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Once again I'm truly amazed at the global scope of this website. We have Rod & Dino bringing the latest from the WTA in Australia, Paddy, John and crew continuing with 24hrs of Nurburgring Coverage, and that's not even everything.

As for me. I'm back with some more all-American action from the Goodguys Orange County Get Together.

Capri is a name that's put on all sorts of Ford vehicles around the world. This lowdown beauty is also known as a Capri, available from Lincoln dealers in the mid '50s.

A proper beast this blue Plymouth is. One look at the aggressive lines of this car and you'll know why Mopar B-bodies fetch such a pretty penny.

Back in the autocross area, here is the wicked El Camino built by Spectre Performance. What was once a car primarily used for hauling kegs out to the lake is now a mid-engined corner shredding beast. Spotlight anyone?

Some more cruisin' around the showgrounds with this "rat" pickup.

This Pontiac looks like it's been in service untouched since the early '50s. So cool.

Some more second gen Camaro love. Take your pick, green…

…or blue.

Meanwhile this first gen Camaro looked super mean rumbling around with a wild raked stance and giant tires out back.

Some more of the interesting mix of hot rods, street machines, and customs spread around the fairgrounds.

As far as the static displays, there was nothing crazier than this pickup.

I really don't know what to say, other than it looked like something the villain would drive in a steampunk fantasy story.

Stepping back into reality for a moment, you might recognize this Camaro from my visit to Starlite Garage earlier this year.

I thought this El Dorado had an interesting combination of classic body styling and modern paintwork.

A brilliant replica of infamous Hurst Hemi Dart, one of the most infamous Mopars ever.

It's hard for a street legal car to have more presence than this.

A monster-tired '69 Camaro waiting its turn for some autorcross action.

This sweet little rod was parked in one of the indoor show areas, in quite a contrast to the glossy show machines that surrounded it.

Sittin' in the back of a long white Cadillac

Next time I'll be back with a final bit of action from the Street Challenge Autocross.

Look for it soon.

-Mike Garrett



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Y34H, spotlight for the camino, please!

This military tires monted rod is so f*****' stupid! love it!


Any more pics of Firebirds/Trans Ams?? Would love to see some more. The 'Bird in PT1 is amazing. glad to be from Ontario :)


gotta say id take that 70 1/2 split bumper camaro you had in part 1 over those 2


Some Wallpapers of the eraly 70´s Camaros please. I just love this car, so classic but modern and inovative. :)


I love these old american muscle cars, keep the shots coming!


Spotlight on the El Camino please :D


do the spotlight on the camino! and the gear stick on that old pickup was crrraaaazy !


Muscle car love baby!! =)


Do you have any more pics off the monster-tired '69 Camaro ?? God i love those 69 Camero's


Spotlight on the El Camino. Please.


wonderful.. very colourful event - i love it.. cracking photo's


OMG I love that '69 Camaro! So sick. Gotta love those Mopars as well. Hurt Hemi Dart is nasty.


that traditional lime green 5 window made me drool like homer simpson when he's thinking about dougnuts.theres nothing ratty about rod aaarrrrrghhhhhhhhh


Black '69 SS - I bow down!