A DTM enthusiast on youtube has provided us with these three cool videos from the DTM. It all starts with ‘The golden years’, with flying cars like the Mercedes 190 and Alfa Romeo 155. The second part is called ‘First Class’ and last but not least the third part ‘Newborn Starts’. Be sure to watch them in HD and enjoy the ride.

-Jeroen Willemsen



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I watch these videos almost everyday, I <3 dtm, especially when they're running volvo 240's and mustangs....dtm.....the motorsport that wing mirrors fear most...


I love the DTM, i visit the Norisring every year and it´s GREAT!


DTM Mustang = <3


real cars and real drivers.when racing was still a mans sport.not sum nancy drew bs


The Golden Years really took me back to the excitement of those days. Back when I was a young racing driver myself, working at a Mercedes/Porsche dealership.


I loved every minute of this video. Great shots, great music, great drivers!


Wow, i visit speedhunters nearly every day and now i see my videos here - this is great, thanks!


Love this video, found it for some weeks ago. Seen it to many times now, awesome. :D


The good old days. This video is super.


i remeber theese races! good times..


Wow what a great video. And the music couldnt have been better.

"Verdammt lang her" really sums it all up for me, because it really has been a long time since these awesome machines raced each other.

Makes me miss my old E30 :,(


The golden years of DTM is what I wish every sports cars/touring car series was like. Making manufacturers create fast road cars in order to win races. I'm looking at you Super GT!!!


Motor-sport back then was worth watching, it was more interesting, with skilled and aggressive drivers driving all different kinds of cars, unlike now, where there are so many rules and regulations that all the cars on track are virtually the same car with a different body, cough, cough "V8 Super-cars" cough!!


Nice!! We're working on a W201 16valve body in the shop right now. haha



well, as the new dtm and super gt where that much different. coolest stuff right now is gt4 and gt3. the gt2 and gt1 class are already kind of to far away from the orignial car. what realy would be awesome, is a return to the homologation rules like in the old day's. would bring us back cars like the e30 m3, the w201 evo3, sierra cosworth etc.