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A few of my friends are thinking about dumping their Facebook accounts, but personally I’m fully addicted to the site… I love dialing in to see what people are up to around the world…. For example this weekend on Facebook, I noticed that Australian photographer Matthew Mead was out shooting at the Bathurst 12 hours. I sent him a note to see if we could have a look at his photos and he’s kindly shared some snaps with us. Thanks Matt!

Along with the Nurburgring Nordschleife, I’d say that Mount Panorama Circuit at Bathurst, Australia is one of the wildest race tracks on the planet. Are you guys familiar with how mad it is? The 6.213 km/3.861 mile track literally goes over a mountain with a total elevation change of 174 meters. That’s hard to visualize isn’t it?

We’ll have to do a pilgrimage to this temple of speed one day, but in the mean time, we can enjoy Matthew Mead’s art.

BTW From what I can see in this photo (and I have only driven the track in video games), Matt is NOT adding a camera angle to his shot, the track is really that steep.

Here two Mitsubishis plunge down the mountain. The second car in the photo ended up taking the overall victory.

The track is a public road most of the time BTW….

Evos-a-plenty at the race start? On the results tables they are listed as Mitsubishi Lancer RS’ and not Evos…. Odd….

Mitsubishis ended up taking the top four spots in the race…..

A bit of a different car to run the (nearly) famous Hankook livery….

Bathurst is truly epic. I bet Matt worked up a bit of a sweat trekking up and down the mountainside in the hot Australian summer!

This particular BMW ended up taking eighth overall.

Some fantastic slow shutter action….

This is the exact type of framing that I like to do with my videos… I usually like to look right down the exit of a corner and shoot the cars are they run over the curbs… it’s a guaranteed great shot every time.

Head over to Matthew Mead’s Flickr page to see more photos.


Bathurst 12 Hours Website

Matthew Mead Photo Features on Speedhunters



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nice pictars lovin that picture of the dc5


Speaking of vids, we haven't seen any Speedhunter slow mo action in a long time. Great post too. Crazy track.


The full name is Lancer evolution RS.


Finally some coverage from Mt. Panorama! I have been hooked on Australian V8 supercars ever since I watched a race on SPEED. Someone needs to do a photo shoot at the Bathurst 1000!!!


CONGRATS Matthew!! I know i said it before but you're getting absolutely phenomenal at motorsport photography. You're getting places, man! A lot of the shots have that feel of that Japanese motorsport photographer --amazing.


Cool pics Matthew!


Andrew - I'd like to cover some V8 Supercars Andrew, but its hard finding info and good imagery on this side of the pond. I may be able to put something together for March.


At first I thought it was an all Evo race. +1 on the Australian Supercars, always wanted to learn more about that series. It's like if NASCAR were actually cool and used real cars!


Its funny you say about the angle shot. Cause Matt absouetly hates taking shots on a angle.

Congrats to Matt for the feature


Thanks everyone, gald you like the shots.

V8 supercars media is going to be bloody hard to get but we will see what happens.


Matthew mead


Ive driving Bathurst in Video Gamez too.... but I had no Idea it was a public road!?


Yes i agree! A full article on Mount Panorama and it's history is required!


Are you sure it is a public road ? =/


good shots! but the watermark is highly distracting. i used to put such a watermark on all of my shots, but let's be realistic here what are people going to do with a 600-pixel wide shot? i've had people steal a couple shots for use as ads on ebay, but whatever, they're so low quality compared to the full size versions it barely registers, and certainly doesn't cut into my business.


YES it IS a public road.

15 ...this footage from 'THE GREAT RACE-the turbolent years' is worth a look.


Man Bathurst is one the best tracks around. I live about 3 hours the track and the experience of watching the V8's every year is awsome. Yes it's a public road and at the top the mountain there is a campsite and many houses line the circuit that are closed of during the races.



For your information i use to never use watermarks, until a mult-national corporations stole one of my photos for an advertisment in 5-6 aussie magazines. It resulted in a lawsuit which i will not talk about on a public forum. Thats why i use that watermark and i upload 800 pixels wide they must of been resized by Rod. Sorry but its a touchy subject.


Great Photo's Mat. just like everything photo dont do thid track justice, there are some corners so steep that you can just barely walk down the ripple strip. and conrod straight? they had to put a bend a corner in it to stop the cars from reaching speeds over 300kmh. Nurburgring who??? lol