Car Spotlight>>flush Evo From The Bay

To the delight of some, and to the disappointment of others – we've made it to the final day of Speedhunters slammed month. We've seen some wild cars this month, and I wanted to finish up my car spotlights with a look at this Lancer Evolution found at the Hellaflush meet. In a way, this car might be the ultimate street Evo. It's subtle in it's lines, aggressive in its details, and retains everything that makes the Evo one of best performance cars out there.

There are quite of a few Evos out there running very aggressive wheels, but this one is about much more than just the wheels. The car is representing "@po", a Bay Area crew specializing in high end imports.

To be honest I always thought Evo's looked a little too "naked" without a big spoiler on the rear. This car, however, pulls off the look wonderfully.

Then again, the rear of the car isn't totally nude. There's a nice subtle lip spoiler on the trunk…

…and a matching roof spoiler.

There's also a carbon fiber roof panel for good measure.

The wheels are 18×10.5 Volk TE37s, and if you look closely you can see a set of Project Mu brakes hiding behind the concave spokes.

For a while, wheels in this size and offset were dubbed "GTR face", as they were originally designed for Skyline GT-R fitment. These days though, you see the GTR face on everything. To house the fat wheels, the Evo has been equipped with wide fenders up front, and a subtle pull in the rear.

With a a combination of quality parts and a focus on the details, this is definitley one the the coolest Evos on the west coast. The fact that it's street driven on the regular makes it even better.

Keep an eye out for this white beast prowling through the fog of the San Francisco Bay Area.

-Mike Garrett



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What kit is that on the car? Looks very clean.


Something about this car just doesn't work for me. I think it just has too many bits stuck on. Those vents behind the front wheels, especially, really throw of the lines.


That's one nice Evo, I personally think it would look even a bit better with the stock rear spoiler, but other then that it's pretty much perfect! Luckily the last day of flushhunters, back to the performance aspect!


fuck brooklyn, cali goes hard.




If i can remember correctly, the rear fenders are actually a welded flare! I remember seeing this at hellaflush and it was quite a clean build!


being from the hometown of the STM Evo known to be clean yet superfast, this white Evo doesnt do it for me either. Maybe its not low enough to bring it all together or its looking a little too cheesy being over-CF'd, but it just doesnt call out to me. nice car though, way above the norm and looks top notch.


nice car. we're waiting for you to bring out the bigger bangs speedhunters!


this month has produced some good cars with my favorite being the flat black chaser and the e36 on vette wheels and the drifting cressida.But i also am looking forward to next months theme as i always do(and dinos nismo festival coverage).


Fake CF Roof. Yuck.


I think its amazing EVO but he need a little camber setting something more aggresive...

- ED


@AE71-4AGZE: Agreed! Wingless Evo's just seem so right.


What a waste of EVO.. :(


I believe that's a vinyl "carbon fiber look" roof...I've seen this car on one of the Evo forums.


Thanks for all the love and hate

The camber setting is -3.3 in the front and -2.8 in the rear, I don't know if it is the angle of the photos doesn't show, the car is lower in person with quarter finger gap all around.

Some people might hate the Dry CF vinyl roof but I know it is the new trend coming, so I'd just like to give a try to balance out all the CF bits around the car :D


a evo without a wing doesn't look right ..., but that might be just my opinion.

ps. that on the roof is some sort of lamination. at least it's looks like it. looks a lot like this 3m di-noc stuff.



This car is so, so sexy! Evo owners should take notes!


hella functional.


Very good job!! Jeffrey had put a lot of effort onto the car, lots of custom work and rear items on the car.



i believe it's functional but not sure if it is hella functional lol, btw I go to both school and track with the same set up :D


Nice one mate! your car is looking good! :)

my friend told me that he saw a nice car on the web, then I said hang on a mintue, thats yours lol...



Not really a good looking Evo, I really don't see what is sexy about it. Too much wheelgap for that setup, a fake roof, fender vents (that look horible and break what would be a nice looking fender buldge), canards, please. I try to keep it clean and subtle. The car has VENTSHADES, for godsake. I own an Elec Blue on and I am very comfortable saying that White Evo's can be one of the hottest looking cars on the road. Yes it has expensive wheels and calipers, but this is just a mess.


nice rice evo. a really disgusting build


Looks like it could get a little lower. I'm looking forward to the day when I see a bosozoku Evo! That will be sweet. One things for sure tough, You evo guys sure know how to build clean cars! Very nice.


While the car looks good , I'm not too fond on the fake carbon roof......don't fake the funk.....we aint stupid....

Anyway, I brought it up before the fact that I didn't even see a single pic of Jay Pizarro's matte GS300 with the LS1 swap on here yet......Mike....I'm bit disappointed.

While Rod replied me saying that you were working on the "car spotlight".....I guess you missed it....

Jay's GS is VERY unique and VERY well guys might not feature his car.....and maybe someone else will....I would hate to see you guys copy other's site ideas and put it up know, sometime it happens.

Again, while I appreciate this white EVO, there are TONS of EVO like that on the street these unique is that?.......let's post up something less-cliche'....if you want to stay ahead of the game.....


one of the cleanest evos ive ever seen for sure


Was it Coco Chanel that said, "look in the mirror before you leave the house and take one thing off"?

If you have to ask, maybe it is too much.


It looks terrible!


WOW people on here seriously can't appreciate anything... and they wonder why their shitbox hasn't been featured on anything but their own PC.


It's a shame there's so many haters that can't appreciate the build. Sure the CF roof's have been done for about 3 years now (one of the first cars was Neil Tjin's BB) but then again, if he likes it then i guess that's ok...

Anyways, nice car. White/White is good. TE's are great.


CLEAN!! cleaner than any Evo X can ever be


Nice evo, seen it at hellaflush, it's lower in person. I don't know why people are still coming to this site if they don't have the taste level to appreciate. BTW, Jay's GS had a video on speedhunters on aug. 14, 2009, So, what are you crying about?


Alex, I already posted several photos, a video, and some info about Jay's car back in August from FD Sonoma.


Thank God this month is over!


I think this EVO could be really amazing if a few things were removed, that's all. The TEs are dope and WW EVOs are so clean. With just that clean kit and the TEs this car could be a stealthy DD for sure.

Anyway, I didn't want to come off as a hater, just to be clear. I just obsess over EVOs because I drive an AS VIII.


Such a hot evo! Dont see too many wingless evos in Aus, such a tough looking car


Nice car. I would cry if the car used Stance coilovers. LOL.


^ i would too, so i got ohlins/works DFV on my car :)


Wingless Evo's don't look right... it could take some getting used to though. I went wingless on my 04 WRX and I was lovin' it! It didn't take the Subaru community long to catch on to the wingless look. Evo's aren't the far behind I presume...


*ATTENTION* stop using the word "clean" if you really don't know what it is. That seems to be the new trend in car scene buzzwords. Yes, the spoiler is removed, that automatically doesn't make it clean. Jamessinger is absolutely right, this car would be so much better if it lost some "mods".


Looks clean and amazing!

BTW, calling this car "riced" is really pathetic. I don't know why people are such morons.


We like it, it's different and that can be a good thing, in this case, it is!


"In a way, this car might be the ultimate street Evo. " I'm sorry that statement is just terrible.


This car is a mishmash of different "styles", and as whole is just NO. Its like a mix of VIP, ricer, and jdm aggression; and when you stir that pot - it looks like puke.


"Clean"? That evo is a Billet gas cap away from being in a pepboys showcase. Turn up the hate, let it rain down on me.


...and PLEASE stop using the word "build". THIS is a BUILD: This owner threw parts on his car, nothing was built.


Man i love everything about this car.....and why is there so much hate in here. where's the love at...what happen to being friendly and having respect for one another cars. I know everyone doesn't have the same taste in style but damn you can at least respect the work they put in to there cars. Also great job mike you always have great post. also shot out to mark and jhook....keep up the good work.


"CLEAN!! cleaner than any Evo X can ever be", there's the love right there. A totally ignorant statement. Winner.


By far the best looking Evo I´ve ever seen :D No lie


By far the best looking Evo I´ve ever seen :D No lie


Love it! Almost as cool as my evo :D


whats crazy is... this is a dd 0_0


Different look but Im just not feelin it. The "Hella Flush" look is cool, but when the wheels start sticking out past the fenders, then it looks "Hella Tacky". I also think that the wheels need to tuck more.


somebody who own an evo just can't figure out why his evo couldn't be featured, we should understand why he hates lolz.


nice build... but not clean


holy shit has no one ever heard of "to each their own?" it's definitely easy to talk smack on the internet, because there's no imminent danger of getting your teeth knocked in. while the car may not appeal to everybody, there will always be an equal number of people out there that hate YOUR car as well, so try to consider showing some respect. I personally love the car, and to be fair i love almost every car on here, regardless of manufacturer, installed parts, or FUCKING CARBON FIBER PIECES which seems to have peoples panties in a twist. I guarantee you this car turns heads, and probably gives random girls the urge to get naked in front of it. at the risk of sounding unpopular, quit your fucking hating, try building your own damn car, and appreciate the feature for what it is.

p.s. i dont drive my "mommas" car, i dont drive a beater, and i dont drive a "ricer" either. so dont post a comeback reply with any of those things in it.


A thouroughbred rally car given an old VW's death.


The brand names installed, the carbon fiber, the lack of stock wing has people blinded by the complete lack of originality and overall style of this car. I've talked to friends about this car, originally because it annoyed me with all these fanboys calling it "clean." Supra drivers, R32 Skyline drivers, 240z drivers, Evo drivers, we all think alike. Our cars are never dropped off at a shop, they are our own blood and sweat. I look past the brand names and really try to look at the aesthetics of the car. This car would be laughed at in person as it is on this blog. It's just ugly and doesn't flow. Ugly Evo's are becoming a dime a dozen here in the states. The rest of the world must be embarrassed to see that their beloved rally car is becoming a showpiece for former Maxima owners that shopped a little too hard at Pep Boys.


seems like you really have too much time sitting in front of the computer and hate everything around, that's just pathetic seriously. nobody will respect you as you have no respect to people, i don't know the owner in person but how do you know he hasn't work on it by himself and there is no sweat and blood on the car? and how do you know what is under the hood and that you wouldn't consider it as a "build"? where has the love and respect gone in this world.


Trust me Andy, I get respect because I speak my opinion. I'm not one to say nice things to make someone feel better, camouflaging the truth. If it deserves respect, I give credit, I've always done that. If this car was legit and stylish there would certainly not be almost 60 damn comments about a CT9A streetcar. There is controversy, there are opinions. I support ALL of my claims with examples. I'm not just throwing out blatant, unsubstantial hate comments.

Comments like "I love almost every car on here" are hysterical. Ignorance is bliss afterall. Then again, this site is derived and supported by the Need for Speed games, go figure.


the carbon overlay on the roof is lame


I cannot believe how many stupid un thought through comments there are on this post. I would love to see some pics of all the haters neons or what they call "SRT4's". I think Speedhunters should do a haters post. However in doing this they would need to upgrade the severs just to accommodate the well planned comments you fine idiots have. I think the Evo looks great and its well done. Some people really need to grow up and respect another enthusiasts build.

On a better note I think the car is fresh! Some of these guys commenting on here need to take the sun faded APC stickers of their J-body and recognize.