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I was just doing my rounds on the blogs I visit daily, one of them is the blog that Jon Sibal runs. He posts about his cars, internet finds and about his work as a illustrator. Today I was greeted by these pictures of the Spirant 180SX that Jon dug up somewhere. This 180 is one of my favorites together with the one that Koguchi build and Antonio featured here on Speedhunters.

The Spirant 180Sx has had a update for the 2009 season, do we all remember how it looked before? Well for this year they went with a different bumper made by Carmodify-Wonder called the Glare.

In the rear we see the rear bumper and sideskirts that are all part of the Glare kit. I'm just amazed by the stance of this car, amazing.

The wheels are the same; Rays TE37 in 17"x9.5 with a et +12 in the front and 17"x10.5 with a et+15. I have yet to see another 180SX sporting such an aggressive wheel fitment, all thanks to spacers and a drop by Tein.

The cool thing is all the details, like the black parts you see painted on the bumper and skirts, it adds to the look of the bumper. Did you also notice that both sides of the car looks different? On this side there are no horizontal inserts on the rearbumper and skirt.

On this side they are clearly there. I think I like it better on this side, it looks a bit more aggressive.

The inside of the frontbumper has also been painted black. It really flows well with the carbon BN Sports hood.

On the team website there is a cool video of the guys drifting, there are also links to their carview blogs. I even spotted a Speedhunter photo that Mike took of their red Chaser.

-Jeroen Willemsen

Spirant, Jon Sibal



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dang.. thats hot


all time favorite 180


It is super aggressive, but at the same time it's just too busy.

There are too many hard edges in too many places. The front fascia is relatively smooth, but then it's flow it interrupted by a combination of the hard lines of the fender vent and side skirt. I dunno, I guess the car has the Japanese drift style.


koguchis gfs car FTW!


Sweet looking ride.


omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg



I'd rather have stock type-X aero to be honest.

Stance and wheels are great, but the aero is just too fussy.


this car is straight up sex. <3 the color and the stance is perfect.

very unique and not cookie cutter like most 180sx's with the same ole same ole type-x aero


im pretty sure those are 18' x 10.5 in the rear instead of 17's?

nevertheless, this car is so gangster


desktop photo 2 or 3!!! i'm in love

does anyone else love the paint?



yeah those are 18's in the rear


That colour is the BMW urban green from the Z4 series, paint code A04 UNI


It's a bit too much for me, I wish the bodykit was "smoother", not a fan of this 180.


way too busy


Isnt this a 240sx? Why does it saw 180sx?


Jay are you color blind? that is not green. it is khaki. the color comes from a Nissan X-Trail.

Car looked better before the aero change.


i love it.

like black bunta said. it's not cookie cutter and a dime a dozen . very unique


Jake: No son. I read it was that colour on Minkara, but whatever colour it is, it's very cool and unique, and goes well with the black wheels.


I read Minkara too.. and as far as I remember it was some khaki color offered on Nissan Xtrails. BMW urban green looks way different, for awhile I was considering painting my car urban green or Nissan army tank green so I spent a lot of time looking at it.

Either way it is a cool car, I have 100+ pictures of it.

Oh, and don't call me son.




Jake: Open your eyes, then go to the x-trail site and find the colour: If you think it's that second to last colour, then it is you that's colour blind - son.


This is more like it


Jay... I'm not going to argue with you any longer instead here is a picture of the actual color of the car.

the color is ash khaki. I'm obviously not your son, I'm not retarded or color blind.


It's the Ash Khaki.

I looked at the urban green, and that well... is green. Whereas this 180 is not.


that colour is disgusting


Tuff but elegant in simplicity. Reminds me a lot of Koguchi's original black 180 from 98-99.