Car Spotlight>>the Perfect Q45?

Four or five years ago, I was at the SEMA Show when I saw a black VIP Style Y33 Infiniti Q45 in the Falken booth. As I looked at the car, I was wondering what the hell it was. Surely it was some sort of JDM-only luxury car imported for the show. Only after a closer look did I realize it was a USDM Q45. Up until this point I'd never seen a modified Y33 in the flesh. With it's stock wheels and suspension, this model Q45 could almost be mistaken for a Mercury or a Buick, but as I found out, a few simple changes completely transform this car.

That brings to me this ultra-sexy Q45 I spotted at the Autofashion meet last weekend.

As I've mentioned before, VIP Style is all about the details, and this car is a perfect example of VIP done right. It's obvious there was a ton of research put into this build, and that's a great thing no matter what kind of car you're talking about.

The car's Aimgain aero kit sets the bar for subtlety and style. The short rear overhang on the bumper gives the Q45 a particularity nice rear profile.

The car looks just as good from the front. Nothing is overdone, and everything flows together – including the grille, side moldings, and even the hood ornament.

The perfectly-sized Weds Kranze Vishunu wheels are another big part of the formula here.

It clearly wasn't by accident that he fender sits RIGHT on top of the wheel when the car is dropped to its lowest setting. It's not tucking, and it's not poking…it's just right.

Whenever you see a car that you know will look just as good 20 years from now as it does today, you know the builder has done something right. I think that's definitley the case with this Infiniti.

OK, I'll stop now so you guys can go hunt your local Craigslist for a good deal on a Q45.

-Mike Garrett



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OH MY GOD!!!!! That is rad right there!

The fender sits on the wheel! so cool, not overdone.

this car is so nice i should see no hate on this thread >:~ ]


Those Weds are absolutely beatutful. A complete package, but the hood ornament just looks like it's out of place. Otherwise I have to add this car to my dream garage.


pancakes for the win!


Yeah!!!! That's Oscar of Autofashion fam right there. It's good to see his ride finally in the spotlight


pancakes!... new wheels i his car is my like idol car for my y33


For some reason the front of that Q45 reminds me of a JZX100 Chaser. Classy car, I wouldn't mind it. ;-)


Any pictures of the interior? I always wonder if people keep the interiors of these older VIP cars in mint condition.


Hahahaha! Dang, I didn't think my car is worthy yet but I'll take it! Thank you 100000.........times!

That black Q that was mentioned up top was the reason I choose this specifice car to build. I as well had never noticed a Q45 like this driving around and wanted to be one of the few to try and hang w/ the Autofashion family and try to pull off this "VIPstyling" that I've grown to love!

I have to give a huge thanks to autofashion and the fam, they are the reason I even knew what this style was and helped me gain all the knowledge to put something like this together and w/o them, I couldn't ever do this the rigth way! This is my only car and my daily driver so if your in SD and see me rolling around town jus chuck up the duece and if I'm not hiding behind the curtains I'll try and do the same. HAhaha

I'm Hoping by the begining of next year this car will look completly different and hopefully better...stay tuned! ; )

Thanks again! Feels good to see hard work finally paying off!


Tony240Z - I get that it looks like a chaser alot, it's the headlights, they're almost the dame

Not much has been done to the interior yet but here's some flicks


LOL @ the ending.. I opened another window for craigslist before I got to the end. hahaha


The weds set it off perfectly. Like the lights as well and as you said the stance is just right.


Nice!! Congrats on the spread bro. Funny, cause I work right down the street from you. I work off Danielson. I can vouch for this car... see it everyday around 430 gettin off work, rollin dumped and flush. Im usually in my White Camry Daily, rarely in the Evo. Makes me wanna go VIP. haha


yess the wheels! Weds Kranze Vishunu, thankss


Oh my damn. The fitment is sooooo right on. Props.


Good job Oscar. Well deserved


This is my definition of a clean, perfect VIP car.


great car....but other then the awesome yet undriveable ride have to say Mark's y33 is better. the brembos and a few other components effect my opinion greatly.


Mmmmm.... pancakes. First time I saw this car was at Spocom in Long Beach '09. Can't get tired of lookkin at the car, simply amazing.


Yo swerv13 I wanna see pics of "Mark's Y33" I'm curious...


pancakes, great car, ive been wondering when i'd see some media of that thing. absolutely beautiful, makes me want to sell the lex and buy a nissan.


Once again, another car that is just slammed with big dumbass looking wheels and the rest is bone stock. These "VIP Style" cars are just a poor mans show car. It's not worth even taking pictures of.


Heh Spark,

There is always someone who will drop a negative opinion, you obviously did not notice how clean the machine is and how well it sits on "big dumbass looking wheels".


Can't the rest of the car be stock?

Can't a poor man have a show car?

Tyrone C


Awesome car but wrong place for a Spotlight :(


pancakes! car looks great! well deserved homie!

spark you sure are a moron, you really should do some more research on these cars.


so clean! I love it, and to drive it daily is the way it should be.


if the owner had spent half of that money on maintenance and restoration he would have had a real nice runner good for 300K+ miles instead of a driveway queen.

Some people love automotive doorstops, but I prefer driving a fine imported luxury V8 sedan than turning it into an irrelevant ornament.


Oh mah gah..


LOL! Thanks for "ALL" the love! HAhaha! Y'all keep me doin what I do!

Hmmm........Brian, not sure what you mean by "driveway queen" or "automotive doorstops" but like mentioned above, this is my only car and is daily driven everyday. Maintenance has been kept up since day 1. I also enjoy driving a "fine imported luxury V8 sedan" but I don't want one that looks like the next guy's, so I made it my own. Why not have the best of both worlds?!

The car is very driveable and a dream for me to drive each and everyday! :) Thanks again for the love though.....

btw - Stock is wack


agreed. i give props to this thing everytime i see it in Poway. I rarely see a car like this daily driven. Usually, they throw the stockies on for the daily drive. Especially in SD. These raggedy ass streets blow.


Dang foo! Poeple don't even know you blowin up in Korea! Congrates Fam...


Pancakes! I should've been down there for that event! Respect to the Auto Fashion fam!


Fa Sho! You and the rest of the Falken/AF fam were missed! You would've loved the tacos we had......BOMB!!!!!


Looks sick as usual Oscar the Vishnu's were a definite come up...way to do what you do