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I'm sure I'm not alone here in my excitement at the return of Michael Schumacher to the world's top form of racing.

He is, after all, the master of racing masters.

I was sure that he was going to show all the young bucks who is boss from the get-go.

But so far the "return of the king" has been a bit lackluster. While Michael hasn't done anything stupid, he has been overshadowed by the sublime performances of Rosberg the younger.

The panel of pundits at the BBC seem to think that the famed Schumacher speed will return soon enough though. I hope they're right and that the good mister Brawn will be able to give Michael a car which suits his driving style. What do you think? Is the king dead? Or will he get there in the end?

Any of you who were watching the BBC F1 Forum post race show from the Chinese Grand Prix would have noted that David Coulthard had to leave the TV set in order to participate in a satellite broadcast. And if you were in Germany that day you'd have seen that this was the scene that David was broadcasting into: the launch of the 2010 Mercedes DTM team in the city of Wiesbaden, Germany.

And these are David's new team mates. From left to right: CongFu Cheng, Maro Engel, Susi Stoddart, Jamie Green, Ralf Schumacher, and Bruno Spengler.

The DTM presentation at Wiesbaden featured some live demos on city streets. Here Bruno Spengler treats the crowds to the sights and sounds of the wildest touring cars on the planet.

This will all be new territory for David Coulthard as the DTM kicks off a few days. It's odd to think that he' now racing under the exact same banner as Schumacher, and is starting his own comeback of sorts. The question is: will he be able to shine in the ultra-competitive environment that is the DTM? Will the single seater schooled Scottsman be able to bring his skills to the discipline of touring cars? Thoughts?

As which Schumi, the jury is out, but we'll be watching this space with great interest.




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The king is back... even if he doesnt win, he still got the skills


This is quite interesting. A lot like Lance going back to the Tour. He didn't win, but he placed something like 4th. Not surprising since he's been gone for so long, but it's expected that he'll be at the top again some day. I imagine it'll be quite the same with The King.


Don't doubt him... you know he can 'thrown-down' when he's back and settled - plus things don't always stay the same in any sporting event when you leave and come back to it, the younger, eager and sometimes fitter are always seeking the glory.. that's competition..- great photo's too - thanks


Schumacher is a douche bag. This is the same guy who was laughing when Senna died. This also the same guy bad mouthing Rossi when Valentino turned a lap time less than a second slower than his fastest time while testing with Ferrari. Sure he can drive but hes still a douche..


He will climb the score board from 10 place to anywhere up to max fifth place.

And that will be respectable for a 41-42? year old f1 driver. That would be a decent comeback.

Coultard will do fine. But he will be expensive as he likes to push harder than he can.


"laughing when Senna died"..yeah he smiled at the podium after winning the Imola race and news of Senna's condition hadn't even come in yet? And what's this bad mouthing you're talking about? All i know is Rossi's never been exactly competitive in the tests despite being fast for someone who hasn't driven formula cars very much. He sure isn't within a second of the pros with a comparable car in comparable conditions. Often the comparisons have been unfair, like Rossi driving F2008 on slicks and comparing it to Räikkönen's lap times on threaded tires etc.

I never liked Schumacher because he was the biggest competitor for finns (Häkkinen, Räikkönen), but in all fairness he's one of the best drivers ever in F1.


I think Schumacher just needs to adapt to the new cars. I'd say that the F1 cars for today have different characteristics then three years ago. On top of that he is competing with drivers that are still young and very competitive in the sport. I think we'll see something big bofore the end of the season.


To Rovert - your the douche bag! Watch the after race press interviews n u see Michael full on breaking down over Senna's crash, F*CK U


I'd say that Schumacher will be back on top at some point. It's definetely the car that doesn't suit his driving style since it doesn't have enough front end grip. However this suits Rosberg way better regarding his smooth driving style. So either the car is good for Schumacher or good for Rosberg but I doubt that they can have a car which is good for both of them.

As to Coulthard, I don't think he'll be able to match the speed of the more experienced touring car drivers...


If I remember well, even Lauda when restarted after a 3 years pause didn't wins, but at the second year of come back he win the championship! Kudos to Michael (from an Italian Ferrari fans is like a betrayal - expeccially if you look the Benz spot with Shumi on a RED Mercedes) but this day without traction control are too difficult for him (all IMHO of course).


He chose the wrong GP for the comeback. With Mercedes, its like he's restarting his career again. It will take time unless miracle happen. He should've come back to Ferrari for this comeback and do proper races and who knows what Schumacher is


While I (and I'm sure many others) was expecting Schumacher to completely own everyone at the first round of the 2010 Formula One season and almost every following round as well, so I was of course a bit disappointed when I saw he was lingering in the middle of the pack the entire race. But then I remembered, since he's been The Stig on Top Gear for a few years now, the fastest cars he's driven have been the Acari A10, Gumpert Apollo S, and the Pagani Zonda F. Fast cars, but nothing compared to an F1 machine, and even the Caparo T1, while extremely fast, is still no where near an F1 car. I think Schumacher will start dominating again as soon as he gets used to Formula One cars again because he certainly as the skill, and that is something that never goes away.


If this really happens for 2011... VALENTINO ROSSI will steal Mike's glory.


MS will be fine. The biggest hindrance really is the testing ban durig the season. MS and Brawn tests like lunatics when they were with Ferrari. MS just needs to figure out how to exploit the new aero and skinnier front tires. Once he gets into his sweet spot (a little bit of oversteer) he will fine.


" He is, after all, the master of racing masters." ... oh c'mon !!! Now that's his car is not so competitive...where's his talent? Just a point to think about... even the young Rosberg can beat him! That means that the car is good enough to reach the podium isn't it?

I quote Robert ! The shoe maker was just a (not really fast) good driver... that's it. But when we speak about Icon, really fast driver ... that's another story! What about the pass done by Mika at SPA ?

Just compare his poleposition and the number of GP disputated. And compare it with Senna... two different world. I'm sorry but the german is no fast....and of course not the best one.


"master of racing masters" RLMFAO


go check out the Damon Hill incident


Re Schuey - I'm quite surprised that Rosberg still has the upper hand. From what I understand from a few people, he's still struggling with the tyre compounds, but thinks he has cracked it now. We will see.


Having been involved in that arena in a previous life, I can assure you the drivers would notnot  have been aware Senna's accident would have been fatal. They will have been shielded from that. its quite common for them to not announce that at the circuit until after the race to ensure no mass panic, leaving. They did this when a F3 guy died at Thruxton a year before when I was there. Sadly I was aware he had passed as I was working with his team, but was not announced until after the event.

Rovert - Rossi was on a different program, plus I've been told by more than one person, those times were not accutate, Who knows. I dont think we will see Rossi in F1 despite all the PR


Dont believe everything/anything you see on Top Gear, He isn't the Stig :)

Re DC - This is an interesting one. Jean Alesi, Frentzen (IIRC), Hakkinen and Ralf Schumacher have all moved into DTM after F1 with little or no success. will he break the mould??


I hate to say it Rod but he should of never come back into F1. All this season is going to do is revoke some of his legend status among the ranks. Mercedes GP has already stated if they are not winning by June then they are putting all focus on the 2011 car.

All he Michael is essentially doing is filling a seat that some young driver down in GP2 or whatever rock they find F1 talent these days under a true chance at making a name for himself. Personally I think Michael should head over to NASCAR with the other washed up F1 racers, that would make for some excitement on Sunday!


Shumie ain't no Fangio, and he ain't winnin a thing in that car. I'm thinking he's bored driving the Top Gear test track or else he's runnin outta money. Bon Jovi 2010 reunion tour anyone?


He clearly isn't a title contender for this year. But i think he is gonna win a gran prix this season and it'll be good for him... Maybe i am being too optimistic. But i hope he'll be able to do that.


Schumacher will come back and do well. He won't dominate, but he'll get a few wins for sure, once he is able to make the car work for him. Coulthard topped the testing times in DTM. He'll do well there, as most of those drivers have single-seater backgrounds (take Paul di Resta, who is Force India's third driver). I could also see Coulthard getting some wins in short order.


Schumi were never The Stig on Top Gear... Schumi will get back to normal form.. sure it is not this year, but he probably will do well next year. We know the Mercedes cars are competitive... he just needs that form back. Everyone will be happy.

Remember when MJ cameback to basketball.. he didn't win championship.. or remember Lance Armstrong...


Tim signs in everyday just to flag me. Now thats a douche...just like Schumacher.


M.S. is a dam good driver.

But there were other factors involved in his success.



Now F1 changed the rules: 1. no race refueling. 2 smaler frunt tires.

Heve you evan conciddered that Rosberg might be lighter then M.S.

Aceleration, weight transfer, heavyier fuel loads, smaller wheels, driver imput durring developement.

All this can greatly affect the outcome.

And you think that he can just jump in a F1 car and win?

If he wins 1 race that is an awsom acomplishment.

It is what he is involved in for next year as his driving style influences the way the next car is designed.

Like him or not, lets be real.