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For my next post I'm going to show you a selection of AWD cars from Need for Speed SHIFT. As I know you guys get annoyed and hot-under-the-collar whenever any subject matter gets overplayed on Speedhunters, so I'll start to wrap things up with a wider selection of cars from the game.

So let's look first at the R34. As you upgrade the Skyline, it first changes into a bit of a Time Attack style monster before becoming a low line JGTC style racer.

Running around 500 hp, it differs from a JGTC car in one major area: it's AWD (the JGTC R34s were FR yes?)… So the racing experience of driving this machine is all the more crazy.

I seem to like painting these Works cars in flat black so they look like test cars…. I also chose some BBS rims for an accurate motorsports look.

As I live in Canada, hopping into the RHD car for a blast around Laguna Seca is a little bit disorienting at first… I also feel a little sorry for the 3D driver… this car accelerates so quickly his left hand is very busy shifting gears!

The Speedhunters R34 is coming 'atcha!

Without any setup work the car was a little unstable under braking and I got caught out with this slide. I was able to somehow catch it without spinning, though, and carried on around Laguna Seca.

 Long live the R34!… I'll do my best to try and ensure this machine stays on the Need for Speed car lists for years to come.

Like my Volks?… I thought i should zoom the camera in a bit further so you can see just how detailed these models are.

Here's the Work's version of the EvoX… it's a cool fantasy rendition of what a Super GT EvoX would look like… with AWD that is…

The Power of the Dark Side is strong in this One.

I also resized the Speedhunters logo on the side of the car… They don't always need to be small you know…

SMS seem to have outfitted the car with a semi-automatic gearbox and this is no more apparent than with the driver's hand animations. As the car blows through the gears you see him flicking the paddles with his fingers.. the paddles are animated too.

It makes you wonder what racing games will look like 10 years from now!

For my next set of screenshots I took three AWD legends and brought them out to the small Autopolis Lakeside circuit.

This is a small club circuit which sits inside the main Autopolis circuit in Japan. I thought it was a good place to have a fun little time attack competition between AWD three cars.

 First up, I built this wide body Evo 9 that's running just shy of 500 hp.,,, I again opted for the flat white/gloss black look…

Notice that I've selected noon lighting for this session which gives a very different and bright visual look… also the headlights on the cars are off at this time of day.

You can also put Nitrous into some of the cars in SHIFT but I elected not to install these options. I preferred to focus on chassis lightening as well as full suspension, engine and drive train updates.

With this setup I managed a time of 1:01.610 at Autopolis Lakeside.

Next up is a GDB Subaru Impreza STi.

Looks good!

This one is running metallic blue paint which puts a nice deep, glossy look onto its skin.

I am Ken Block!… This car is a lot of fun to put into sensational 4 wheel drifts.

I think I'm going to get rid of the racing slicks and put the street tires back onto it, just to see if I can't do some gymkhana stunts with this fun little chassis. I ended up pulling a 1:02.070 time… and that was with some very messy overdriving.

Once some of you are outfitted with SHIFT I'd love to see some screen shots of what kind of creations you end up making. There are many options for creative race liveries so i'm curious what kind of Speedhunters cars you can come up with. Send me your screens to rchong (at)

Before I sign off I thought I'd show you one more AWD legend… this Ford Escort.

Now this screenshot only shows stage 2 of 4 stages of body upgrades. You eventually end up with a crazy wide-body rallycross looking demon but I thought this kit to be the most tasteful.

It makes the car look like a tarmac spec WRC machine of yesteryear.

I decided on light coloured window tinting to more mimic the chrome looks that many rally cars run these days. Notice how I am also able to put stickers onto the windows.

The chassis really allowed for controlled, precise driving. It felt very light and responsive compared to the Subaru which seemed to prefer more extreme manhandling.

But the best lap time I could manage was a 01:04.900. I'm sure with more upgrades and practice I could have shaved more time through.

Oh well… let's see what you guys can manage with these same cars….  i'm sure you'll be able to be a lot faster than me fairly easily. I'm an ok gaming racer, but I know a lot of people who are MUCH quicker than me.

Had enough now or shall I continue?




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Looks cool, i'm tempted to buy it now.

Which platform did you use? ps3/xbox/pc?


more! more! ; ]


It's a computer game........enough.


>Had enough now or shall I continue?

continue :)

It would be great to see fn article about Nissan Silvia/SX S13-S14-S15 models

The game looks awesome


I just bought this game today and I hop that its all that and more.


I want moar!


Ugh...the captions for these photos are killing me. Corny!


Nice...but can you tell me why there is no Supra featured in the game?


Oh my god!! I love the Ford Escort...and the R34, Impreza, Evo too...I love them all...this game gonna rocks!!


It's possible to see a medley of the laps you have done on youtube? It would be interesting to see how you drive!

For me there are some cars missing, like the mentioned Supra, or the FC... but it looks a great game!


Reflections on the cossie look straight out of 1995


Please do more these are great to read until the game comes out keeps me wanting more and more lol. Please do the R35


i can't get enough of this game! unfortunately i can't buy the game this week because my ps3 isn't in yet. i can't get over how amazingly realistic those body kits look!


to all those who are'nt interested in gaming then dont look at these posts ,geez this is a need for speed site anyhow

keep em coming Rod your perspective is informative cos you are actually part of the team who created it


Nice cars. The Skyline and the Evo X really look like SUPER GT cars. Please show us some Silvias, especially the S15


Gahhh, why won't money go into my bank faster, I need to order this noowwww D:


Do you play on a wheel? How is it configurated? In GRID it was a disaster to play on a wheel (i have Logitech DFP). I hope that in this NFS it will be a pleasure and precise.


Game looks good but I'm still buying ForzaMotorsports 3!


Ordered the game yesterday, and glad i did (maybe even wish i had sooner...) xD

Not really feeling that weird mask on the Evo X, but the rest of the cars look great.

Can't wait to get the game in my mailbox so i can start putting cars together! Hey Rod, how about a few weeks from now you have readers send in some captures of the cars we built?


Played it last night for a couple hours at a friends house. I liked it. I would like to start with saying the engine sound is amazing, the type of raw sound I've been waiting for. We played with a Logitech DFP and the steering feel was better then ProStreet in my opinion. (I've been driving exclusively with wheels since Gran Turismo 2) It sometimes felt floaty, but otherwise pretty crisp and controllable with little over corrections after a few laps. There are PLENTY of steering tuning to play with in the options menu which is always good (sensitivity/dead zone/steering lock/steering sensitivity at high speed). With bone stock cars the speed feel (at 110mph) was pretty intense, I fear that with the big HP cars the speed is going to get epileptic. Drifting events are a total joke. We had an S2K drifting at 15mph @ 2000rpm while trying to go straight, and we all know that's not realistic lol. None of us could understand how the game was released with such a poor drifting simulator, but so far the rest of the game makes up for it. I think I need a couple more plays before I buy my own.


I really cant wait for this! cant wait to have my Cozzie RS! But i hope you can keep the 'whale tail' spoiler for it when you do it!

I really cant wait for this to come out!


in it man! i'm getting it this friday, it's released some later in europe, but I guess you know that:P

Anyway, please keep the features coming!


Sr-FairladyZ... we are going to talk about the Drifting in detail shortly... but what you need to know is that you HAVE to turn off all aids and put the handling model into PRO mode to get the full experience.

the Drifting is HARD and will require a lot of practice to master (as in real life)... so the full experience is only available with the pro physics.


still a rent. enough enough.


SR, why are you surprised drifting sucks, its NFS!


Lol drifting in this game is such a joke.

At least in FM3 you have to tune and upgrade your car to get sideways.

Drifting in NFS has always been horrible, Although the graphics are decent, still not worth buying, only renting.


WE WANT MOAR! I can't wait to get this game...I mean: LOOK AT THOSE MOTHER******* SWEET CARS!


JGTC R34 GT-Rs are FR, simply because they don't need 4WD. Nice replication of the 03 car though.


Spooge in pants at Escort. Finally going to pick this up right now. Told boss going for oil change, HAR!


Rod, yeah SRFairlady was at my place last night. I actually ended up playing the game for about 11 hours yesterday! I found the drifting to be pretty impossible using the wheel/pedals. All aids were off but I think the handling was still on Simulation. You just cant seem to move the wheel, lock-to-lock quick enough.When I attempted to use a 350z and the standard controller, it seemed to work much more. Although i wasn't able to balance the car for really long, I seemed to run out of speed most of the time. I think it's because I wasn't able to modulate the throttle with my fingers properly. Hah, I think if I could steer with the controller and use my feet on the pedals it would work the best.


Wait,s o the physics change for the drifting mode?

Instant no buy scenario for me. i hate that.


Thanks for the screenshots Rod. After reading your previews, I went ahead and preorderd the game, will pick it up today or tomorrow. I'm glad to see the body kits in the game are much more improved over the previous games.

I have a question though: when you upgrade a car to the Works package, can you go back to a previous tuning stage, then convert it back later?

Also, no Supra? Why do I get the feeling that it's going to be released as DLC...


Rod Chong,

Awesome, looking forward to that. I just heard it is also easier to drift with the control pad, but who the heck wants to do that when you have a DFP wheel in front of you? I have a G25 at my house, does the 6 speed gated shifter + Clutch work in this game like it did in ProStreet? If it does work, are there any improvements on the feel? Thanks!


Make a "Wangan Special" with the cars of the game or the iconic cars of the Century, like the Veyron and the McLaren F1 GTR.


It looks good and i wanted to buy this game BUT i read that you CAN'T modify the paddle button configuration. That's the reason i won't buy it. Come on, why don't you let us choose other config ?

i can't drive with R/L triggers, and turn with left stick, not both at a time. i think this is a big mistake, you are going to lose some players on it. is an update possible ? please, i want a drift but not with that config

if someonelse is agree with me, tell me


This game needs an Open Trackday Practice or regular lapping option. Quick race only puts you an actual event. I would like if there was a place to go just to have unlimited time for lapping and fine tuning your car, or learning how to drift. I think it's pretty funny that the first drifting event in Tier 2 basically just throws you into a pro level event, the score that you have to reach at such a low level seems unattainable. If drifting was suppose to emulate the real thing, I think a simple Drift Day where a wide open lot with cones or foam barricades should be included. Learning at the Career Events or the Quick Races is too annoying, There is little room for error, and I think at such a low level there should be at least a wider track with lots of run off, not giant, blue bricks to keep you "in-check"


I am really excited for this game but where the hell is the supra on the car roster? Can't leave out one of japan's super cars. *face palm*


Mitsu_ecli - you have couple preset setting and 2 presets that are completely empty and you can edit them however you like. So yes, you can set up everything the way you like it!




one question: can you modify the drive trains or layouts of the car? for example, can you switch these into RWD with the Impreza or Evo so you can drift them like team Orange? or, is this going a bit too over board for the game in terms of modifications? This game looks like it will be a good temporary Gran Turismo 5 before the real thing comes out some time next year... I'll lget this!


@MiriV - i'd like to play on 360, so is what you say possible on the xbox ?


I'll have to correct u Rod; it's "Strong in this one the power of the Dark Side is!":)))

The game looks bitchin' almost like ...hmmm automotive/gaming porn if I could call it that way... Can't wait to have it!

I see that the ideea of "SPEEDHUNTERS NFS" is really growing roots in your mind.... Nice, maybe u'll make us a surprise next yeah and come up with the "SPEEDHUNTERS NFS" game:)))

About racing-gaming 10 years from now, I think it would be awesome to have a 3D option and wear some nice glasses and have the felling of being IN the car due to the 3D effects and graphics.:D

Keep it comin'! How about a F1 McLarren or some Silvias next time around? ;;)


Chris this game as a 3D mode for PC... it's AMAZING....


continue man lol

i need to see some silvias next pleeaase, maybe some drift event stuff??


And what is it like? Is it like when u go to the movies and u wear those glasses and u can SEE the hand reaching out in space for u?

If it's like that, I'm guessin', u can see the shifter dash come out of the screen... those gauges, what else?


out of all the cars posted in the feature, the Evo X is the only one looking like its really made for some serious business. i'd love to see one of those EVO-X on a GT-500 race on a similar fashion. i love this.

im so looking forward for this game. im not sure but i'd just like to ask, will this be relaeased for PSP 2000's and 3000's as well?

would love to get this on my PSP as well just in case when im on the go and when at the office. haha/. XD


Hi all, i bought the game yesterday. I'm playing it on a PS3 with a logitech G25. Just to let you all know that the clutch works with the six speed H shifter. On heel and toe downshifts the revs don't pick up to well (GT5 Prologue was more responsive) but i think the good thing is that it's easier NOT to misshift here instead of GT5 Prologue with the clutch. You can also kick the clutch to get the car to power over drift here as well.

The steering feedback is decent. Particularly when the car hops over kerbs the steering suddenly gets light etc... And wih the G25, it is possible to drift it, the wheel goes into counter steer smoothly as the backend slides out.

Hope this comment helps the guys with the logitech G25 considering if they want to buy it. It is alot of fun, and it may just make me cut down the number of trips i make to a real racetrack. Haha. No worries about replacing tires, brake pads or worrying about breaking anything on my car with NFS Shift! Have a good day everyone!


I'm Glad you all are having fun with Shift! I will post some details next week about drift that should help everyone. It definately isn't going to be extremely easy. One quick tip, is don't be scared to use the Ebrake to help the car rotate and start drift.


more keep them coming. what was your favorite and why?


My copy has already been shipped! Can't wait to play it!


The game is great! I was a little disappointed on the choice of aero and not being able to mix and match bumpers and wings. wheels would have been way cooler if sizes other than diameter were optional.


isnt going to get mac osx platform?? pleaseeee!!!


bought it tonite! yeah!!!


W71 thanks for the info on the g25 ,thats what i needed to know


W71 thanks for the info on the g25 ,thats what i needed to know


First images of the 34 seems real...


i finally bought it and i don't regret. it is just awesome

but, there is always a but, i still ask for another paddle configuration, in order to accelerate with X instead of the trigger, on the xbox, PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE


I purchased this game yesterday and I am quite disappointed in it.

The nice graphics and cars do not make up for the poor physics and the complete lack of control you have of the vehicle (ie twitchiness) with a regular controller.

With all the hype and promises with this game on how realistic the driving/physics were going to be, it feels like any other NFS but on Meth due to the twitchiness.

This game would be a good rental.. honestly.. gave your $59.99 plus tax that you would spend and wait for Gran Turismo 5.


............I returned the game. Yeah I know, I was really enthusiastic about it. I played it a ton over the last day and to be honest, it started getting annoying.Gameplay, graphics, sound were all great, but I guess I'm just not into the "arcarde-ness" that became so prevalent as I got deeper into the game and aquired faster cars.

I did finally get the hang of drifting, with the controller. You need to be able to move the steering lock to both sides at extremely high speeds and my wheel just isn't cut out for it. I tried changing the settings and messed with it for about an hour. Giving up, I just picked up the controller, mashed the gas trigger and figured it out. It was actually pretty fun but I didn't see myself actually wanting to progress, I just wasn't into it.

As far as the Career mode, at first I was really into it, getting money fast, racing new tracks, I even built up an Evo pretty similar to my own. When they started giving me the Invitational races where a high powered exotics race becomes a destruction derby in during the first lap I figured I had enough. It was just too unbelievable to me, I'm not one to slam a Maclaren F1 into another to gain a position. I would much rather just have a less aggresive, more realistic race. My Bugatti Veyron lasted about 2 turns before it became auto-carnage as everyone jockeyed for positioning. It's just not my style. Another gripe was there was really no where to openly practice or tune the car, you either had the Career races, and keep restarting, or the Quick Races. A simple Trackday or Open Lapping would have sufficed.

Thankfully, the store I purchased it at bought the story that "my wheel was too old to work with the system", and I was able to exchange it. I traded it for a brand new Fallout 3, and while passing a Gamestop on the way home, ran in and got Gran Turismo Prologue.



Do morreeeee!


I'm at a friend's pad and we are playing the game as he picked it up this afternoon. In the Ford GT vs. Viper race, if you choose the Viper.. when the game starts, the Viper is unable to move no matter what you do, this ruined his winning streak as well. I saw on the forums that this is a documented bug and EA needs to release a patch ASAP to fix this. Addition the Ford GT is extremely difficult to drive so that the Viper passes you in no time, even though the car has a higher car rating.

I wish I could get my money back on this game, but the local Gamestop is unwilling to do anything.


Are you guys going to fix the bouncing car issue? I want to love this game, but having a car bounce of the track is ruining it for me.

There's also TONS and TONS of bugs in the game. Feels like it was super rushed, which left lots of things overlooked.

The game looks fantastic though, I just wish the gameplay matched the looks.



NO offense to anyone, but there are some things I think most people are over looking. Some cars ARE hard to drive even in the real world so if this is supposed to be a driver's experience sim, it's not only about the game, the systems and all but also about the driver himself, in this case the player, so some of you should stop criticizing the systems and look more into fixing their game play or driving errors. That's a factor not to forget valid for both game sims and for the real world. Lot's of drivers fail out there thinkin' that it's the car's fault for the handling and response errors; I'm not saying that it can't be the car or the systems, it can, happens a lot, but don't forget about the most important system, the driver himself. Cause it's the driver that inputs the commands to the car and not the other way around, the driver drives the car and not the other way around.

On that last note, games like Carbon stink-ass! I just hated that the cars would just drift by themselves as long as I kept my finger or foot on the gas and pointed right or left.

No real-life racing, driving techniques whatsoever. Couldn't even properly initiate a drift like in the real word: gain speed, aproach corner,brake, shift down, release the brake and pinch the handbrake, than at the point of entry once the car started to slide, release the brakes, wait (if needed) and then power over to maintain the drift, and kick that clutch if the torque ain't stable and it's needed. Are u kidding!? Carbon - like games, fail!!!

In my oppinion, a racing sim game doesn't need a "drift mode" but some tracks, regular ones or special drift ones, the car and the driver. That's all. No need for aids and all.

@ J. Herron, have u tried to tune your damping? I learned that SHIFT has loads of spec tuning options, including damping. Try to play with damping and ride height. If it's still not there after damping and ride height tuning, try the geometry of the suspention. If it still not working, either u can't fix it, either the car stinks or SHIFT fails and EA needs to fix this issue.


Playing with a standard controller, I find the twitchiness and lack of stability very disconcerting. Has anyone experimented with the steering sensitivity settings, and had any luck fixing the problem?



Chris Davy,

Playing the "you don't know how to drive card" on this game is totally a ridiculous comment, sir. Bottom line is, this is NOT a racing sim as it was amped up to be (drivers experience videos and all that jazz) . It's an arcade smasher with ratty simulated physics. Once you get through the pretty and shinny outer shell, the AI and physics prove without a doubt that this is yet another NFS arcade outing. Yes, the cars do bounce around awkwardly, I forgot to mention that before and It's quite distracting. I wasn't expecting no Gran Turismo here (of course), maybe I was expecting something like the TOCA race driver series. A fun, fast racing game with SANE AI and fun yet challenging physics. This game couldn't even hold a candle near Toca, even with all its customization and unlocks. "Some cars ARE hard to drive"..bla bla bla nonsense. yea.. and some games ARE fun to play.


We do not have the game here in sweden but it seem's intresting :)

Maybe gonna buy this, not sure If i'm gonna buy this or Forza 3 ;)


@ Sr-FairladyZ

Ok, sorry if I have offended u or anyone. That wasn't the point of my comment. That was just my opinion. Now as well as I can respect yours and other people's comment, I think u should and can respect mine so there's no need to call my opinion ridiculous. Ok, maybe I am wrong, it's ok, thanks for the criticism as criticism is good for growth and learning from mistakes. I wasn't playing any card, that was just my opinion. Of course I might be wrong. Thank you


@ Chris Davy - Yes, I've tried everything. The one thing that gets me, is that you can't run a car "low" to the ground without bottoming out and flying all over the place. I don't mind running my cars higher up in the air, but why would there be the option to run a car that low if it's not possible in the game to drive it that way?

I'm fairly sure that the bouncing issue is just a least I HOPE it is...


Well then that may just be a bug and EA should do something about it, a patch or something or at least come with a better, later, improved version of SHIFT.:)


... sigh.. the Ford GT and the Aston Martin drive like EF hatchbacks slammed on Dropzone coilovers running blown stock shocks. No moar suspension travel with no dampening.

I am 100% confident that the Ford GT doesn't drive like that IRL. Driven one before.. it's stiff but not boing boing boing.


Aaaa.. ok... Now that bouncing issue is crazy. Hey EA games, wtf is wrong with you!? How can u launch a product with such a error!? SHIFT is supposed to be a racing game, not a low-rider one. That bouncing is ridiculous, soo not realistick! Wake urself up EA! If this keeps up NFS will be a clishe for crap racing games. And at some point no one will ever want a NFS or a racing game from EA for that matter because they will all be convinced that whatever racing game comes from EA stinks. Hopefully u guys will fix the issues with SHIFT before u'll dissapoint us all again.


J.Herron, WOWZA!! Our bouncing issue was nothing like that, but then again at the time we were in low hp stock cars. The bouncing we were seeing was happening only during turning while changing direction or something like that. The car would jitter around a bit as if the suspension was super stiff and mess with your perception. What you have there is a bug like I've never seen before in a driving game lol.


That's how my 240sx bounces in real life.


The game looks really good but the game physics are really bad. I personally race/drift and specially drifting on the game is no where near the real thing. I'm done with EA NFS line for good.


@ Allan are you playing drift on pro mode? if your a driver you aren't going to like it with the aids on as they are for a pick up and play player.


I rented the game on tuesday and I've been playing a lot since then, I unlocked Tier 4 this morning. I'm playing it on the 360 on a pretty good HDTV. Also, I've been using the Microsoft wheel, partly because I couldn't figure out how to reconfigure the controller(can you even?) so I don't have to hold it Play Station style because someone thought it would be a good idea to shift with the bumpers.

This game is definitely not all it was hyped up to be and it is really more a brushed up arcade racer than the simulater EA wants you to think it is. Forza 3 is going to blow this out of the water. That being said it is probably the best NFS title since way back in the day.

The physics aren't that great, the graphics aren't anything special (looks like a cross between Pro Street and Race Pro) and the customization SUCKED. You can't paint your your wheels, of which there aren't very many. You get to choose between 3 body kits for each car, which were pretty good but other games are way more in depth. The crash damage is unacceptably poor, and it's purely cosmetic. When you crash the screen goes black and white and your vision gets all blurry and the screen shakes like crazy which is SUPER annoying as it happens as a result of even the slightest brush with a wall or other car. Also the load times are excruciatingly long.

The in car view is probably the best part of the game but there is no handbrake animation, WTF EA? The AI sucks, it spins out/crashes randomly especially in head to head races. Your in constant fear of getting slammed into on corner entrance because the AI gives you absolutely no quarter.

There are TONS of glitches/bugs. Your flag girl is more often than not standing in your back seat at the start of a race, when I bought the works package for my Corolla, I have to lift off the throttle when I shift up or the car will stop accelerating, a restart is the only way to cure the problem. In quick race drift, there's no engine/car sounds unless you restart. Sometimes after the loading screen, you get a black screen with audio only for sometimes close to a minute if not more. The list goes on....

There's a lot more I can say about this game but I'll wrap things up. EA should not have released this game in it's current state. I would have gladly waited till next year if necessary if that's what it took if it meant I would want to buy it, which I don't. Thats the problem though, EA feels the need to get a title out every year, it's unfortunate that moving units is their sole objective. If they put some thought into it they could have produced an excellent game, instead of this "simulator." With such an excellent research base (i.e. Speedhunters) you'd think they would have gotten a lot more right in terms of aesthetics etc. It's a shame really, cause I was really looking forward to this game. I'm glad I rented it instead of running out and dropping $60 on it, like I will be for Forza 3. Maybe next time EA.


@JR: Yes, I'm in Pro Mode, no aids whatsoever. Just feels sloppy compare to the real thing, countersteer is overly delayed, tires dont feel like sticking to the ground properly... basically it feels like sliding a tank.

By the way, I'm a big fan of yours! check us out sometime!



What is NFS Shift?

An overrated (well even that word is too weak) game made by a company that should stop lying and start making good racing games.....or just stick to Battlefield and selling useless DLC's....

Rod Chong, you should be ashamed to have worked for that game, and even more for the whole buzz you did about it!


@JR: How do you deal with your Falken Mustang randomly bouncing like crazy going down the straight at Road America? :P

@JHerron: I am going to stop playing this game until EA comes out with a patch for the glitches and mostly the bouncing. I can't really advance too much further without having to drive beyond perfect every time and PRAYING that I do not get destroyed by some AI car either smashing into me or pushing me off track which then I have no control and start bouncing like a '64 on Hydros.

I feel like Dr. Dre in the Chronic.


Embarrassingly bad game


Well I'm fairly disappointed guys that this story hasn't turned out better!... I'll be collecting your feedback and will send it on to the production team so they know what you think. Thanks all!



@Rod: Thanks for your understanding.. $59.99+tax doesn't seem like a whole lot of money for most people but it's still a bit of change to spend on something that is definitely flawed.

With all the hype that was generated with this game and to have Speedhunters and Pro-Drifters like Vaughn Gittin Jr. endorse this game.. it is a serious let down to the fans of the site, the drivers, and the NFS franchise in general.

@EA: please make good on your promise to deliver an excellent game with a good patch that addresses all the issues that are plaguing any site that mentions NFS:Shift. In these economic times.. having your customer base spending on average $59.99+tax on NFS: Shift only to have it be nearly unplayable in the advanced modes is about as moral as the large banks taking bailout money and giving huge bonuses to their executives.


I'm holding faith that this game is truly an amazing game. There's definitely something good hiding underneath all the bugs. I'm still having fun playing it the way it is, so I can only imagine what it will be like once it's all perfected!


I'm with J.Herron on this one, but they'll have to cure it really quick as I imagine is not that much work involved in correcting the handling bugs which (for me at least) are the main flaw. Then again, I may be wrong. It's been known to happen ;-).


ive read all thease comments and its not hard to see that most people arent as happy about the game as they should be. I own the game i bought it on the 15th. I too have experienced some glitches aswell but not as severe ones as some other people. I think that if this game was released a few weeks later and they had fixed some of the bugs that they must know they have, people would be more satisfied with their purchase of this game. For the most part i like the game when im not having any problems with it. I just hope that there will be an available patch update to come too the 360 soon, like there has for several other NFS Title's aswell.


game is seriously glitchy and unfinished, missing a lot of content and the menu system is unfinished. drifting can be fun once you get used to it and understand it, but doesn't make up for the lack of refinement in the whole game itself.

LiveForSpeed would be the ultimate driving game if they could get the visuals and licensed cars from this game.



By the way is this game like Pro Street ( looks to me like as if it is ): ) ? I mean are there like no cops or free roaming mode?


Was this game not even beta tested? There are so many embarassingly obvious flaws its embarassing that something like this could be released to the public. Also JR should be ashamed putting his name to something this bad, and claming it to be a realistic drifter. Such a shame, as this had a lot going for it if it wasn't to rushed!