Car Spotlight>> The Brat Missile

Earlier today, we looked at a Lexus LS400 drift missile and here's another one hailing from the lone star state, Texas. I guess you can say that today is a mini-drift missile day. This specific missile is a missile unlike any other. 

The Frankenstein-ian creation that we're looking at is a Subaru BRAT (that's Bi-drive Recreational All-terrain Transporter for those not in-the-know) powered by a stock-as-hell 13b! What inspired the owner to swap out the original flat-4 with a spinning triangle is unknown to me, but I can say that when you see it in action, all negative thoughts are thrown completely out of the window. 

As I walked the pitlane at Import Reactor: Drift, I saw the usual S-chassis, the occasional Corolla, and a BMW. But what stuck out the most was this rusty little ute.

Rather than take the time to make wheels and tires fit into the fenders, the owner took the Jeremy Clarkson approach and started hacking away. The end result is simple, you have a wheel and tire that "fit" in the rear fenders!

Miscellaneous lose wires, unbolted ECUs, sharp metal objects, and a hydraulic e-brake is what greets you when you climb into the cabin. This is definitely not the safest interior. Jarod DeAnda, the voice of Formula D, said that if you touch this car, you'll get tetanus. I believe him. But really, who cares when you're sliding a little Subaru BRAT having the time of your life, right?

You can't tell, but the driver has a giant smile under that helmet of his. 

This car looks and probably is a death trap. We now live in a society that is obsessed with safety, yet during our daily automotive interneting, we drool at the thought of formula cars with no seatbelts, group-b monsters and racetracks with no railing. The creator of this car is living our internet dreams.

You can't blame him can you?


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I understand its modified with some cool parts, its fast, its fun, and its function before form..which I truly can appreciate..But seriously that looks like an eyesore. Clean that sh!t up a bit, at least the interior.


this thing is amazing.




this is car is super awesome!! In person it is anything but an eyesore. Everything on it is custom made. From all suspension arms to the roll cage! This originally started out as a Lemons car but built with drifting in mind also. This is one of those cars that puts a smile on your face every time you drive it!!


This was actually built for 24 hours of lemons race, which means it was built with a 500 dollar budget haha, drifts like a champ though.


Cool and sad at the same time. It's cool 'cause it's functional and honestly looks kinda badass as a drift bucket. Guess it was in good enough condition to use it as is and for nothing more.

But it's sad because it's such a rare machine... and any rare machine in crappy condition is a sad sight in my book. I can't remember the last time I saw a clean BRAT... or even any kind of BRAT in person for that matter. But from the looks of this one, I guess it didn't make sense trying to waste time or money restoring it.


i remember these..not in BRAT form but yeah.. a lot of farmers used to own these in the UK.. but none quite as aggressive and mean looking as the this bad-boy {or girl}...


thats just crazy.

totally out of the box




what a coincident i saw a subie brat at lowes today


Yeah but this really looks like a piece of crap ahahahaha


Hi, I'm Skalski and I like junk cars with owners that drive the living tarnation out of them.


redneck drifting ftw!


i want it


love it...


Rad. I'm feelin this. Not sure why though... Cuz I could never bring myself to roll so trailer park-y; yet it is so primal I appreciate seeing it (briefly).


sooo cool i love it its got more charecter in one fender than most s13's do overall


lol my interior was exactly like that last season


now THIS is a missile. love it. :)


Sorry but redneck rockets aren't quite my thing. You can only sawzall, rust up, dent the hell out of, and rip apart a vehicle so much. This vehicles way pass that point. I guess its not a complete loss though, knowing that it was a piece of shit to start out with. Good post though.


Haha, I never imagined when we were building this it'd wind up with its own feature on Speedhunters.


We built it for the 24 Hours of Lemons ( ) and have been taking it drifting a lot lately.

It was built by Derrick Rogers, Wade Marcantonio, and myself, and we've all been hooning around in it a lot, and its the most amazing car ever.

We have a lame Facebook Fanpage that gets updated pretty regularly.

And a website that gets updated less regularly


Ok this one actually sees action, what about that LS?


when you are there to kill tires and be used for just that purpose. why clean it up. its not there for a beauty contest. its serving its purpose just the way it is. why change it. rock that sh$t guys


The car was built for 24 Hours of LeMons, which means it has $500 or less in it and won't have very long lifespan.


thats RAW


For those of you concerned about the 1980's capsule known as the Subaru Brat, this one was looooooooooong gone as far as wanting to repair it.

RobbyLotusv8. Please don't be naive enough to think that we would want to work hard enough to sawzall anything on this car when we have a plasma cutter, which allows us to be much more lazy.


Im off to ebay right now! I love it! After all these over clean slammed to hell sedans this makes a great change :D LOVE IT!!!!!


Best drift car ever :)


i don't get the point, why f***ing up cars so much is regarded as "cool".

anyway, piece of junk. yuk.


I love this car, and the dudes that built it!


Mr P said: i don't get the point, why f***ing up cars so much is regarded as "cool".

anyway, piece of junk. yuk.



The best part is, that Brat probably pulls more trim than you do rolling around in your mom's Honda Odyssey.... :)


Holy Shit is that a Scooby?


I would use it as a daily....


Mr. P thanks man that is EXACTLY what we were goig for buildi our 24 hours of lemons racecar!


hmmmm looks unsafe... I WANT IT ;D


they didnt f**k it up, if you had the slightest knowledge of reading you would see it was built under a $500 budget originally for a 24hr lemons.

Usually those cars are built to last for those 24hrs and thats it. Why the hell would they go and spend time pullin fenders and making it look all pretty when its just gunna break soon anyway?

RobbyLotusV8, your ignorance amazes me, your just mad your pos civic isnt making it on sh


looks like a mad max car... i loved it!!!


ryoga81 said

The best part is, that Brat probably pulls more trim than you do rolling around in your mom's Honda Odyssey.... :)



but the very best part is, that i don't roll around in my mom's honda odyssey... but rather in my personal 318is.

call me a hater, call me not a hater or call me whatever, but trying to make people, who are not instant fanboys and who are polarized by certain cars, ridiculous, doesn't show any character strengths. if i were you, i'd change my attitude towards people who are not of the same opinion as me. because that attitude is even more ridiculous than rolling around in one's mom's odyssey...


the perpose of the car was for the lemons race, as i heard mike and derrick missed out on the lemons races and so decided to drift it untill the next lemons race.

truely less then 500$ was spent in the build of this.


Obviously there isn't much regulations in drifting LMAO jeez....


Beautiful and Manly. Unlike 95% of U.S drift cars with pedo-bear stickers, lame ass windshield banners, fuscia rims to brag about, and other fan boi stuff. This is something Mad Max would approve of!


"RobbyLotusV8, your ignorance amazes me, your just mad your pos civic isnt making it on sh"

Mmk? I shoulden't even have to mention the hypocrisy in that statement. I voiced my own opinion on this matter/vehicle and you went straight to insults. If anything you showed your ability to be a hypocrite and completely ignorant, yourself.

Also, "civic"? I'm pirty sure that BMW and Lotus don't make anything named "civic"... so I'm not sure where the "civic" ignorance came from. And I never said that any of my vehicles need to make it on "sh" so I'm pretty sure this "FAIL" falls in your lap.




@gearheadshirts  That is a first generation Brat, you can tell by the round headlights.  Also because it has the set of four headlights (high/low beams) we know its a GL model.