The 101>>intro To Chassis Codes

If you have been reading Speedhunters articles and are confused by terms like "JZA80" and "KPGC10", don't fear. We are attempting to set things straight by giving an overview of some of the commonly referred to chassis codes as well as a little background on their use. If you are already familiar with this lingo (as a lot of Speedhunters readers probably are), don't worry, at least you can read along and enjoy some photos!

In the United States, the most common way to refer to a car is by the model year, but in other countries and Japan in particular, the car's chassis code is used first and foremost. You won't hear a Japanese magazine refer to a car as a '99 Civic Type R but as an EK9 Civic Type R or even just an EK9. A car's chassis code is given by the manufacturer and through the code you can identify a lot of different things about the car including engine size and body type. Usually the chassis code can be found in the car's VIN number. Once one is familiar with chassis codes it can make it a lot easier to identify a car. Don't you think it's easier to say "I want to buy an  S14" than "I want to buy a "1994-1998 Silvia"?

Now we will outline some of the more commonly referred to chassis codes. While just about every car ever made has a chassis code of some sort, right now we are just going to focus on performance cars or performance versions of normal cars. I will mostly be focusing on on Japan market models for now (with the exception of BMW), but we plan on adding more in the future. There may also be some overlap on the model years depending on what country the car was sold in.



EF9 – 1988-91 Civic Hatchback SiR (Same year CR-X is known as an EF8)

EG6- 1992-95 Civic Hatchback SiR

EK4 – 1996-00 Civic SiR Hatchback

EK9 - 1996-00 Civic Type-R Hatchback

EM1 -1999-00 Civic Si Coupe (USDM)

EP3 - 2001-06 Civic Type-R Hatchback (UK built)

FD2 - 2007+ Civic Type R Sedan


DA3- 1986-89 Integra 3 Door

DA9- 1990-93 Integra Coupe

DC2 – 1994-01 Integra Hatchback

DC5 – 2001-06 Integra/Acura RSX



S13- 1988-93 Silvia/ 89-98 180SX / 89-94 240SX (US)

S14 1993-98 Silvia/94-98 240SX (US)

S15- 1999-02 Silvia

Skyline/Skyline GT-R/Infiniti G35 & G37

C10- 1967-72 Skyline (KPGC10- GT-R Coupe) (PGC10- GT-R Sedan) Most commonly referred to as "Hakosuka".

C110- 1973-77 Skyline (GT-R-KPGC110) Most commonly referred to as "Kenmeri" or "Ken & Mary".

C210 - 1977-81 Skyline More commonly known as "Japan".

R30- 1981-85 Skyline

R31-1985-89 Skyline

R32- 1989-94 Skyline (GT-R-BNR32)

R33- 1995-98 Skyline (GT-R-BCNR33)

R34- 1999-02 Skyline (GT-R-BNR34)

V35 – 2003-06 Skyline/Infiniti G35

V36- 2007+ Skyline/G35/G37

R35 – 2008+ GT-R

Fairlady Z

S30/S31 – 1970-78 Fairlady Z, 240Z, 260Z, 280Z

S130- 1979-83 Fairlady Z, 280ZX

Z31-1984-89 Fairlady Z, 300ZX

Z32-1989-99 Fairlady Z, 300ZX

Z33-2002-Present Fairlady Z, 350Z


Corolla/Levin/Trueno (RWD Models)

E20 Series- 1970-74 Corolla/Levin/Trueno (TE27 pictured above)

E70 Series- 1979-83 Corolla/Levin/Trueno

AE86- 1983-87 Corolla/Levin/Trueno 4AGE-powered (SR5 model in the USA also uses AE86 chassis code)


MA70/JZA70 -1987-92 Supra

JZA80- 1993-02 Supra

Soarer/Lexus SC

Z10-1981-85 Soarer

Z20-1986-91 Soarer

Z30-1991-2000 Soarer, Lexus SC300 and 400 (JZZ30 is most commonly tuned version)

UZZ40- 2001+ Soarer/Lexus SC430

Aristo/Lexus GS

JZS147-1991-97 Aristo/Lexus GS300

JZS161- 1998-05 Aristo/Lexus GS



SA22C- 1979-85 RX7

FC3S-1985-92 RX7

FD3S- 1992-2002 RX7


Lancer Evolution

CD9A-1992-94 Evo I

CE9A-1994-96 Evo II & III

CN9A- 1996-98 Evo IV

CP9A-1998-01 Evo V & VI

CT9A- 2001-07 Evo VII-IX

CZ4A- 2008+ Evo X



GC8-1993-01 Impreza WRX & STI

GDB-2002-07 Impreza WRX & STI

GRB-2008+ Impreza WRX & STI


3 Series

E30- 1982-91 3 Series

E36- 1991-99 3 Series

E46- 1998-2005 3-Series

E90- 2006+ 3-Series (E92 M3 pictured)

-Mike Garrett



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How about:

SW20/SW21 MR-2


NA6(8)C 1989-1997 MX-5

NB8C 1998-2004 MX-5

NC8C 2005- MX-5


Mike, your Subaru codes are off a bit.

GD- is WRX and STI

GDA = 2.0L WRX

GDB = 2.0L STI

GDF = 2.5L STI (it's unclear to me how they distinguish the 2.5L WRX...)

I'd wager that the 2008 WRX is not "GRB" either, but the STI is.


Don't forget the Starlet chassis too :)


Minor, but DC2 is only for VTec integra hatches. DC4 is for the non-vtec models.

Also there's the 4 door type R which is DB8 (R), and the 4 door non-vtecs are DB7's.

(Once that 4 door R is old enough for import, I'ma get me a "family car".)

This is a great little 101 run down for people who want a little knowledge on their favorite rides. Soak it in people. ;)


And what about the Legacy's?


USDM 92-95 Civic hatchback = EH2


Mikey Hayes dont forget the DC1 = single cam integras


I think Mike deserves an applause. He clearly put his heart and soul in this list, and then some....give him a break if he screwed up few chassis

MIKE ! You forgot the FD2 USDM version, the love for the US Market?, I'm just busting your balls.


Thanks guys, yeah there might be a couple errors or things I left out, but like I said for this one I was trying to leave it mostly to the "performance" versions or the codes that are most commonly referred to.



I'm gonna study this.

Much appreciated!


You forgot the 03' Subaru Impreza. Cool list though.


Damn Antonio, you pretty much wrote a full post. Why not turn this into one, I'm sure there's more out there like me that are aching to learn more about Corollas accompanied by some awesome photos.


word. good idea, maybe we'll do just that.


8th Gen USDM Civics

06+ Civic Coupe - FG1

06+ Civic Si Coupe - FG2

06+ Civic LX/DX/EX Sedan - FA1

06+ Civic Hybrid - FA3

06+ Civic GX - FA4

07+ Civic Si Sedan (incl Mugen Si) - FA5


I totally still can't memorise so many codes by just reading them once; in fact all i know about cars is just its make, model (eg. Lancer Evolution IX, Impreza WRX STI, Skyline GTR, etc...). These codes are really so damn fascinating man!!! And I still don't really understand all those Honda and Toyota/Lexus cars... haha


I believe the first gen rx-7 was coded SA22C only between 1979-1980, then became the FB3S. I might be wrong, but there's definitely a difference in the taillights and body.


no love for the MR2/MRS?

AW11-85-89 MR2

SW20-90-99 MR2

SW21-00-05 MRS


**Correction to Above**

ZZW30-00-05- MR2 Spyder


What about all the cressida/chaser/mark II's. JZX chassis are all over the place and im sure you've even covered some yourself.I bet that would be useful if you wanted to edit this list at any point.

Definitely useful for beginners and you receive my applause but those are a huge chassis to forget


Yeah for sure we will be doing some updates to the list, we just started with the "bare bones" list.



00-03 AP1

04-08 AP2


90-96 NA1

97-03 NA2


Correction. The USDM NA2 model years were 97-05. Also, the JDM and EDM model year NSX might be slightly different.


nerds ....ahahaha! jk or am i???


bookmarked :-P


I thought the R30-R31 Skylines were nicknamed "Box Skylines?"


2006+ 3 series should be e90/e91/e92/e93 (sedan/touring/coupe/vert). =)


Mike / jblaine

The Impreza has 3 major chassis codes, for a bit more detail:

GC 1992-2000 Japan / 1993-2001 Worldwide

GD 2001-2007 Japan / 2002-2007 Worldwide

+ GDA is the WRX

+ GDB is the WRX STI

+ Subcodes specify the body redesign

For the GDB:

+ Zenki is the GDB/A & B - "Bugeye"

+ Kouki is GDB/C - D - "Blob or tear eye"

+ Super kouki is GDB/E - F "Hawk eye"

GR 2008+ Japan / 2008+ Worldwide




Great post, wonderful explanation.

If I'm not wrong the R30 Skyline was nicknamed "Iron Mask"...


EF9s (and EF8s respectively) were ONLY produced during the years of '89 and '90 ... remember most cars in Japan were produced a year earlier then their US counterparts (if any) ...


for the first gen rx-7's.the SA chassis code was only for the 79-81 models. 82-85 were FB's.


nice collection of wheels


hi i was wondering if you could help me out? how can you tell what year ek9 you have or if its a type RX model by looking at the vin # or any other numbers that might be found on the car


your guys cars are sick


for bimmers, E90 will be referrin to the sedans, coupes will be E92, E93 as the verts


I think this shit si pretty dope. i guess if you ever need to buy JDM parts strate from japan you'll have an idea of what the hell there talking about...


This needs to be updated to include the Z34 Nissan 370Z.


I've got the JZZ30 and a friend of mine has an S14. Really cool cars.


How are you going to include a Lexus GS series in this class and not mention BMW 5 series, or Mercedes AMG classes throughout the years or even Audi. Either this should be all japanese cars and no Euro or if you include BMW series you might as well include all. Also there was the previous gen BMW E9 and 2002 that i dont even see in this list. Those classics need to included if you are including 1970s japanse cars which lets face it may have looked cool but had no performance whatsoever.


i wish i own a ae86 =_=


You sound like a little girl , if you don't like it then stfu