Since I know Speedhunters readers have a wide interest in reading all sorts of automotive websites and watching all sorts of automotive videos, some of you might be interested in watching this video. It’s called Speed Dreams, a video produced by Mobile 1 Oil that examines the professional success of F1 World Champion Lewis Hamilton, Porsche GT driver Wolf Henzler, and Pro FWD dragger Jason Whitfield.

This 24 minute film discusses how scientific breakthroughs in the development of synthetic motor oils helped to improve the aforementioned drivers’ performance on the racetrack. Does this look and sound like a blatant advertorial/commercial? You bet. However, I bet some of us can learn something from the information in the video. Anyway, it involves Lewis Hamilton (Hey, hopefully there are guest appearances from his hot gf, Nicole Scherzinger), F1 cars, Porsche GT cars, and Jason Whitfield. It should be worth a look.

Unless you’re totally adamant about not missing those reruns of Friends this evening, you can watch Speed Dreams on “the Documentary Channel” tonight at 10pm.

-Antonio Alvendia



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Hmmm looks intersting.... produced by Mobil 1. For me its CASTROL for life! ...... But Im courious, what is everyone's Oil Brand of Choice?


Royal Purple FTW!!!