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Now for some more action from the HKS Premium Day at Fuji Speedway. The challenge between the HKS CT230R and the GT300 race ars may have been for bragging rights only, but HKS took the battle quite seriously. As you can see in this opening shot, the car was under attention from the HKS mechanics throughout the day.

Such a shame that the weather cut the battle short…

Studie brought several of their BMW’s out, including the pink M3 and white 135i seen at Tokyo Auto Salon a couple weeks ago. All in all, there were several TAS show cars at the event which could be enjoyed without the crowds, and a lot of them were taking part in the race action as well. It would have been cool to see the Studie E92 out on the track, but for this day its presence was limited to a static display.

Another Auto Salon car was the 396 Motoring JZX100 Toyota Cresta which was taking part in the drift challenge. I just love seeing show-quality cars being thrashed around track, losing aero parts, and making lots of noise and tiresmoke.

HKS brought out a whole bunch of its demo cars, including its supercharged Z33, the CZ200S Evo, and several other Evo X’s and new Imprezas. All of them would take to the track together for a special demonstration run.

The most unique car of the HKS fleet has to be the Hyundai Genesis Coupe which was brought over from Korea. It’s likely the Genesis is going to be a huge success in the USA, but at I am interested to see how it will go over in Japan, where Korean cars are pretty much non-existent.  If Hyundai is going to bring this car to Japan, I guess this HKS-tuned version should be a proper way to build some interest.

Sappy Korean TV dramas are already popular here in Japan, so maybe the Genesis will be the next part of the “K-wave”?

More action from the Hiper Challenge soukoukai. Just another one of the countless circuit-tuned FD’s found all over Japan.

Continuing with the RX7’s, R-Magic brought the “Pink 4″ FD time attack car out for the Option Super Lap.

\I had to do a triple take when I saw this flared B110 Nissan Sunny pickup sliding around on the drift course. The driver was pretty skilled because it was doing pretty well out there.

This is really one of those “only in Japan” moments.

This Sorcery wide-body NSX was another parking lot sighting as I was made my way around the track.

More track day action as cars get hard on the brakes after coming down Fuji’s long front straight. The faster cars will easily hit speeds well above the 280kph range here.

This AE86 Levin is part of the same “Hipstyle” team as the Sunny Truck I posted earlier.

A view of the HKS Aristo resting in the garage. This car is now running the T&E Lexus GS front end conversion from NOB’s neighbor Takahiro Ueno. HKS would have brought out their Altezza competition drift cars, but those were on their way back from overseas duty and weren’t able to make it this time.

HKS R35 running in the snow during the GT-R time attack battle. AWD + snow = no problems, right?

Finally, a view of the CT230R rounding Fuji’s first corner during the morning test session, before the snow brought an early end to its day.

More from the HKS Premium Day coming soon.

-Mike Garrett



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awesome awesome cars... I love HKS!!!


Dan Joyce from Dirty Sanchez is building a B110 Nissan Sunny pickup for drifting in the UK



@Jeroen Willemsen

Its wannabe euro style, look at the bumpers on the cresta. They are mercedes style.


Hyndai tried REALLY hard not to make their new Genesis look like the Infinity G37S....wow....talking about thinking outside the box.

Great pics Mike ! Keep 'em coming.


Awesome coverage Mike,

But what is with those German license plates? I have spotted them on several cars.


awsome! who doesnt love a drifting flared pink pickup!


Thanks guys. As for the Euro plate, I'm sure it's just one of the "to be different" things like Japanese plates in the US. I'm not sure if the letters have any meaning...

Absolution, you are talking about the white FD right? That'd be a privateer car. Very typical mix 'n match style.



Perfect men.

This year is very close to be perfect.

The stand with the Evo's and Impreza's rulz.

And what can I say about the R magic FD is one of my favourite cars now in Japan.

You can put more photos in Auto Otaku?

Have a nice winter.


@jeroen: that's exactly what I wanted to ask Mike... ;)


Hey Mike, props on that opener shot. Top photo is great.

Man, that HKS R35 with a Mustang-looking side graphic... hmm, I think the car would look cooler without that type of stripe. Or if the stripe looked different.


crazy event


Wow, That R35 looks so nice and that Sunny drifting is whack. XD

gotta love the new front of the aristo.


Jeez I miss Japan already...

You know, the graphics on that Aristo are really bad. Actually I like the stripe on the R35. I'll probably never like that car as much as I do the driving performer tho. Was that car there?


any idea on when the OPTION video will come out with this time attack coverage?


Hmmm, C-West and an RE-Amemiya widebody kit? (Or Fujita, unless I'm mistaken.)

Isn't that an AutoSelect configuration? Or is that just a privateer car?