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Planted on an artificial island 350 metres offshore of Doha's West Bay Lagoon, The Pearl- Qatar is the first of its kind allowed in Doha. When completed, the Pearl will be the first land in Qatar allowed for purchase by non-nationals. Now although I wish my visit to the pearl today was for the purchase of some land, it isn't. What really brings me here today is honestly the interest in picking up some clothes from some of the finest stores in the world. When walking past Armani, Gucci, I find a Rolls Royce store!

Now before we get to some images the main reason for me walking into this showroom is to gather a different angle of wealth and lifestyle than I have been seeing in the hotels around the city of Doha. Walking into Rolls Royce we are greeted by a very friendly and beautiful sales woman that kindly asks if we need any help. Kindly telling her we're just looking around we contine with small talk about the fine automobiles in our presence and my associates continue to speak with her in Arabic exchanging laughs and small talk.

While I fade away and start snapping photo's. The first Rolls I walked
over to was the new Rolls Royce Ghost which is absolutely stunning.

I have never been around a car that has so much presence but still
remains quiet in some ways – It just doesn't shout at you like some
other super luxury sedans on the market.

Walking past the Ghost, I walk up to the Rolls Royce Phantom.

Looking at Phantom's smallest details will truly help you understand why these vehicles cost what they do and more importantly, why RR clients pay to play.

Well deserved card displayed in every Rolls Royce present in the showroom.


Walking towards the showroom exit I had to snap a picture of this beautiful Rolls Royce Phantom Coupe. It is Rolls Royce's like this and the Drophead that are really making them somewhat of drivers cars these days. To pretty much everyone Rolls Royce has always been the car to be driven around in but I don't see why anyone would feel "out of the ordinary" behind the wheel of a coupe or drophead.

Walking out of the showroom I had the chance to hear what was being said in their conversation spoken in Arabic. He continued to tell me that the new Ghost was just ordered by a client that in Doha. You would think just one Rolls Royce would satisfy the average human being right? Not this client, he placed an order for EIGHT!

On top of that outstanding order he didn't even pick them up, he sent eight different drivers to pick them up for him. It is stories like these where you can look down the alley and really come to realize the presence of wealth and power in the city of Doha……

-Fluid Motor Union



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hey... it's really nice to see an article about DOHA :D

I live very close to doha west bay.... I've been to the Pearl many many times, but never been in this showroom because I'm poor and don't want to do somthing bad in there :P

hey, since you'er in Doha maybe you wanna check out my beams powered ae86 :D


Listen..i tell u truth....

these cars are sweeeeeeet...but i don't like 'em...


I think Rolls Royce are the nicest luxury cars on the market. The sort of cars that don't scream: look at me!


damn... I feel poor just looking at these pictures


looks like there is a Ferrari dealer across the street...


Love the Fixed Head Coupe!!!


The front end looks great.


I think it is a Ferrari dealer too...


Pure class....These are vehicles of an entirely different order. Massive presence, yet graceful and quiet, and utterly, utterly unobtainable. Beautiful shots, good write.


Look at the side mirrors they're huge!


Graceful, the pinnacle, you know your living in the ruling elite when you own one of these or their stablemates.. one client ordered 8!! - i'd like to be living like that.. the Maybach's are up there (remember those) but Rolls Royce has the heritage.. beautiful blog and a refreshing change from spoilers, calipers, bhp and rims (which i 'do' like). i bet there was no cheesy music being played in that showroom.


Rolls Royce.....THE definition of Baller. Great article, great pics :)


beautiful photography. you know you've made it when you're rolling in a roller.


I'm Gonna Own One Of Those Some Day, And When I Do, I Gonna Drive The Shit Outta It. I'm Making The First Rolls Royce Drift Team!! Or Just See Me On A Police Chase Wrapping It Around A Pole!!


i would prefer the a bentley continental..