A couple weeks ago the Pagani Zonda R broke Ferrari's Nurburgring record by recording a 6:47 lap time at the famous circuit.

No I can't understand what they are saying in this video, but the insanity of that lap time is universal…

-Mike Garrett



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Whats the time for a stock Mustang? hehe. :)

Your Mustang could easily beat the zonda R in many comparisons.


I think it's amazing how the times keep getting lower and lower. Last year's battle of the "normal" supercars was pretty exciting, now highest level of supercars are throwing down!


That's really impressive for a production *cough cough* car.


I will translate it when im not drunk :D

Impressive car!


Interesting that they say the Ferrari was the previous road based car record holder at 6:58, when the SR8 has done a 6:48. I think the Radical SR8LM at 6:48 is much more impressive considering it's road registered and neither the Zonda or 599XX is... but what defines a 'road-based' car. It seems the loose 'rules' are causing conflict these days between manufacturers, and what is widely recognised and what is not. Food for thought!

Having said that, awesome car.


the gearbox makes it sound like a electric wheelchair


Yo man the raw vid would have been better, its like they thought that the pounding music would make a better statement than rapping 9,000rpm.


OMG! A non street legal car beat another non street legal car's record. Where is someone with a Dauer 962 to come and slap the wankers silly.


here's what he's saying:

"It's impressive how Horacio Pagani works into the car's details, just take a look at the carbon fiber, everything wet carbon, every fiber floats into another fiber, the machined parts, all made from the best materials, it's just a beauty, the car.

It's more a GT1 without an air restrictor, I mean much more a sports car or a Group C from the old times, and I'm very excited, because it can't be compared to the race cars I normally drive.

The car's well tuned as we received it, we hadn't to do much, bit of tyre pressure, bit of height, I'd say it's critical there's enough air under the chassis, but I think and hope everything can be handled.



The car accelerates unbelievably between the corners, like a tiger jumps from one corner to the next corner, you have to rely on everything there, the corner speed is, I think, similar to that of a race car.

Yes, it worked well, we made a very good time with 6:47 for a complete lap Nordschleife, I think that's something to talk about.

There will be a new car soon, but I'm sure we'll see Pagani now more often here."


hi people,

does anyone wants this video to be translated from a native german?

if there are enough posts, which simply say "yes", i'll do it for you the best i can.

greetz, nearby the nürburgring,


lame press style video.

give me in-car for the whole lap and call it a daY!!!


all i have to say is WOW holy shit was that thing moving fast


I think british lightweight race cars are a class of their own.

It's not just horsepower it's the whole setup and I think Radical/Ultima/Westfield/Caterham and co are the best proof for it.


They are talking about records of street legal cars. the 599 gto and the paganzi zonda rr both were runnin on race slicks.

I mean its fast, really fast, but not street legal.

Stefan Bellof did a 6:11 min in his porsche 956 back in 1983. the only lap ever done with an average speed over 200 kph.


strret cars must compromise somewhere. thats why daily driven supercars are pointless. so get that turbo off your prius and quit driving project v8 swap to work.


Radical's times are conveniently ignored even though they top the range and count as production not to mention they are actually road legal unlike the R and the FXX cars. It is like just because Radical is not as big a company as Pagani or Ferrari they can't compete lol.