 years ago when he emigrated form texas ... lets just say he left a nice set of 11's after he left !


My english wife pulled a surprise trip to that strech or dealships when i was over there a few years back. Back then it was an Aston Martin dealer, Jaguar, Mercedes, and much to my pure delight the McLaren dealer with a silver one on display. Engine bay open. We spend about 30 minutes looking in the window until the receptionist closed the blinds on me.


Huge congestion taxes in london city, generally only the absolutely loaded are are willing to pay them, certainly good for uping the automobile-awesomeness\SqKM rate.


Great pics! thats a C63 though.


@Eddy: You usually see foreign register plates in front of a hotel =)


matte black Murci.. looks awesome, as does the drop-top Rolls Royce Phantom.. notice the plates?? it's not that strange for those of us who live in and around London too see exotic cars owned by 'big hitters' - there is a lot of business going on in Central Londons' square mile.. what is fun is to watch is when they fire them cars up and pose of a bit on the throttle - that pulls crowds - sweet!


Simply stunning. It reminds me of the car park in front of the Monte Carlo Casino when I was there this time last year. Awe inspiring stuff!


im actually more interested in the lense that was used to capture there beautiful pictures!! so which one was it??


Dorchester is alrways a great spot.... the owner is rather ritch LOL's. If you are lucky, you can see one-offs. South Ken and often around the ALbert Hall are also good locations.


Matte black lambo = awesome!!


I want that one! No wait, that one! No that one! No, no, YES, no THAT ONE! RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


oh yes the plates tells "who" is making the money and from "where" they hail... cars eh?? a show of wealth.. at the very least! i love 'em...


And the Gt3 RS is infact the new GT2 RS 620 Hp...big diference,


I was in Edinburgh this year. Of course it's a beautiful city,really great place,but how could I focus on those nice buildings when beauties like DB9 or F430 passed me by? insanity, I spent a week running with camera,shooting cars :D

btw. thank you for that coverage,It's always a pleasure to watch this kind of post:)


Nice pics. I've been to that very same parking lot before; the last was back in 2004. The car I choose to take pictures of, with my six month old son in his car seat next to it, was a silver Mercedes McLaren SLR. Back in the day, out to the main street and to the right was the McLaren F1 dealer. What I remember it had just enough room for one car and a couple of desk. That area is always full of the exotics. The parking deck I used had a multitude of exotic vehicles in it. Someone had taken their fingers to a dusty Mercedes, almost vandalistic. In the mix were two Lambos, both black and sitting across from each other. The only difference on the front plates was one digit. It must be nice to have one, but to have two? I guess tonight I’ll have to find those pictures. Thanks for bringing the memories back.






Strange, first GT2 I've ever seen with GT3 RS badges and spec ...


You should swing by the House of Parliament, Paddy. The one and only place I've ever seen a Lotus Espirit in the flesh. Granted, that was over ten years ago, but I'd still think that members of Parliament aren't slumming these days.


there is a heaven


nice carrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs