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ESPN's 'X' Games took place last weekend in Carson, California. The X Games is an annual event which focuses on extreme action sports.

This stunning picture shows Ken Block landing hard, damaging his Subaru Impreza radiator in this incident. This enabled eventual winner, Travis Pastrana to beat Ken in the Semi Finals and then win the Rally based (its not real rallying!) element of the games.

Image – EXPN/Bill Lockwood

-Andy Blackmore




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Hey I was there! I took some pics, I'll try to post them on the forum section later. It was a fun and very exciting day.

And even though it isn't "real" rallying, the X games brings some form of rally sport to people's TVs that would not be there otherwise with the lack of televised WRC, Rally America or anyother form of rallying in American television.

It was amazing to see Colin McRae on TV for X Games 13 (2007) and he will surely be missed. Pastrana's tribute to Colin was very emotional and Pastrana and his co-driver Carolyn Bosley (Colin's ex-co-driver) won a well deserved gold.

I'm also glad that everyone involved in some sort of incident at the X games is ok, from Niall Mc Shea and co driver in the front flip in the Lancer Evo, to Dave Mirra and co driver crashing into the wall.


My bad, McShae hit the wall before entering the stadium, Andrew Comrie-Picard (ACP) and co driver fliped the K&N LanEvo off the jump


cool, look forward to the pics Mr Alonso (!)



We were there.watching everything from inside the production rigs. Best seat in the house. Awesome in-car footage. Seems that we were the only one's there rooting for Tanner. You can hear everybody on the comm system rooting for Travis. Well deserved BTW! Congrats to both! Awesome event!


I was rooting for Tanner butit did seem like Travis had a lot of support from the Motocrossers. Production booth? Was that up by the luxury suites or under the jumbotron with view of the tarmac sections as well as the stadium.


man i saw that when it happened,tough break.