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It's about 10pm in Germany right now. As I write this, I'm sitting inside Pistenklause, a legendary restaurant in the quaint-yet-amazing town of Nurburg, Germany. The restaurant itself, and the hotel we're staying at, Hotel Am Tiergarten, sits within the actual Nurburgring Nordschleife course.

The hotel is owned by the Schmitz family of Nurburg – in case you haven't heard, Sabine Schmitz, the daughter of the hotel owners, is pretty well known in these parts – she is an accomplished driver who won the 24 hours of Nuburgring twice. You might have also heard of her famous "Nurburgring taxi rides" that she gives… hmm, I wonder if we can find her and ask her to take us for a taxi ride? We'll see… more on that later.

My original reason for posting this is, I wanted to share a cool story with you all. This is my first trip to Germany, so I'm like a kid in a candy store – with my eyes wide open with amazement wherever we go. So the other day, Rod and I were driving down one of the nice twisty country roads that leads to Nurburgring. On the way there, we randomly saw all sorts of BMWs parked off on the side of the road. I thought maybe it was a mini car meet or something, so we decided to stop off (aka: Rod slammed on the brakes unexpectedly without forewarning) and check it out.

However, when I walked up with my camera in my hand, I realized that the car owners weren't even there! Where the hell was everyone?

Rod started looking around, and found a tiny clearing in the trees. He yelled over to me… "Antonio! Come over here! You need to see this! This is amazing!"

After I crossed the road and hopped over the guardrail with all my camera gear strapped to my neck, I followed Rod into the small clearing, which broke away at the densely forested trees surrounding us. As we walked along the path, we heard some happy and familiar sounds – engines revving flat out and tires squealing!

Holyyyyyy sh… What I saw in front of me was so amazing. It was Nurburgring Nordschleife!!! The legendary German race course, made famous by countless magazines, videos, books, race events, video games, and personal stories. Words just couldn't explain… I was trippin out. I couldn't believe I was looking at the legendary Nordschleife with my own eyes. I mean, I've heard aout it forever, but I was actually here, standing right next to the track, as all sorts of cars, motorcycles, and believe it or not.. even BUSES made quick laps around the track!

Right as I began getting all misty and nostalgic, we started feeling raindrops. A cool summer rain began coming down on us, and even though Rod and everyone else headed for the trees to take cover, I decided to just stand out there, allowing myself and my cameras to get wet. Screw it, I figured… I was in Germany. I should chill out in the rain and enjoy this moment. It was like one of those credit card commercials – priceless!

Right as it began raining (it was getting dark also), many of the cars began slowing down and making their way off the track… so I didn't have too long of an opportunity to take photos. However, here's a few samples of some pics so you can get an idea of what we saw at Nordschleife!

Check out this Mini going full out in the rain. It was cool to see the owner of this Mini wasn't afraid… even if he did have positive camber up front!

Seriously, I can't even count how many BMWs and Porsches I saw at Nordschleife. They're all over the place! Actually… they're all over Germany! They seem to be the coolest, sportiest cars out here!

These were the last few guys out on the track. By this time, I was getting ridiculously soaked, and there were cars spinning out and looking foolish. Look at the graffiti painted all over the track… only at Nordschleife! Stay tuned… there's more to come!

-Antonio Alvendia



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Awesome, I've always wanted to go. Do not pass up meeting Sabine!


So you finally came to where I originally come from.

I can defenetely understand your emotions for this track. Too bad you couldn't see the track without the fences. They were installed because of the FIA and destroy a little bit of the spirit of the track.

I have seen many races on the 'Ring', which is why i lived ther till we had to move when I was nine years old. I miss the track, the people an the country ^^ well it's my origin. I hope you like it there.

You should visit the track at the annual 24h-Race it is absolutely worth a visit.

Or at least you should watch a VLN race. The VLN is a race series which only races on the Nordschleife, The field is mixed from small cars like Honda Civics up to Porsche GT cars and Lamborghinis. The next one will take place at the 13th of September.

And don't forget to drive a lap on the nordschleife. Even if it is expensive, each meter is worth every cent.

For how long will you stay in Germany and will you visit Frankfurt (unfortunately I have to live here now) once more on your trip?


We are leaving Germany first thing tomorrow to spend a few days at Spa for the 24H FIA GT race... will be back at the Nurburgring on Sunday to check out some German IDC Drifting action....


damn, these pix makes me envy you Antonio! i've always wanted to take a trip to Germany, and this would be one of many reasons!

if anything, it would interesting to see some pictures of the stuff you get to eat out there... foooooooooood hunters!! hahaha


Wow Antonio! Just one of those moments in time you'll never forget!


Food hunters!?!?!?! So awsome!


Wow, that is almost an exact description of how I felt when I first saw the nordschleife, well actually, when I saw it for the second time,,,

The first time was during the AVD Old Timer GP last year, which was... well quite foggy for the most part. Me and my buddy only really saw the area around the 'pits' and the GP circuit. When the fog cleared up eventually, we did do a lap on the track, but that was too much of an adrenalin rush to actually experience the track (we were worried more about the 911 GT3s comming towards us at a zillion miles an hour).

The second time I went there was actually only a week later or so. Naturally we first drove to the Lidl to buy beer. From the lidl we walked up ardenau bridge and boom, there it was. so much elevation, twistyness and so much... trees. There really is nothing like it.

I'll be going to the Spa 24H also. You guys should visit this years AVD also! If you weren't planning on doing so already...


I am planning to get some more driver tuition before heading out on a 'holiday' to the Nordschleife next year. I can't wait!


What a nifty way to stumble upon the circuit. The panning shot of the Mini looks rather cool.

Here is a link to loads of photos of the 'ring on Flickr by a user under the name of nordschleifenfan.


I would feel save with the AWD safety blanket the Evo in the last pic has but that guy on the motorcycle has a freaking death wish.


Great work Antonio! I wish I could join you guys!


Damn! I wish you could be here too David! You would LOVE all this European motorsports stuff going on here. It's RIGHT up your alley! Peace out from Spa!


Get some nuts n do it! Life is short live it long! vistit the ring!


Went round with BTCC driver Harry Vaulkhard and it was amazing.Go for it!