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Ken Block's gymkhana videos have been seen by millions around the world – making his name a household one. Mr. Block has become a sensation for doing crazy things in automobiles, but you don't need to be an international superstar to compete in this most technical of motorsports.

In order to prove this, Ken is helping to bring gymkhana to the masses with the new Gymkhana Grid series. The series kicked off this weekend with a test event at the Hollywood Park race track, located not in Hollywood but it in Inglewood, just a stone's throw from LAX Airport.

Seeing as this was a first time thing, I had no idea what to expect. When I got to the track yesterday morning, I was amazed at the racer turnout. There was a big variety of cars, ranging from Miatas and BMW's…

…to pro-touring beasts like this '69 Camaro.

A few professional drivers even came out to play, like Michael Essa in his V10 BMW, sporting a fresh new silver livery.

The first part of the day consisted mostly of drivers trying to learn the course – not an easy feat considering how complex the layout was.

I had been to a few gymkhana events in Japan before but this was quite different than anything I've ever shot.

At some moments it seems like a normal autocross event, with drivers trying to get through the course as quickly as possible.

At others it seems like the drift events we are so familiar with.

And sometimes, it's nothing less than total motoring mayhem – as demonstrated by the driver of this first gen Chevy Nova.

It's this combination of elements that makes gymkhana such a blast to shoot, and no doubt an even bigger blast to drive.

The nimble, tail happy character of the Miata makes it a good choice for this type of driving, and there were plenty of the little Roadsters out there.

Along with plenty of Imprezas and Evos. This gutted WRX on CE28N's was one of my favorites.

Another Roadster, slammed and boosted.

Hiro Sumida is no stranger to sideways driving – here he is sliding around the course in his Cressida.

This is how you do an Evo X. So subtle and so right.

Meanwhile, the fitment of the steelies on this NA Miata is anything but subtle.

Another Formula D veteran, Alex Pfeiffer driving his 4AGE-powered Locust.

Essa heads out for some fun. The new coloring looks fantastic, no?

During the lunch break, Mr. Block himself went out on course in his Fiesta – as everyone in the entire place ran trackside to have a look.

All in all it was a great day of action. I'll be back soon with some more photos from Hollywood Park.

For more on this very promising series, head over to GymkhanaGrid.com

-Mike Garrett



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Great coverage! That green NA is a beast!


Can we see any more of the green NA Miata?


(Larry the Cable Guy voice) I don't care who you are, that's kickass right there! (/Larry the Cable Guy voice)


Actually its not locust but a Locost, wich is in reference to the fact that they are inexpensive Lotus 7 replicas.


soooooo many desktop requests :O all those pictures are so awesome!


@owenk, that miata was at the hellaflush 3.5 event. should've been there bud, those diamond racing wheels were sick!


Drift Race . the first of its kind .. Gymkhana , eh.

i see Mike , you still have a thing for the roadsters.

thanks for the coverage

Pfeifer killed it ,within a second of Ken's best time


I dig that Essa is rocking a motormavens sticker!!

and the greenish s13 hatch with the kouki lights is filthy!! (:

awesome coverage of a sweet event!! good work


Excellent marketing strategy.


As a first time deal, this is event was fantastic. The variety in both vehicles and skill level was a pleasure to see and experience. Thumbs up for everyone who put this event together.


Check out clubroadster.net for info on the Green Na.. he is a regular on there


Great, its starting.....In a year everyone in motorsport outside the US is going to laugh hard as we launch FORMULA G. I mean Gymkhana is fun and all but its just supposed to be practice and there should be no set course. I do some Gymkhana at a local business park sometimes and its better to just work with the objects in front of you instead of planning it out because that teaches you reflex, SA, and cohesion to the fast line. Nothing wrong with all these guys doing it in a group if that's the way they play and I can see the obvious appeal in that it is a legally sanctioned unlike my own ventures. I just hope that Mr. Block doesn't make a big deal out of this and try and turn it into competition. I mean like I said Gymkhana is great but it is literally practice so it should never be run differently, and besides if you are just practicing for practice all the time then when are you ever gunna go play?


I wish Speedhunters would put up a list of events they are attending. I live really close to Hollywood Park and would have loved to of witnessed this event


That ford fiesta isnt as appealing compare to the subaru that he use to drive.


I was expecting something else, from Gymkhana Grid, beacuse this already exist in europe, not exactly the same, the cars and track are alot SMALLER then Gymkhana Grid....but you can get the picture if you watch this videos...

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4tI-o9i_9qI ------ got to 1:45



hey mike, if you're in LA on friday, you should head out to a couple of local meets. there's one in alhambra that the bmw and mocc guys put on.


wow wow that turbo mx5 looks good on the 949 racing wheels


Holy mierda how did i miss this when was this i literally live 5 minutes from there i always thought that big parking lot would be good for something like this man i feel devastated i missed out on this could have told my cousin to take his GTO


Great coverage Mike! I really love Essa's new livery!


beemer looks cool.. plus those miata's... tough


Alright, these pictures are great, but where are the ACTUAL smoke pouring, sideways action,(GYMKHANA) shots? I think I'm almost looking at autocross pictures, besides Ken and that first evo.


Desktop of the Hotrods to Hell Nova! Beaters rock!


this is the kind of stuff miatas are meant for


that locost looke so happy hahaha


Essa's new color scheme looks better now


I wish Speedhunters would put up a list of events they are attending. I live really close to Hollywood Park and would have loved to of witnessed this event


Was there non of the old Mini's they normally rock everything in the UK? Great coverage btw...


New radiator sponsor for Essa's BMW.. CSF


the white EVO looks tight


its ironic that block apperared at a gymkhana event since his first car was built for such a series like this. Otherwise its good to see gymkhana is going pro.




What Leonard said "drift race", not gymkhana. 3 of the 5 top drivers were disqual'd because they didn't drift... 2 of them were FWD.


I was there in the flesh. Nothing a short of EXCITING


Wow - -thanks Mike for snapping of pic of my GG Evo X!

Was def. a legit event, good times had all around