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I randomly see one or two riding around on the highways on weekends or in the parking lots at various car events but I have never stumbled upon a Bosozoku car gathering as the one I witnessed last month in Nagoya. On the Sunday morning before the Nagoya Exciting Car Showdown opened its doors to the public, one area of the vast Port Messe exhibition center parking area was getting taken over by these mean machines.

I couldn't believe my eyes and literally dropped everything to head over and start snapping away. The selection of zokusha was incredible all sporting wild body conversion…

…and outrageous exhausts!

Compared to any of these kind cars I have seen in the past in the Kanto area the ones down in Aichi seemed to sport wilder modifications, be it in the form of those outrageously long front spoilers, to the actual paint jobs.  

In a lot of cases some of the cars were so heavily altered that I had trouble identifying the base car! This pink ZZ20 Soarer almost looked easily recognizable…

…until you stepped around the back for a view of the rear!

This Crown was sporting a couple of air intakes on each side of its "diffuser." Not sure how functional they are!

A different take on racing headers! This Crown was one of the wildest cars at the meet, check out that crazy wide-body conversion. I think the rear doors can't be opened any longer!

This is what it all looks like in the engine bay! This is just nuts!

Gotta have the overfenders!

These two were all about the functional aero, with wing-like side skirts…

…and crazy double spoilers on the trunk! Notice the color coded exhaust extensions.

Another version of racing headers.

Gotta have the air-horns! I believe this one played the Godfather theme.

This Hakosuka didn't really belong in the line up but it was difficult to resist grabbing a few shots. Notice the wild fenders…

…and it seemed to have been painted in what looked like the Silica Breath color from the R34 GT-R M-spec. You have to dig the bucktooth spoiler and Equip 01s!

This PGC110 Skyline was my favorite, especially from this angle. Notice the star-shaped centers of the rear lights!

Chopped-roof Crown sedan. The pink on red motif was hard on the eyes!

Under all the crazy bodywork hides a GC10 Skyline!

You just have to laugh!.

Here we go again with the direct exhaust systems.

A bososzoku meet wouldn't be complete without a couple of bikers. As the outlaw gangster style dictates, both bikes had no number plates. All of the owners of these wild machines were very friendly and very amused that a foreigner was so interested in their cars!

Now that is pimp!

The racing oil-cooler placed on the outside of the bumper is obviously something you need to be doing if you want to give your car a bosozoku look!

I really have no idea when I will be lucky enough to run into a meeting like this in the future.

I'm just very glad I had a chance to share all this very unique take on Japanese car culture!

-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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awesome coverage !!!

finally some sick bosozoku madness on speedhunters


crazy s**t, but the daikoku gtr meet would be more interesting :p


Love it!

Thanks for the photos, not to often you see this style cover in the media state side.



its just crazy!


Finnally :D


This is such one of those love/hate kinda things lol


i love it, but its so rare to see these, your so lucky Dino


Awesome pictures.


Last car was actually pretty sick, but otherwise pretty retarded style IMO.


Nice pictures... but I don't think I'll ever be able to understand this style. Different is one thing, but this is just too weird to comprehend.


all of these cars look absolutely rediculous! (except the last 1) why would anyone do that to a car? you'd need to be mentally retarded!


The only thing i can say is RETARD (like in The Hangover)!!!


Damn that Hakosuka is HOT!


notice that crown with six exhausts three on each side of the motor had a nissan l series motor?


nice pictures , Awesome.....


Wow, I'm speechless


The hakosuka saved the day.


i love boso cars, they're just so insane....besides..they're better than ricers and donks....what would you have..


WHY !!!

? Bosozoku


I had more than a few WTF moments!




Dino, mind me asking what your camera set up us? Amazing shots!


Bosozoku - the stupidest trend in car styling EVER.


hahahaha this cars look like they came from a cartoon or something lol


YEah , about time we got some BOSO goodness, really cool meet, wish i ever have the chance to see this in person. your such a lucky dude DIno, keep it up man


without doubt.. the ugliest modified cars ever... where a bucket so I can throw up?


maybe next time they can put the direct exhaust system inside the cabin. LOL

nice coverage. im not a fan of bosu but its nice to see some wide rides sometimes.


Rad. I'm feelin this. I'd love to see some boso style in the US! What is that last car? (besides hella nice)


It's the automotive equivalent to Jerzey Douchebags. It's about looking as absolutely badass as you possibly can think you are....but are really just laughed at.

Definitely a love/hate thing with me too. Can't look away but am totally offended for reasons I cannot explain.


This is crazy! That trend hasn't caught yet here in the Philippines and I doubt if it ever will. Those long spoilers and exhausts will scrape all the way on the speedbumps. But these are really unique conversions and are awesome to look at.


i <3 boso! i wish there was more coveage :)


Obviously not everyones cup of tea. Me, I love seeing the different car cultures out there.


The double spoilers look just like the ones on the Noble M400. (I kid, I kid)


these are horrible looking clown cars.


love the coverage of this (to me) strange event/meet.. does any of the add-ons have a real usable purpose?? or is just a style thing?? they look kind of cool within this setting.. thanks!


wow a blast from the past so cool, the real O.G street outlaws...the bike gangs from the 70's and 80's were even more nuts in japan


Bosozoku style cars are just madness on wheels. Good to see some out of the normal on here.


shits crazy....


hahahhahahaahahhaah so fuckin amazig i love bosozoku


woah, thats some crazy sheyt, i wouldnt wanna try and park one of these things, couple of the rear wings are gangsta


i love it! i also hope you run into something similar :)


That Hakosuka is nuts. I would love to see a feature!


I miss my car. My skyline japan wouldve fit right in with those guys.


this is wak


I'm gonna have to agree with S13OZDriver. It's one of those things that you either love or hate. I respect what these people are going for, but it's just way too out there for my liking. Not my style, but sick in its own way.


thats why i love this ....no one gets it...and id rather it stay this way :)


They ruined those cars


is it just me or does this get formulaic? dish + overfendenders + cartoonish bodykit + silly exhaust + nice paint = bosozoku, or at least that's the vibe i get. i ADORE the red and silver paint on the pgc110.


crazyyyy :D


that last car is very practical looking. i'd drive that lol


anyone who hates on this just doesn't deserve to live , sheer and utter awesomeness, nothing more needed to be said


Best post on SpeedHunters in eons. I see a lot of shots of Zokusha attending other events (TAS, etc), but I hardly ever see US coverage of a Zokusha event. Love it.


I hope this style of car DOESN'T catch on anywhere else. Ugh. Then again i've seen some ricers that looked justs as bad at HIN car shows.


Outrageously wicked!

Bosozoku always amazes me with all the crazy things they do.


Man, that's some crazy stuff. The phrase "functional aero" was a joke, right?

Not my cup of tea, but I can appreciate the fit and finish displayed on these cars. A lot of time and effort definitely went into these things!


Apart from the Hakosuka, this looks like a collection of the ugliest cars ever made...


Hahaha! I love what 427 said. "Madness on Wheels". LOL!


Awesome, awesome stuff! F*ck you haters, it's just people having FUN with their cars instead of being all hardcore and horsepower crazy. Plus it's just different, not like your unoriginal ride that looks like everything else on the road.


LloyD said: thats why i love this ....no one gets it...and id rather it stay this way :)


Agreed. If you don't understand, then you NEVER WILL!...and we don't want you to at that point!


....also, could we get desktops of pics 1 and 18 (the copper and purple GC10)?


silhouette race car????lol

what a waste of skylines!!!!

imagine seeing one of these things drift!!!hahah

a sound of cracking fibre glass must be common!!

let the front splitter competition start!!!

any faster they would fly!!!

bodykits moulded from cardboard boxes!!!

nice change and gigggle...... only the japs hey!!!


I want to HEAR them.


Why are they doing this?


@the astig...

it has bro, seen a few galants and toyota dx's in the fairview area with crazy wide bodykits and 13inch expanded rims.


One thing I can't stand is a waste of AMAZING old JDM machines which were never offered on our markets :( But "it's a Japan-they can". Some of Boso cars really looks amazing.


Desktop of the Hakosuka pls :D



yeah but not with the extreme tray-like front chin. but hey i'd love to feature some extreme conversions at CustomPinoyRIdes.com. let me know bro!


HAHA, it's funny seeing people saying they are ugly etc. Stupid hellaflush scene kids.

Pictures are awesome.

Pretty sure that soarer is a MZ1x.

It takes more then an FC cooler hanging off the front to be a bosozoku car.. Alot of us look at the USDM 'bosozoku/shakotan" and laugh..


Hahaha, always entertaining!


I would pay good money to see a Boso track day. Those cars are WTF funny/cool standing still, I bet they're hilariously AWESOME at speed!


It has been a while since last Picture of the week: it probably got to do something with the Hot or Not regular I guess... Anyway, this picture was shot by Dino Dalle Carbonare from Speedhunters at the Nagoya Exciting Car Showdown meeting. It may have


hot pics man! i wich i could get a camera (and learn how to use) to take pics when im over there. went to a massive Zoku meet in hiroshima a week before ebisu... not as many as the wild ones were there but still a great event.

i find it funny how people either love or hate them. personally.. i L O V E it!


i will never understand this culture


fiiinally, FUCKING AWSOME. and that purple crown looks like a c31 with a crown frontend or similler also that z20 looks more like a z10. BOSO BABY!


Wow! Bosozoku pictures on Speedhunters by someone else than Mike! Great to see some more coverage of this event than on Bosozoku Style:


Any chance you can be spotted on one of those pictures? :P

Also got two corrections:

the "Crown" with the yellow exhaust pipes sticking out of the hood is actually a Nissan Cedric/Gloria 430 with a Crown grille mounted on it... You can find more about this car here:



I also believe the GC10 Skyline is a GC210.


devo i didnt see any real bosozoku, have to make sure i find a meet next time im there


These japanese guys somehow pride in doing everything differently. I for one, like to be unique, but this is taking things way over the limit. This is like "I'm gonna cut my face up to look different" kinda shit. Like the rest, the best word I can think of to describe this is either retarded, or ridiculous. Ugly cars, modified to under-perform, and look uglier, and more asinine than one could possibly imagine. Sad, just plain sad to see people waste resources in this. I prefer JDM style.


i'm glad to join speedhunters) my first comment here, don't moderate please)


The pink Soarer is a Z10. Awesome cars as always


a bit odd i must say, but still beats the hell out of sex spec cars


I want to know how the owner of the Crown... or Cedric/Gloria 430 (According to banpei) made the exhaust system. I'm sure it's an L series, but the pipes are 3 for each side! The pictures are not clear enough to see that... anyway, it's great to see bosozokus around here! Keep your stuff coming, Dino.


Wooooooooow! :O

Thank you so much for sharing!


YES! i love looking at these crazy contraptions! WILD!


desktops of the Hakosuka pleaaaaaassseeee :D


What, the, Heck...


What the hell kind of person finds cars like that attractive?! They're all completely ludacrous (and not in a good way). You have to be mad to butcher a car like that, and absolutely f*cking insane to do that to a Hakosuka. I mean, c'mon! There aren't that many Hakosukas left in the world! Leave em unmollested damn it! Please!


Thank you !!! That was awesome!! Made my night reading that.

Thoes are the best Bosozoku eaxamples Ive ever seen!


I really dig the way the exhaust pipes of this Crown are photographed! It shows perfectly how ridiculously long these pipes actually are! Toyota Crown MS130 at Nagoya Exciting Car Showdown
I already wrote about the Speedhunters coverage of the Nagoya


Amazing, love these photos.


Sweet Jesus.  I will need Lasik now.