Event>> Full Speed 2010 Part 1

I just attended this two day event called Full Speed in Rosmalen, Holland. It has a small indoor show for the true showcars and vendors and had a large outside pavilion for the car clubs and a small strip for some drag racing.

On Saturday I found this Scirocco that tried to be an Audi. The frontbumper resembles the signature grill of the Audi family, but I must admit it doesn't look out of place.

Once inside I was greeted by this Honda Civic Si replica race car. The car is a replica of the Mugen Motul Civic Si race car that was built in 1987. The car has been quite successful and is therefore pretty well known amongst the Honda enthusiasts.

The replica wouldn't be complete without the Mugen MR5 wheels and the iconic Mugen colors.

Outside I saw this Golf parking hard at one of the many club stands. It featured an airbag system and RH wheels with custom gold bolts.

Back inside was this Nissan S14 that had undergone a heart transplant.  On the outside it had a nice bodykit and the well known Rota GT-R wheels sprayed in gold.

Inside the engine bay I spotted this RB25 with a single Garret GT35 R turbo. According to the spec sheet it pushes out 530bhp.

This brown EK Civic grabbed my attention for its underrated looks. It didn't screamed ‘look at me' but it had all the right parts to make it stand out. The interior had been stripped and featured a rollcage and a set of Bride seats.

My favorite car of the show was this BMW 3 series. The lighting was terrible on the first floor but I will show you more about this car in a separate post.

There weren't only new cars but also some old school, like this Honda Civic with a cool leather roof that was a factory option.

Another old school car I found was this Toyota Celica GT Liftback. Funny thing was while I was taking pictures of the car some people walked past and called it a Ford Mustang.

A different take on the Audi A4 was this pristine white version with airbags and color coded engine bay.

The wheels on the other hand are sprayed black to give it a nice contrast. I believe these are also RH wheels.

I'll show you guys more in part 2

-Jeroen Willemsen

Full Speed 



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sweet s14!


i remember that honda replica from gran turismo 4 :) i drove the life outta that car lol


Nice post mate, don't you just love it when people try to act knowledgeable about all of the cars around and are just completely wrong?


LOVE the stance on the audi, and lol at the landau roof on the civic, so classic :D


Whoa!! love the Civic race replica.. nice.. folks are turning out some really detailed versions of the new 'Rocco too.. not a big fan of the new style deep Audi grille, but this looks ok.. nice to see a early Civic still alive and kicking. - "Yeah! love the Mustang.. you know Toyota do something very similar.." interesting choice of wheels on the Celica GT, never thought i see that combo.. but it works!!


you make me laugh NuggetG60YorkshireUK.. but i agree the wheel combo on the Liftback GT.. works - good quality snaps man. thank you for posting.. i wanna see more on the Beemer!!


i love the Honda civic Si race car replica.reminds me of gran turismo and how i wanted to also do a complete replica of this car myself.a true piece of history right there.


Nice looking audi a4...


NuggetG60YorkshireUK and JDMHead = Same person.


For my second installment from the Full Speed event I wanted to start with this very iconic car, the


Nice S14 sans the Rotas.

That replica must be serious if the engine has some work to it.