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You know, we are greedy people at Speedhunters…. We have this compulsive need to know everything cool happening in the world of automobiles…. This feeling is accompanied by a terrible desire to attend racing events around the world with our cameras…. unfortunately, there are limits as to how much time can be spend on airplanes…. you can only be in so many places at once!

To our annoyance, this past weekend we were unable to organize any of our core Speedhunter shooters to be out at the Famoso drag strip, for the kick off of the nostalgic drag racing season: the Bakersfield March Meet. However we were able to arrange to get some photos from two photographers did who make the trek up to Famoso Raceway: Alex Maldonado and James Drew. Thanks guys for the snaps!

Some of you will remember our coverage of the California Hot Rod Reunion from last October…..

Many of the same cars were at the March Meet, like this modern Valiant gasser. I like when race cars don’t bother with liveries — makes them look more like REAL cars to me.

The overall winner in the Nostalgic Funny Car class was this machine…. It’s probably the fastest Plymouth Arrow on the planet!

Proper old school digger…..

What do you guys think of these old school style Funny Cars? Sure beats the new school bubbles don’t you think?

Yes that is a jeep!

A Valiant to make even ultra-masculine males quiver with fear. In the AA Gas Supercharged final this blacked-out monster pulled a rather impressive 6.772 at 209.20 mph to take the win.

A rail and a Bantam Altered pull the air brakes… Looks like a bit of a match race to me.

Can you see the cloud of spent nitro gas that surrounds this GTO flopper?

I really appreciate how the owner of this car has made a period-perfect livery. Perhaps it is a recreation, or a new livery made to look old… who knows if this pattern will be repeated in 40 years’ time for drift cars!

People will work to make perfect recreations of specific D1GP or Formula D cars… it very well could happen you know!

James’ internal organs would be taking a beating just standing this close to this car…. There are very few race cars on the planet which create as much force and disturbance as a fully Nitroed up Top Fuel rail or Funny car. Have a look at this film I shot last year to get a feel…

And here’s the final…. Garrett Bateman, in the ’72 Mustang ran a 5.820 at 237.02 mph but was unable to beat Bucky Austin, in the ’78 Arrow, who rocketed to a 5.870 ET at 246.91 mph. Now that is serious fast!


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how did the mustang have a .05 faster ET and still lose?


I agree with your idea of D1 copies in 10-20 years. These dragsters were only big for like 10 years in this stage. They faded away quick, as technology and rules progressed. Time will tell I guess...


While I love drifting and imports, drag racing is still my number one. Great pics (whoever they came from) and I'd love to see more coverage of these old-school drag meets.

I'd also like to request a desktop of pic #6. Nothing looks tougher than a slingshot dragster. (^_^ )


Valiant FTW! That Nova and the red Roadrunner are nice, too.


I'm not a huge fan of modern funny car racing and it's only because the bodies are so dull. As you can see from the pix, one guy was racing a jeep! On Saturday, a Barracuda bodied funny car lost his body at about 200mph. The body flew at least 50ft in the air. These machines may not be as fast as there modern day brothers but they still can hit speeds of 250mph+ in about 5-6 seconds. I'd definitely recommend you go see them at least once.


Great job on the photos, Alex Maldonado! Thanks for sending in the photos to Speedhunters, even after I called you up to ask you about it after midnight!


I kant beleve I still have never been to a Nitro Drag event..... I must go!