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Growing up in Los Angeles, you're always surrounded by cars. There's no escaping them. For me, that meant sitting in traffic on my way to my baseball and fùtbol games from the age of 4. Maybe that's where it started for me – watching all of those pretty colored hunks of metal rolling by. Other than that I had no connection to automobiles while growing up, as sports was what I knew. But that changed around 16 or so. I had moved on from baseball and started getting into photography. I just happened to get my license around that same time. At that point I started realizing that there's more to cars then slaving away in traffic from point A to B. 

(Above) Client:  0-60 Magazine • Lighting:  Strobe • Post:  Single exposure, multiple processes of raw file, sky stripped in.

Client:  Personal • Lighting:  Kino Flo • Post:  Multiple exposures blended

Client:  5axis • Lighting:  Strobe • Post:  Single exposure, multiple processes of raw file

Client:  0-60 Magazine • Lighting:  Strobe / direct sun • Post:  Single exposure, multiple processes of raw file

Client:  Automobile Magazine • Lighting:  Direct sun • Post:  Single exposure, sky stripped in • Technique:  Car to car

Client:  RIDES Magazine • Lighting:  Strobe • Post:  Single exposure for talent and car, sky stripped in

Client:  Vitamin Water • Lighting:  Strobe / direct sun • Post:  Multiple exposures composited, sky stripped in – Retouching by 3 Points Blue • Technique:  Static and motion captures

Client:  RIDES Magazine • Lighting:  Strobe • Post:  Single exposure, multiple processes of raw file, building stripped in

Client:  Personal • Lighting:  Ambient • Post:  Single exposure, multiple processes of raw file, buildings stripped in • Technique:  Rig

Client:  0-60 Magazine • Lighting:  Ambient • Post:  Single exposure retouched

Fast forward some years, and my new found interest and passion
eventually crossed paths.  And that's my story, at least as of July
20th, 2010 at 12:48PM.  However it happened, I've built up a body of
work that I'm very humbled to be able to share with you guys.  Big
thanks to the crew at Speedhunters for the opportunity.  Hope y'all


Scott Dukes Photography



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One of the best photographers I've had the pleasure to work with!

- Charles


Love the work sir! Love the simple info on each picture as well.


Nice pics- question though. What exactly do you mean by "sky/building stripped in?"


Great photos. And reading that info you posted on the bottom of each photo, is just magnificent. I would love to see some screenshots of the PSD file while you are working on it. Great job!


All aces in my book. Keep up the good work. - s


great job, 0-60 is the only magazine I currently subscribe to and are some good peoples!


The shot of the 370* is amazing! :D Excellent work.


Different exposure mean HDR ?


Hey guys. Really appreciate the kind words! Josh - stripped in as in composited in the photo. Kosh - No HDR, all layers are manually blended. Thanks again guys!


So you are the author of this photo of the 5 Axis Lexus IS-F ?! Wow ! It has been my wallpaper for some time. Love your job mate ; )


Scott is definitely the best photographer! Love his work. Thanks for shooting my Celica. It was a honor.


awwwwwwwwww yea!!! Good to see Dukes on Speedhunters! :D


Some amazing work Scott, the Boxster one at the end is fantastic.

@Josh "sky/building stripped in?" usually means photoshopped in - i.e. the background or sky has been replaced in the original image one from another photo.


The shot of the 230 is amazing! :D Excellent work.


Yo Scott...great photos as always. Hopefully we can work together soon on some projects.


great pic i love the style of each one


Scott is one of the best and is nice enough and answer my emails even though we have never met in person!


haha floyd mayweather in his RR


Really good shots!


Scott, great post. Your work definitely been an inspiration to my venture into automotive photography. I love the tones in your photos and the attention to detail. Each photo is always created to perfection.


Floyd Mayweather is a beast! awesome write up. The 1st pic is gona be my wallpaper


great work man! was just wondering, where was the benz on the first photo shot? which location? thanks!


That shot of Money is money!


Thanks once again guys! The photo of the black series was shot at Laguna Seca / Mazda Speedway.


hmm the last picture really caught my eye. The other ones... personally I preffer no retouching and these look too good,not natural. These cars are beautiful enough not to add anything. So focus on finding the hidden beauty in them rather than retouching the photos. But still,lots of work so respect man.