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I just got a link from a friend  who pointed out this AWD Mini project at Super Fast Mini's. I thought this would be a nice addition to this AWD month. Inside the Mini community it is very popular to enhance the performance of the car with Honda parts. It is no different with this Mini.

They started with a bare shell and went to work with the custom fabrication and placing of the AWD system. On the outside we see wider fenders to accommodate the larger wheels and extra sticky tires.

The B20 VTEC engine has been placed in a custom made engine mount system. It is bolted directly to the chassis.

There is not much left of the original interior, everything has been custom made. As this is their first attempt they are taking orders when you want to build one like this for yourself.

The underside reveals the way the engine mount has been placed. They used a CR-V awd drivetrain to make it a fully working AWD Mini. You can see the drive shaft running alongside the exhaust system.

The driveshaft runs under the exhaust to get to the differential. I'm just amazed at how small the driveshaft's are that exit the differential. Again they used a custom housing system to make everything fit.

I have driven several Mini's before and I have always liked the drivability and go kart feel of these machines. Now with the possibility to make it AWD it would not only enhance the grip levels but also the sheer joy of driving a car like this on track.

For more build pictures you can log on to Super Fast Mini's.

-Jeroen Willemsen

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paint over the primer.... and i'll take one right away


Did they just bolt the front and rear subframes directly onto the body shell? How strong is that bodyshell anyway?

But in any case, a fantastic lesson in simplicity. All it needs is a dashboard lofted from the original mini, and there is a very good disguised racing car for the road.


That's simply insane. I would NOT want to crash in that thing. There's really no crumpling zone except your knees? And why have they not built a complete tube chassis? As BiVANOS said, the subframes are bolted to the shell only?

It probably goes like hell though, I like insanity :D


that is straight buckwild.


Stance is too truck-like.

Cool car though.


How did you come to the conclusion that a Mini could ever have the stance of a truck?


Those look like Miata lower control arms.


that would be so much fun on a slippy road! and it does look so simple.


@ yiso

I didn't know this was a paint judging site. If that's all you notice, you've missed something.


what a great concept and awesome question is about the awd system in place, i dont know much about the cr-v and its awd. is the center diff open, lsd, locked or electronic controlled on this mini? and what about the front and rear diffs also? awd drivetrains are not created equally.


wooooow perfect tuning


The CR-V AWD system only functions when there is slippage of any wheel(s). When the Real-Time 4-wheel drive system is not engaged, the drivetrain functions as in FWD mode. So no, it can't be locked/controlled in its OEM form. The AWD system works using two clutch packs and a hydraulic system (all contained in the rear differential case). When all four wheels are spinning at the same rate the clutch packs aren't engaged and so you're in FWD mode. When the rear wheels spin at a different rate than the front, the pumps activate the clutch packs, which "turns on" all wheel drive mode. A more comprehensive (and rather intuitive) explanation of how this system works can be found here:

I have a 1997 CR-V and though it is useful in some situations (including some sand/snow/mud), racing applications probably would overwork the drivetrain. Also, the differentials of this and the second generation make noises when turning full-lock--not a problem, per se, but something of an annoyance. I felt the vibration coming from the diff in my CR-V, it would probably be worse in the older, lighter shell of the Mini.

Regardless of the limitations of the AWD system, this is an awesome build. Honda, Mini, (apparently) Miata, and custom parts mixed with ingenuity and bad-ass engineering. A B20 VTEC AWD in anything is crazy.


Mini body shells as standard have the subframes bolted directly to the body. It worked fine for the last 50 years lol.


i seriously would not want to get in a crash with that car....

the crumple zone at your knees...

maybe they should install a better roll cage...

other than that this is an awsome car


Honda CR-V