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Peering down from the 14th floor of the hotel, you can just see the car show that is Import Reactor. The top floor is visible is just a one third of the actual car show. The show continues down two more floors!

But, as you make you way to the car show in the parking garage, you pass through the hotel’s valet parking which is filled with a plethora of exotic cars. Take this baby blue Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder for example. I’ve never seen this color on a Lambo before –I love it!

While on the show floor, this Hyundai Genesis coupe caught my eye. Stock coupes already look really good so a little bit of modding makes them look even better.

Hellaflush has left the west coast and has touched upon the Lone Star State. This Civic pulls off the wheels and stance very well.

Here’s a familiar car! This is Zeem’s G37. You can check out the full feature here.

And here’s another familiar face. Last time we saw John Giggle’s 350z, it was stock bodied. Now its completely kitted out and it looks just marvelous!

Another totaly-not-an-import-car car. But how can you not like an old Cadillac like this?

This Subaru gets mad respect points from me. The carp design is not a vinyl overlay…

… it’s handpainted –the whole damn car.

Steward Leask’s LS1 powered S13 coupe won the “best drift car” category. But his car was also the only drift car in the show also….

I heart this slammed zenki S14 on SSR Professors.

This widebody 350z is something else. It has amazing presence.

Here’s a super clean E30 M3.

… and one more super slammed 350z.

Shhh….! Don’t tell anyone, but these cars are TOP SECRET, okay? Car features for both of these cars are coming very soon to a Speedhunters blog near you.

Import Reactor had a fantastic turn out. The overall quality of the cars that showed up were executed with good taste.

But the most important part about a car show like Import Reactor is all about bringing the community together. Bringing a whole spectrum of folks with one big shared interest into one place created some amazing energy. Everyone got a long, everyone shared their stories, shared their knowledge, and any question was answered with the utmost respect.

It’s always that sense of community that brings people together. At the end of the day, when the awards were all being handed out, it was rather moving to see everyone gather around to congratulate one another on their respective awards. None one walked off after they received their trophies. That’s what these shows are really about. All the fantastic cars to see is just a plus, but what it really boils down to is the sense that everyone shared the experience together. The love for cars will always be there but the bonds of a great community is even stronger….


P.S. I’d like to thank John Leigh and everyone at Planet Zero/Anime Matsuri for their wonderful hospitality during my stay in Houston.

Anime Matsuri



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Like that S14 on professors as well, but its a kouki, atleast it has a kouki front end and kouki side skirts.

Zenki FTW for me though :)


please Linhbergh do a feature for the swang & bang 350zs!

this m3 beemer is pure perfection with those HRE wheels!


the genesis coupe and the e30 are the standouts of the show by far.


That xB next to John Giggle's Z33, it looks like it has some sort of vintage front end conversion. A TA22 Celica, I think?

And can anyone tell me how you distinguish between SSR Vienna Dish's and Work Euroline DH's. Thanks :)


i want more about the 370z !!! thx


I can't believe that impreza is hand painted, someone had much too much free time i suppose.

I would have to go to prison,to be enough bored to work such thing out. Anyway, respect!

btw. stance and nice wheels is all the new civic needs.


It would be cool if someone did a full feature on that hand painted STI.


that sti looks like it was painted entirely of 1-shot, of the best examples of hand painted car art i've seen in a really long time


the picture of the best drift car category, JR's demo car is in the back ground.


The Subaru really nice ! But i preffer the Civic SI


I spy a Team Falken drift Mustang..


I wish we could have shows like this in CIncinnati!


I spy with my little eye in the picture of the LS1 S13 a car with a very familiar paint job. Also, I don't want to know how bad the pain was on the hand of whoever hand-painted that STI.


yo that 14 is a kouki all the way around. now if it was zenki first then converted.. who can honestly tell.. but yea NOT zenki ,,, kouki

only bugs me cuz .... as a zenki driver, u never see enough zenkis around.. maybe i shld send sum pics of mine in to show u how its done haha... personally i run rolled fenders on coils, 5zigen fn's 17x9 in the front n 17x10 in the rear +15 all the way around. 215/45/17 rubber..


Lets reverse the question on that Caddilac: How CAN you like it?


Impreza was painted by a tattoo artist in Texas.


That hand painted Subaro is Crazy! Love it! But what is that next to the black 350z? Any pics?


@KIDbandikoot, hey, is there anyway i can contact you? I want an S14 for my first car and have a few questions..

You seem like you know what youre talking about


HELL YEAH ,THIS WAS SICKEST TIME I EVER HAD !And damn the models were hot I think one of them was a porn star been trying to find her stuff on the net. SHiz the 340zs super clean wish I had one- lucky bastards.can't wait till next year!


I had a blast at import reactor, I meet so many new ppl, Linhbergh was one of them lol. Too bad there is no picture of that white kitted 350z with the hood up, its crazy to see the 2jz underneath that hood.

i have some more pics too if anyone is interested in seeing more:


Import Reactor was by far the hottest show to hit Texas.

Can't wait till the next one when I debut my baby!!

Big ups to everyone, John L. John P., Paul M.,, and much more


nice rides i like the ls1 s13 :)


Amazing artwork on the subaru!!!


the xb has a MB g-wagen front end on it iirc. and sportmaxes on the genesis???really?? buy some real wheels..


thanks for the help with the Stance Award Linhbergh. HA!


Thanks for this awesome feature! We <3 Linhbergh & Speedhunters!


Those cars look amazing! People were super cool and a great time was had meeting new friends and building new relationships.

Ken Sanders

Swat Performance


Some massive deep lip on the Skyline's and 350Z's.

Looks outrageous!


quality.. "listen up UK you can learn from this!!" excellent coverage.. the time it must have taken to do the hand-painted 'carp design' on the Scooby.. damn.. - the M3 looks mint, plus the widebody 350Z is just imposing.. i even like the white Civic, looking just right.


where the fuck is the evos ?


How can one NOT love pictured Cadillac? Easily. Just ask me.


I think that baby blue lambo was at cars and coffee in Dallas last December... if I am correct they pulled some "fancy driving" leaving the parking lot in full view of 4 marked police cars and 2 unmarked. About 5 minutes after they left, they pulled back in with the aforementioned police units behind and they also managed to pick up a couple bike cops as well. They sat there red faced while the police made them sweat through 20 minutes of picture and video takers before issuing a ticket.

they must be from Houston because everyone drives like that down there.


@banana they might me sport max's but they look good! ;) When I have 4k laying around I will be putting some better wheels on.


that's not a zenki S14


Any chance you could do a car feature on that mind blowing Carp Subaru? Or a desktop?