Car Spotlight>> Garage Wing Gx71 Cresta

On my way up to the Drift Matsuri on Friday I stopped over at Nikko circuit as I heard there was a drift track-day going on, organized in collaboration with T&E. I'm so glad I did take the little detour as I got to see some fantastic cars, total grassroots stuff being driven hard around the track. One car that grabbed my attention was this unmolested GX71 Cresta Super Lucent slammed onto some sexy vintage JDM wheels. 

The whole body has been left stock, the 80's looks enough to make this boxy Toyota sedan beyond cool. Even the emblems were still intact on the trunk lid!                             

Gotta love the stretched look. Thanks to a substantial drop at the rear, the suspension has cambered in by a noticeable amount allowing the vintage wheels to tuck-in nicely into the wheel well.

The two-tone paint is yet another 80's touch that really works well!

Fitted up front is a set of SpeedStar Formula's running highly-stretched Advan Neovas in 175/60/R14 size. As the owner explained this gives great grip and control through the corners.

Powering this 80's Cresta is the naturally aspirated 2L1G-GE straight six motor, which is still completely stock. The owner says it could do with more power but it's actually enough to have tons of fun drifting small tracks like Nikko.

The GX70 Cresta also shared it's chassis with the Chaser as well as the MarkII. 

Now that is what I call proper stance. I'm far from an expert on this but when a car looks this good, you know it has to be right!

The screaming 1G allowed for some nice smooth drifting.

I was surprised to see that the interior was in such great condition, which is far from what you expect to see on a drift car, especially one over 20-years old. The stock interior was spiced up with a Momo leather steering wheel and TRD horn button… 

…and a double-DIN audio system. Even the shift knob was stock and looked like it was brand new!

The driver's seat has been replaced with a Bride bucket…

…while the soft and comfortable stock passenger seat remains. Gotta love those 80's hue's!

The owner of the Cresta had taken a few spare wheels and tires with him…

…all great vintage stuff like the 4-spoke Equips above.

I really liked the Hoshino Racing 14-inch wheels at the rear, how could you not!

I will also have to show you guys the equally slammed GX71 Chaser parked right next to the Cresta, so make sure you check back soon for more old-school JDM slammed goodness.

-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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Are you kidding me? this car is AWESOME


Sweet, love these budget cars with lots of character, stance, and gets driven!


Personally I think the Cresta looks way better than the Chaser! But then again: I'm a sucker for the quad headlight Toyotas... ;)

One of the people I personally know with an 1G powered Chaser said to me the NA 1G-GE is basically a 6 cylinder 2 liter 4A-GE. It is a belt driven twin cam engine with alloy head and iron bottom end and outputs around 160HP. Basically what a 4AGE would promise to do with an extra 0.4 liter displacement. ;)


Woaa it looks like new one Oo And its drifting ochh <3 Love it. Approved as JDM ride!


that first image has to rate as one of the best opening images on speedhunters! well done Dino


4th picture wallpaper please


I have always loved the 80's and early 90's japanese cars

This car has so much STYLE!!!!!


These are the types of car features that keep me coming back to this site. I really love surfing to speedhunters,com for my fill of Vintage JDM goodness.


I have a friend who was talking about a 1g-ge swap in an old corolla. Do you know about US parts availability?


i guess its ok


its not really my cup of tea


Love it!

Would look sickness with some fender mirrors


175 stretched tires and high grip?!


old-school JDM slammed goodness, More More!

That Cresta is minty fresh. Looks brand new.


F@£§$%^ AWESOME!!!!


Must see on wallpaper!!!


Guys this is such a cool post!! Crestas are sick!


Cant believe how fresh that looks, realy love it. Stock bumpers and retro wheels class, real credit to the owner....


favorite jdm of all time...will take one back 2 the states with me....wallpaper of 8 or 9 PLEEEEZZZ


This car has a lot of character. Very well kept, the interior looks better than my own 98 Subaru by comparison.


love it, even though hes rockin hoshinos on a TOYOTA! lol

btw did you get any shots of that blue c31 laurel in the 16th pic?? looks like the same one speedhunters did a spotlight on a while back at honjyo.


love this car!


Now I love GX71. Gotta love how fresh the look is. Wallpaper picture 4.


Pure 80s sexy win!


NICE! factory auto-foglights too..

great car. :)


Awesome car! I cant find a decent Cresta anywhere, let alone a 5 speed.



C33, and i hope it isn't the same one because they ruwined it.


This proves stance/ridehights and rims is everything u need to make a dull care makes freaking awesome.

Pic 8 & 9 = great wallpaper stuff..


first pic= wallpaper!


forgot to write before; awesome photos. the grey car really looks good against the overcast weather.

love the first pic as a wallpaper. keeps grabbing my attention on the main page.. its so clear!


Awesome Cresta! We don't get many older Japs down here (NZ). Quite a few old Cefiros but thats about it =(. Most of them could be Wallpapers!!


Yea dude, that is awesome. More X70s.


Love the vinatge coverage! Keep it up.

The old school wheels really set it off.


Man I should have come up a little earlier last Friday. Bet those wee 175's lit up nicely. Nice entry DC.




That is SO DOPE


extremly cool!! this is why i love japanese cars and drifting


lovely oldtimer.

Old japanenees cars rulezzzz!

41 here's a video of it action. One of the best cars posted on here.


Cool vid there....but clearly not the same car!


That's a super clean GX71. I love it!


cleaner than clean...the shots and the Cresta keep em coming


Nothin like old toyota power, Im about to get my 90 cressida back after 2 years on a lend.

I loved those 85's cressidas and crestas


Wow, those are really Impul Hoshinos! I thought they were Work Equips. Though it's on a Toyota, it still looks super cool.


ganda ng cressida. love it.


wooow guys that cresta is clean look at the interior speedhunters is great keep these posts coming love how clean it is if i had the money i would get a 3s for it but that might spoil it


After spending some time in Ebisu circuit the other day shooting some drift cars I realized the lack