Event>>the Goodguys Oc Get Together Pt.1

What comes to mind when you think of a Good Guys Rod and Custom show?

If you're like me, then it's probably images of people sitting in the sun next to polished, billet-laden street rods and not much else. I wasn't quite sure what to expect when I headed to the Orange County Fairgrounds for the Fourth Annual Goodguys OC Get Together.

While there were plenty of pastel-colored street rods with "do not touch" signs in the window, there was also lots of genuinely cool stuff to be found.

After coming through the gates, I made a B-line straight for the Street Challenge autocross area. This was the primary reason I had come to this event, and I had visions of pro-touring muscle cars filling my mind in the days leading up to it.

The cars that came out to do battle at the autocross included several from our friends at Hotchkis Suspension. I was also pretty proud when John Hotchkis himself told me that he loves checking out Speedhunters. Thanks John!

Naturally, first and second generation GM F-bodies were the most common cars in the autocross area. The early '70s Camaro has to be one of my favorite GM cars of all time.

The same goes for the Camaro's cousins from Pontiac. Note the Ontario, Canada license plate.

There was actually a separate competition class just for pickup trucks. Attacking cones in a vintage pickup. How cool is that?

The term "sport sedan" is redefined by this first generation Chevelle four-door.

When Elana Scherr isn't representing aftermarket companies for her job at Kahn Media, the Mopar nut is out tearing it up in her Hotchkis-equipped Dodge Challenger project.

Since I ended up spending so much time at the autorcross, I was thinking about dedicating a separate post just to this part of the event. How can you not want to see more of this?

I also spent some time walking the showgrounds to see what sort of cool machines I could find. I did find a few traditional style customs, like this lake-piped Ford.

Now this two-door Ford wagon is done in a more modern style, but I dig the low stance and polished American Racing "Torque Thrust" wheels.

One of my favorites was this Chevelle wagon dropped low on Astro Supremes, with a surfboard in the back…

…and a mean looking blower up front.

It's 100% stock, but this '61 Ford Country Squire Wagon was immaculate. Hmmm, are we sensing a theme here?

One of the cool things about Good Guys events is the way people cruise the showgrounds. It's perfect for taking a break, enjoying a cold one and watching them roll by.

There weren't a whole lot of "rat rods" at the show, but the ones that came got lots of attention.

Check the wild stance on this El Camino gasser that was cruising through the show. Insane.

Can't forget about Ford's version of the El Camino, the Ranchero. It's a shame that America abandoned these car-pickup hybrids…

Mixed in with the rods, customs, and muscle cars, I found this awesome T-Bird race car looking like it just rolled out of a late '50s airstrip race event.

That will do it for part one. Much more to come from Costa Mesa, both on and off the track.

-Mike Garrett



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The last shot - is nice!!


Man I wish I was there in that truck class!


we need a wagon/avant/estate/variant month!!!!


i love 70-71 ranchero's,,, as well as that 4 door chevelle attacking the cones. Nice to see that people are finally starting to get into mid 60's-early 70's sedans


I love your posts on american muslce, rods and customs. I'm glad this stuff gets in front of the younger tuner/drift crowd. Im' still waiting for some to hellaflush up a Pro-Touring ride though. I think it'd look rad!


Thanks for the coverage, Mike. Any desktop-worthy pics of that sweet Chevelle wagon? That thing is hot.


Got to love those MOPARS.


Freaking love Pro Touring cars.


Awesome event, all these cars are so nice!!

I say do a seperate post for the autocross!


please, make me be happy fan and do an autocross dedicated post!!


The old Thunderbird is beyond cool. Straight menacing.


Sweet Post... def more Auto X pics!

Speedhunter really does need to have a wagon/avant/estate/variant month... I agree with empco


I love the last shot!


I occasionally see Cali plates here in Ontario, but they're relatively few and far between (i saw one in Toronto on sunday actually...lol). Every time i do though i make sure to get a good look at the driver, so i can see what kind of nut it takes to make the ~4000km drive up here! It's definitely interesting to see the reverse situation, especially here on SH!


Yeah Ontario!!! Represent!


to Joe ppl havent just started gettin into these sort of cars

goodguys car shows been goin on for years more ppl prefer older cars

then later models its just that its all u see coz u dont look were they do

n yer i like any car that looks gud or has had the right things done to it

new or old its gud to see the speedhunters team go to such far effort

to get every style of car stock or slammed etc


Car pick-up hybrids! It's not a shame that Australia did, becuase Australia produces the fastest ute in the world. You should spotlight the Holden HSV Maloo ute. It's faster than an Audi RS4 in a straight line....


Talk bout class cars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And some serious engines


more autocross !!!


love the last picture strangley enough.. what is that?? - yeah lets have some more coverage.. - El Camino's looking cool too..


remainds me of Tim Taylor.. LOL


Awesome coverage! Makes me really miss one of EA's old projects Motor City Online man I really wish that game was still around. I know you guys are parts of the NFS team so remind the people of EA that that game was epic! All the classics and being able to soup them up with real parts was freaking amazing.



I agree with syfon, a Maloo spotlight would be cool. And to those of you who want an easier name to remember than "car pick-up hybrid", it's called a Ute, as in utility vehicle, I should know, we Australians invented them!


I suppose this is the most appropriate place to post this.

I remember a while back you spotlighted a very low hot rod inside a show article. If I remember correctly it was owned by a famous driver and it has changed a bit over the years. Also the driving position, iirc, was very close to a sleeping position. However, I can't for the life of me find it or remember the name. Can anyone help me out?