Event>> Kazama Auto Queen  Battle Teasers

Non-stop action was the order of the day at the 4th Kazama Auto and Drift Tengoku organized Queen Battle competition.

I'm barely able to keep my eyes open, so a selection of teaser shots will have to do until tomorrow's more in-depth post.

This is the first grassroots drift event I covered this year, and I was very impressed at both the quality of cars that participated as well as the overall skill of the drivers. 

I spotted this yellow S14 right outside the main paddock gates at Nikko. It was driven by a very skilled lady who made use of all the 400 PS the TD06 boosted SR20 developed.

Kazama-san was enjoying his JZX110, sporting the new livery we saw for the first time a couple of weeks back at the Nagoya Exciting Car Showdown.

Unfortunately his fun was cut short as the engine developed a problem, probably a blown head gasket. But he wasn't going to let that ruin his day, as he had another car ready to go!

All the ladies participating in the Queen Battle demonstrated some pretty amazing skills, as well as rather cute camera posing techniques!

Ever wondered what a girl's drift car looks like inside, here is a pretty good example…

For me these grassroots events are the best representation of Japanese drift culture with a very wide selection of cars.

A rather close encounter with another car didn't stop this T&E kitted S14 from running all day long.

Much like Nagoya a few week-ends ago, a lot of cars at Nikko were sporting some pretty impressive engine swaps.

I really liked this two-tone S15 which was running in tandem with his team mate in a JZX100 sporting the same color scheme. 

Aero parts in drifting are as expendable as tires and gasoline!

Some of the better drivers were managing pretty insane angles flying into the first corner. The driver of this S13 had pretty much dialed in all the opposite lock there was!

Ok by now most of you may have noticed that I like S13's quite a lot! Love the look of this one, so simple yet so purposeful.

For anyone that has spent some time driving in Japan, the sight of this Toyota Crown grille in your rearview mirror should be enough to give you a good scare! Usually used by undercover highway police this big Toyota sedan seemed to be right at home sliding around at Nikko thanks to it's tuned 1JZ! Stay tuned for more action from Nikko tomorrow.

Dino Dalle Carbonare



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I'm totally digging that Soarer and Crown!


Wow, cool soarer.

You should totally desktop that crazy angle s13.


I would like to know if there were any V35's or Z33's at the event?


Desktop that 7th pic! She is hella kawaii! ;) my GF can barely even drive and is scared to death of drifting :(


wallpaper for the beige silvia, please thanks



and people still think women cant drive


Very nice shots Dino. Can't wait for your in-depth post tommorow.


These are some SICK ass photos Dino. Great job. That Soarer is so hot, btw


Nothing can beat Japanese coverage - everything else just always seems so........inferior compared to it. Nice work as always


Dino, you drift like a girl!

Remember, dorifto on a stick and meat.


Don't tell me all these cars are driven by girls? o.0


Tan S13 desktop, it's the background on my iPhone already!


Desktop that Beige Silvia! also, anyone know what kinda bumper it is on that same silvia


You know, for some, Meat on a stick, Beer, TanTan-men, Red Bull, Drift... Goes perfect!! haha.. Great photos.


Nice to meet you Dino.


What a special and interesting coverage..Soarer Z20 looks gorgeous always although she is 80's..

Looking forward to the coverage tomorrow! Hurray... ...


Makes me miss my MZ soarer :(


Well I do wonder about this for awhile and just need to ask, do both you (Dino) and Alexi (of Noriyaro) go to each events together? I'm quite surprised that both of you guys manage to cover the same damn events over there, only that you post it on Speedhunters and Alexi post it on his blog. Hahahahaha....





Thanks for the comments, I'll have to make up a few desktops from this day.

Muzaffar, no I think Alexi just lives at drift tracks. I think he rotates every day LOL


cant wait for more ;)


God damnit I love this site.

Good pictures, mate. Keep fighting the good fight!


he red soarer pleaseeeee upload a high res!!! it would make sure a nice desktop wallpaper!!! keep up the great works guys.


Chaser Photo 1,MarkII Photo 3 and Crown desctop please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


that soarer is sexy. nice collection of cars.