Readers Ride>>z32 2+2

Reader Beni Alway sent us some photos of his 1990 300ZX 2+2, swapped with the engine and rear subframe a twin turbo model. Beni's also done a number of basic mods like a Mines ECU, AEM boost controller, upgraded intercoolers, and exhaust. He says the car makes an impressive 400hp to the wheels on pump gas. Speaking of the wheels, they are Work VS-XX 18×9 +15 in the front and 18×10 +13 out back.

And before you ask, Beni says the roof rack is used to haul his BMX bike around to local car meets…

Always nice to see some love for the Z32.

-Mike Garrett



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love it, one of my favorite cars of all japenese tuners


love it, one of my favorite cars of all japenese tuners


would look way better without a roofrack but oh well.

love those wheels and stillen lip


Looks if only could sell my Q to pick one up.


very nice.

the limos always look good slammed.

And I think only the 2+2 could pull the roof rack off too.


cool, i was wondering what a Z32 would look like with racks


sweet i can respect that rack


i just have one word to say..



Grr, I HOPE he's not lying about the rack.


THATS MY ALL TIME 2nd FAV CAR! (the GTR is #1) I have the exact same car but with stock wheels. IM LOVING IT


Nice, Beni. Way to represent NWZA.


God this really makes me want to get a 300zx instead of a SC300!! Decisions, Decisions.


That is one very tidy Z32




Please have more Z32 articles!


wish I got 400hp at the wheels out of some 'basic mods'


I approve except for the damn rack, that's just stupid. A bmx bike will fit in a z32 trunk, so why ruin the lines of a beautiful car with a bike rack?


car looks mint aside from the rack :/ a rack-less submission couldnt be put together?! what kinda front bumper is that too "i'm lovin' it!"


roof rack is dope very unique


"Please have more Z32 articles!"

I agree! I have one myself! Very seksi cars!

Is this a new theme....I mean, being the previous blog was a van with a TT vg....


+1 on more Z32 articles!!! I love my Z32. And whoever says he doesnt use that thing and the bike can fit in the trunk, hes got pics with the bike on it and youve never seen the trunk of a 2+2.


That would have been the nicest z32 I've seen in a while...except for the stupid roof rack. Please for the love of everything holy, quit with the roof racks! I don't know who started that trend but he should be shot....then have a roof rack for a gravestone.


A bmx bike will fit in a z32 trunk, so why ruin the lines of a beautiful car with a bike rack?

a bmx bike will NOT fit in the "trunk" i have tried. unless i dissembled every bit of the bike it would not fit in there


To the guys bickering about the bike rack:

In a 2+2, you can put down the rear seats. Combine that with the fact that most BMX bikes have quick-release front wheels, and you can definitely fit one in there. This reader and I share these two hobbies it seems. I drive a 2+2 TT Z32, and, though I have been out of it for a while, used to be into BMX.

Side note, some TT guys swap NA subframes into their Z, as the diff ratio is better. Strange to see someone go the other way around.


Niikura San would rip that ecu out of this car when he saw the bike rack. "it's there to haul a bmx bike to car meets"... Riiiiight. It's there because of the fad end of story. This bike rack business has to go. I thought I had seen it all when I saw a rack on a voltex kitted evo 9, but on a z32?? With all those legit engine mods?? Get real.


why would you bring your bmx to a car meet? wouldn't a better excuse have been bringing it to the local bmx track / skatepark?


love the car, look so hot, but i hate racks almost every time. (some car do have that roadtrip look in them and can somehow pull it off)

but still

they just dont make sense to me. why would you need a bike with such a dope car to ride.


and i dont wanna be hating. its ok if its a local trend or a group's fad or whatever.

but id like to know why would you want to haul a bike to the local car meets? they'r local + they're CAR meets... just thinking, not hating


Any info on where the roof rack came from? The only ones I've ever seen were the hatch mounted racks and the OEM Japanese unobtanium rack.


I fit mountain bikes in the back of my old 2+2 with just removing the front wheel. In my TT I was able to fir it in with removing both wheels. Rack=lame.


that parking structure looks really familiar, is that on UCSD? love the z32's


Beni!! big ups bro! hey the one thing all these people cant get is that you dont give a crap about what they think about the rack... its coo man, i might even do that to my 2+2 for my snowboard!


lol people think supras are hotter than Zs!!!! Z32 is the sexiest looking car and i own a GTR!!!!


win! some guy doesn't know what he's talking about


lol when going to car meets where theres A THOUSAND cars im way to lazy to walk around lol. whatever i love my rack and it comes off in 30 seconds. and it has held up to 125mph so it doesnt hurt drag lol

rack is from yakima


Damn. Whoever put that rack on knows their shit.

btw nice Mission wing!


Yakima? I thought they didn't have any feet for the Z32. Got a model number or anything?


nearly bought a UK version of one these a few years back and i still have a monkey on my back about owning one.. the look of this one is cool and with that kind of power at your disposal i bet your smiling every day you get behind the wheel - kudos!! love the rims too..


bout time we had a z32 on here with good fitment, most in aus are supa gay


Roof Rack looks great, Put one on my '84 Ford Capri for same reason Ultimate SUV!


Roof rack gotta go,


Love it! What kind of roof rack is that? It'd be perfect for my fc, I hate craming 2 bikes in the back..


I love the roof rack...Dope!


the roof rack sucks this is a sports car ! but like this car greart work !


love the torque from the v6tt! the wheels look sweet, right on dude!


Love the wheels.

Gold wheels + black car = awesome.


Sweet z32!! Looks really nice, and the bike rack works.


jon- the rack is put together from yakima q-towers, 58" crossbars, Q11 clips, the universal yakima faring, and a raptor bike mount


Awesome, thanks for the info! Last question - No modifications were required for the clips or feet? And if you have any other pics of the setup that'd be fantastic.


I'm usually not a fan of roof rack on sports cars and sport compacts, but I can make an exception for this little number. Looks pretty cool.


minus the roof rake I'm diggin' it... not to sure about the 400 to wheels though...


I doubt 400 at the wheels is possible with the mods listed here, even when turning the boost up to unsafe levels.

Nice stance though.


its about time we got some fairlady love on here!


My dream car!!! The 300ZX TT has always been my favorite car, but ability to carry a couple more friends made me like the 2+2. I am also a bicycle racer, so this is the BEST OF ALL WORLDS!!!


lol Kees and nismoskyz.... you guys obviously dont know how easy it is to get tons of hp outta a TT! especially with BBT's help. haha! Of course they didnt mention all mods. 400hp is mild build compared to what you can get...


JDM auto block converted to 5sp, Chasy converted to 5sp, Custom BBT400 turbos, Mild BBT one of cams All posible delets Split down pipes to 3" full exhaust, Godspeed large SMIC, Mines ECU open curve to run 15psi with AEM ebc. And more little things that come with basic BBT TT swaps. This thing made 410 rw torque with slipping stage 2 clutch on pump gas and stock 370cc injectors runing safe A/F


Far as the gearing goes Beni wanted large top end speed!