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Well it's official.

Former D1 star and current Super GT driver Manabu "Max" Orido will be be competing in the upcoming Formula D event at Las Vegas behind the wheel of the Project Mu/3T Motorsport/Yokohama Tire JZS161 Aristo. It's been a while since Orido has competed in pro drifting so it will be very interesting to see how he does against FD's finest during the much anticipated match at Las Vegas Motor Speedway on July 11-12.

Formula D

Max Orido Official Site

-Mike Garrett



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doesnt he like crash every time he competes in drifting


Yep because he has a manfoot, he doesn't know how to regulate his throttle, so he always goes full throttle.

Orido rocks


ORIDO style!

I love his driving style! He may crash a lot but thats cause he got more balls than most everyone drifting today! My fav driver for sure! Hope he kicks everyones ass.


I've never given half a shit about Formula D but hearing Orido is going to be competing makes me actually want to watch. He's one of a handful of guys that made drifting in Japan what it is today. He may be out of practice in regards to competition but he definitely hasn't lost the touch with all the MSC/D2D demos.


But we know that he's still better than the rest of us here. ;)


I would love to see a battle between orido and kumakubo, that would be awesome.


I need to rip all of these MSC/D2D videos I have with all the new footage of him and Taniguchi in their Aristos but here's a nifty little promo vid of him on the MSC site in his know dead Supra:


Thinking about it, how cool would it be if he would enter with his Ridox Supra?


I'll take the Aristo over the Supra any day...


great news to hear, but i would also love to see his supra run again. Man i hope i get to vegas.


Aristo over supra? Dood Orido's supra is the seriousness!


From what I heard, the Autotech-Aristo was built to be used primarly here in the US (there is even a featured on one Super Street mag I think.......).

Anyway, so that he could run with his buddy Takahiro Ueno, and Nobuteru Taniguchi. I think Orido's Aristo was partially built also by Mr. Ueno.....

I would take that Aristo over the Supra any day of the week, it's more unique, and it's not as played out as the Supra is.....both good-quality cars though.


okok!!! NOB and oridos back.... now D1 still missing Kazama...


Wow...We still need his profile pic for the BIg Screeen!


Supra played out? I dont think thats possible, how many supras have u ever seen drifting? Aside from Orido's there was that peak performance supra from FD . Compared to Orido's, that supra wasnt that cool.

Orido isnt drifting in D1, just this formula D demo. Kazama drifts with Taniguchi and Orido in the MSC series they run. They do demos and judge the events.


I said played out not in term of drifting (I should have been more specific)....I said played out in general....

Supra have been notorious to be excellent platform for drag, and big hp #'s.....

Orido's Supra does have a lot of GT's goodies though.

Good thing someone stepped outside the box and brought a VIP-platform to the drift scene.