Another major crash during the first practice session for the 24hr Le Mans race. This time it was Hideko Noda in his LMP2 Lola Mazda that flipped several times. Luckily for him he came out of the crash unscathed, while the car on the other hand was destroyed. I guess he won’t be racing this weekend.



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Kruse and Lola are rebuilding the car and fingers crossed, it WILL be ready for Saturday warm-up. Amazing!


Are these prototypes flipping more regularly now?

I know there were some famous flips in the past but both of this year's crashes look like they occurred once the car had spun out and was travelling backwards.

Does anyone else think that they would benefit from some Nascar style roof flaps to prevent them getting the lift once the car is going backwards?


yes, six have flipped this year, mostly from air getting under ths side. I think its just the cars are going faster. The original 'bogey' time for Le Mans was 3.30. Last night a Peugeot did 3.18!!!

The ACO have just announced they will change the cars for 09


I guess they would need more downforce then....(clearly not enough).

I'm glad he came out unhurt.