Event>> Access Zero 42 Houston Pt2

Wow what a response we are getting to our Access Zero 42 coverage! Glad you lot like the photos, but the true testament has to go to the organizers of the show who brought a lot of fellow auto enthusiasts together for this meet.

Linhbergh and I decided we were going to select 1 car from the event to shoot as the November “Slammed” theme calendar desktop. It needed to be a car that we hadn’t already shot as photo features, and one that we weren’t already aware of. I wasn’t sure if these criteria were going to be met until we saw Vinh Vo’s bagged out Lexus IS350.

The shoot with this car will be Linhbergh’s first Calendar desktop interestingly enough… We’ll also present a Car Spotlight on the next month too.

The center piece of the show was the Smokey Nagata creation. Funny enough, Linhbergh actually got the owner John Leigh to lower the car some more for his photoshoot!.. The boy genius has overruled the master tuner-sensei!

As 10 o’clock rolled around, the cars were still coming in, including some clean VIP Lexus.

On one row, some classics were meeting up.

I quite liked the look of this 280ZX parked amongst a group of Z32s.

…Complete with period specific BF Goodriches… Wouldn’t these old school white lettered tires look cool stretched out?

A fantastic Roadster… so clean!

Zeem Choudhury showed up in his bagged out G35 with 350Z in tow… but we somehow didn’t end up taking any pics of the dropped Z33.

Edafe Omosowofa had his dropped 350Z on display too. For some reason the car looks more sedate at night than it does during the day. Perhaps it’s the black wheels blending into the darkness which does it.

You know I feel bad that I seem to have a bias against front wheel drive cars. They just don’t excite me like FR or AWD machines. There were plenty of FF cars on hand, but I didn’t really shoot too many of them. Oh well.. sorry guys!.. Here’s a clean Mazda…

Another shot of the IS300 you saw in part one of our Access Zero coverage.

Here’s another shot of that rat-tastic S13 Silvia.

The most pristine part on the car is the steering wheel lol!

We just couldn’t leave Jonathan Serna’s S14 way in the back of the lot, so had him bring the car out front, to a spot we’d reserved for special machines. Gotta promote good style to the children!

There’s nothing like a good set of Work VF-KFs. He’s running 18 by 10s in the front and 18 by 12s in the back.

We also moved the stanced S2000 to the front of the show once a spot opened up.

In looking at the stickers on many of the cars at the event it’s clear that we had just missed the Hellaflush crew’s trip to Dallas for the Stance of the Union show.

The Stanceworks crew is another group central to this new movement.

The wheels were somehow just fitting into the wheelwells on this one.

I was getting into the spirit of rearranging the featured cars, so we got the VIP style S14.5 to park up front too.

The owner of the car, was pretty clear with me that he has no intention of drifting it and that this S14.5 has been built in a  “Lux” style.

Other people would say that VIP style can be applied to anything, it doesn’t necessarily need to be a 4 door luxury car.

What I can tell you is that this s14 oozed a sense of elegant style and sumptuous refinement. Works for me!

By this time, the show was at full capacity. (yes Andy this is a swing and tilt lens)

I had passed this S14.5 over all evening until my host John Leigh suggested we look under the hood.

Low and behold a very clean twin turbo RB26 installation. Trick.

A best of collection of Speedhunters videos were also projected on a loop on the side of the Planet Zero building.

For me the experience was like having my life as a Speedhunter flash before my eyes. It was a bit surreal seeing the films back to back.

The organizers had also set up a laptop for the attendees to leave comments onto this thread here. It was a pretty cool idea and will forever keep Houston near the top of the Speedhunters comments listings.

The show was already clearing out when this vision of hardness came rolling into the lot.

This SC is also a member of the 786motoring crew. It’s just sooooo hardcore.

We’ll present more photos of this M6 styled Lexus in a car spotlight next month… BTW it’s actually a work in progress, but looks pretty amazing already.

BTW you can see a picture of the 786motoring Cressida at last year’s Red Bull event here. Seems like it used to be purple.

The car wasn’t starting so the crew pushed the car out into the lot to take a look. This seemed to spark a flurry of interest from people. Even the maids came over to have a look.

The car looks like it’s sitting on top of the tires. It’s an extreme set-up, but it’s the type of edgy street style we like on Speedhunters.

I just noticed that Ammeen is running a JR Drift’s Japan sticker. The DA connection is strong with him and his brother Amir.

Have street car will drift.

Here’s another one of the 786Motoring crew cars on SSRs. These guys have a great style don’t they?

I find this shot to be rather amusing with two very different visions of how to modify a Lexus GS300. In the background is a mild VIP take on the car.

I’m not sure what the owner of the VIP GS would think of what Amir Rizvi has done to his own version of the chassis.

It’s a bit of a monstrosity to be honest… but I like it.

As midnight passed it was time to clear out. The remaining cars disappeared into the night.

I need to thank our hosts John and Deneice Leigh for their hospitality and send my humble thanks to everyone who came out to meet us. The appreciation we received for Speedhunters from Texas’ car enthusiasts was quite overwhelming and it something I’ll be thinking about for some time to come!



786 Motoring



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great coverage rod! cant wait to see you guys around again


the SC is soo derty.

same with the glittered up GS

nom om om nom nom


oooooh yeah! Hajime-san's car is tooo awesome!


BMW wheels on a Lexus? Looking sweet. You guys should do a feature on the Stanceworks E36 that's running C4 Corvette wheels.


that SC is so effing insane...i cant stop looking at it




Wicked great idea to have people leave comments on a laptop at the event! Activation is key brothers! :) Love all the stanced and fitted cars! I knew those were bimmer wheels on that SC.


I'm sooo glad that I got to make this meet. 786 Motoring crew reppin' hard as always. Many thanks to Ameen and Amir.


great coverage you guys,


More of the Z32's please!


Glad to see my car on there~ S14.5 with RB26!!


If i remember from HIN correctly that mazda is a speed six... making it AWD.


Thanks guys for keeping the scene going strong here in houston!!! And yes, more pics of the Z32s!!


I'm sorry but oozing elegance? are you nuts? yes they are cool in the VIP style, but elegance? you must be joking. Playing the part of VIP style cars? yes, Elegant? Not in the least.


"You know I feel bad that I seem to have a bias against front wheel drive cars. They just don't excite me like FR or AWD machines."

Bah, don't feel bad. Why would you feel bad about something as trivial as hating wrong-wheel-drive? If we wanted to read about slow ass-draggers, we'd be over at Super Street's site or TypeR.com or what have you, but as Speedhunters, it's only right for you to search out the fastest cars on the planet....which all happen to be RWD or AWD. Period. (^_^ )


Good stuff Rod. Hope to see you and lihnbergh back in Texas someday.


Looks like it was a blast!!

Even though I know nothing about cars, the roadster in baby blue is cute :)


I was at hin in austin yes dennis and took home hottest driven mazda; but sadly i am FWD and not a speed6 its cool daily driven slammed 6 more show no go.


LOL @ ryoga81...thats epic

So Linhbergh Nguyen > Smokey Nagata...?? :D


Mike it wasn't at the show as the radiator blew out as we were travelling to the show. You'll see a full feature on it in Nov though.


I love the tell tales about the event. Rod, you're a genius. Linhbergh, you're not so bad youself. Lol


That G37 is so hot! Also what rims are on that cressida? Nice event, you should cover it again next year! :)


'RB26 inside' sticker...I love it


"Bah, don't feel bad. Why would you feel bad about something as trivial as hating wrong-wheel-drive? If we wanted to read about slow ass-draggers, we'd be over at Super Street's site or TypeR.com or what have you, but as Speedhunters, it's only right for you to search out the fastest cars on the planet....which all happen to be RWD or AWD. Period. (^_^ )"

Actually there are more than plenty of 7 second FWD cars all over the world. Your just ignorant.

While I currently have a RWD car, ive had my share of FWD and have no complaints on speed.

There are even more FWD street cars that run 8 or 9s in the 1/4 consistently all day. So here is a thought, do some research before you go out and talk **** And if you still want to talk **** bring your car out to the race scene and talk **** theres plenty of FWD cars out here that will take you on, roll or dig, oh and dont forget to bring some cash.

I wish I could slap some sense into you for saying something so ridiculously stupid.


There's no 'wax on wax off' of drifting. You learn by doin it. The first drifters invented drifting out here in the mountains by feelin it. So feel it.

Said by Han or should I say Linhberg!! muahahhaha


Han = Linhbergh Nguyen


AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME!!!! MOAR, MOAR, MOAR!!!!! :)))) This event just HAS to take place every year if not at least twice a year!!! History's been created here and this MUST live on! Rod, do you think that the PLANNET 0 guys and every one involved in this epic meat would care or consider making it a tradition? I think it would be one of the best if not the best event of the year, every year! Honestly, I hope this does turn into a tradition so I can attend as well, maybe next year:D

But please DO KEEP in mind to retain the ingredients that made the success of this meet!


Damn! All of my buddy's got a pic in! Ameen's Cressy, Amir's GS, Mikey and Jonathan's S14's, Gary's SC?! Wicked! I wished I was there so I could represent the 786 crew, but I'm in japan! GO 786!


fwd hate..booooooo.




I really love reading these! I, who know nothing about cars, get excited reading these blogs! Great job!


LOL! ohhh "Han" XD


Thanks again guys for all the love. Really makes all the hard work worth while. Also next time you guys are in TX we need to hangout. We will take you guys to some fun places!!!!


@Jason ^ only is your promise to send awesome hi res pix of it with the sticker on


Thanks Again to Speedhunters for picking my pos for the fly rice award.

The event had a great turnout in all aspects. Great job Houston!


Guys i have to ask, could you post a speedhunters sticker to me in Australia so i can stick it on my BMW?


Thanks for coming out and put Houston on the map!

We welcome y'all back anytime.


Man awesome coverge I hope nxt months pz is just as awesome I miss the old days @ pz.


ooops, how did my comment get up there? lol

Jason, I meant as long as you promise to send cool pix of your car, you can get a sticker! haha


Yeah I want a Speedhunters sticker too! I live in Houston, can I get one from Planet Zero?


Great meet! Thanks for coming out everyone!!!




hell of a meeet.


meets like this sure does make things confusing.

to sell the 240 or should i keep and mod? such a dilema...


Could someone shed me more info on that amazing black 200sx s14a??? Please:)


Great meet! Awesome pictures and coverage!!


Hot Property Cuzzzz


any info on that green wagon - love classic imports.


we NEEEED more of this type of coverage on speedhunters

Linhbergh & Rod for president


@John Leigh - What's your email and i'll send you some hi-res photos of my car. Lo & behold, it's a 2000 E46 323Ci, completely stock :(

I really want an official speedhunters sticker for my car!


Woot i cleaned my car last night so ill take some photos when i get home from work and email them to you :D




I LOVED the roadster-- it was so cute!

Ameen and his crew were super nice. That was the biggest Access Zero I've attended. HUUUUUUGE



Mannn! Ameen's car is soooo sexy! the GS too...I've been following these project on everywhere a could on the net...and wow they are just pure sex now! 786 for the win!


"By this time, the show was at full capacity. (yes Andy this is a swing and tilt lens)"

You mean tilt-shift, right???

Anyways, the 786 cars look crazy. No doubt they have style.

That VIP S14.5 is ghey as nuts. Seriously how disgusting do they want to make their cars look? VIP doesn't work for sports coupes. Never has and never will. Here in Australia we have a thing called "Sex Spec", which is basically Jap imports with 50" chrome wheels, crap re-upholstered interiors, custom paint jobs and number plates along the lines of "SEX15"... you can bet your life it looks like s***. These people are killing style and it pisses me off.


I really like that "VIP" S14.5, it just works for me. Love that SC as well, so mean on the BMW wheels!


lol^ i personally think that supermade kit has a different style...it's likable!


wow thats a really nice looking cressida! is there any way you guys can get some more info on it and put together a separate article on it?


rich_hobo94 i cant help but notice that your one of those people that do more harm to the car community than good in other words your a certified hater and have nothing to show up all that talk but since you did say you were from Australia Ill go ahead and say I have not seen one not stylish car from down under so do the rest of us a favor and stay down there. We dont need to hear your BS. Especially since its pissing you off so badly : )


Let's think for a minute.... Think back when was the last time you spent around $250 (~€167


Let's think for a minute.... Think back when was the last time you spent around $250 (~€167


Let's think for a minute.... Think back when was the last time you spent around $250 (~€167


Let's think for a minute.... Think back when was the last time you spent around $250 (~€167