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Some of you guys may have heard the news today that Shaun Carlson passed away over the weekend. Shaun was the owner of NuFormz Racing and was a pioneer in both drag racing and later in drifting while working with Samuel Hubinette.

Shaun will be sorely missed by everyone in the community and it won't be the same having Formula D events without him.

Here's sending our best to wishes to all of Shaun's family and friends from everyone at Speedhunters.

-Mike Garrett



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damn. that's just sad.

condolences to the family.


What? How did it happen?


R.I.P. Shaun.


any thats curious on how he died...

He had Brugada Syndrome. a genetic disease

characterized by an abnormality in the heart’s electrical system that

can cause potentially fatal arrhythmias. RIP.


R.I.P. He was great drifter. I just loved that blue/chrome Viper.


WOW! Terrible News. RIP Shaun!

One of the pioneers in the import world. NuFormz always had some of the best cars out there!

Shaun's 1.5L CRX was amazing in the 90's, and still to this day!!!


This news just shocked me. I had followed Shaun's car crazyness since his early days at mini-truckin magazine. Always making an impression on me on whatever he did. May he rest in peace and a big big huge hug to the family. He'll be always amongst us car freeks.


The MOPAR family lost a great hero. R.I.P. Shaun, you will be remember always.


Damn, a legend passes. NuFormz/Shaun were a leading force in pushing our tuning scene to the heights it has attained today. R.I.P.


omg ... wow .. rip to shawn and the whole team ... and more importantly his family ..


That's gotta suck. RIP Shaun. condolences to his family.


@JC Denton said:

R.I.P. He was great drifter. I just loved that blue/chrome Viper.

He was not a drifter. He was their team owner.


my condolences to his family. ill miss seein that mohawk randomly in the FD pits.


R.I.P. Shaun and my condolences to the family.


A sad day for sure. Rest in peace. Next drink will be raised to you. Condolences to his family.


OMG! R,I.P Shaun.



I loved everything he built. I loved his mini trucks and my favorite was the 1.5L Mini Truck CRX.


I just wanted to say thank you to all of you that remembered Shaun and what he's done for the racing community. I'd also like to let everyone know about his upcoming memorial service...Here goes:

Calvary Chapel Chino Valley

12205 N. Pipeline Ave

Chino, Ca 91710

Services to begin on Monday, October 12th, at 1:00PM

We'd really appreciate all that can come!


So many fond memories of reading about this guy back when enthusiasts actually read car magazines like Turbo and SCC.



Shaun will be dearly missed... Always a great friend and help to all that he knew...RIP pal....


He taught me not to be a douche. I used to talk shit about how is profwd focus was a waste of sponsor money and how he was in it for the spectacle and not the racing. Then one day at SEMA I was working at the Full Race booth and he and Nick Hogan came up to me. He was the nicest and most polite person I met at SEMA that year and I never forgot that. I felt so bad for judging the man before I actually met him that I changed how I looked at the world. Inadvertently he had made me a better person. I have always respected him for that.