Desktops>>calsonic R32 Gt-r At Fuji Speedway

I was backing up some of my recent photos onto external hard disk this afternoon when I realized that I haven't made any desktop wallpapers from the 2008 Nismo Festival yet. I liked this shot of Hoshino-san in the Calsonic Group A R32 Skyline, so I started there. Widescreen and standard versions are available now in the Desktops section. Also, if there's other Nismo Fest pics you guys want in high res, let me know and I'll try to upload some. After all, Christmas is coming up in a couple of days…

-Mike Garrett



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Mike, can you post up a full res version of your first pic from "More scenes from the 2008 Nismo Festival," the one with the 510 and S30 with Fuji behind them? Or just about any real good pic with Fuji in the backround if you have a better one, I just think a Mt Fuji backdrop featuring a tuned import car makes for a perfect photo.


I do like the Calsonic cars.

I just got a nice 1:24 plastic one to build. It is a slightly older version I think. It has some gold mesh wheels rather than the.... Nismos? that this one is using.

Anyways, BURRITO.


Instant wallpaper favorite


sweet, thanks Mike


Awesome wallpaper!

Could you do some widescreen wallpapers of the Nissan R92C-P (i think thats what it's called) and the R33 and R34 GT-500 cars?

BTW, awesome website! I read every post and watch every video. Great job with it all!


I always loved this car.