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I remember going to the 2004 LA Auto Show and seeing the Jada toys booth, and being surprised to see that they had an AE86 in full Initial D livery sitting in the middle of their booth. The car was being used to promote Jada'a new line of diecast drift cars.  EKhatch, a member of our Speedhunters forums, posted some fantastic photos of some of the original 1:55 scale Jada AE86's. Looking at these brings back a lot of memories for me. At the time, it was pretty rare to see any sort of AE86 or drift related collectables outside of Japan so I was pretty excited to see them. I remember trying hard to track these down at all the stores in my hometown. In a way, I guess this was one of the signs that AE86 had gone from a cult classic to a mainstream favorite.

Take a look at the photos, and feel free to discuss these and any other car collectables in our forums.

Jada Toys Official Site

-Mike Garrett



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Cool pics EKhatch!

Nice to see people collecting AE86 die cast like I do! =)

AE86 represent! Mannnnn... I need to post pics of my collection of AE86 die cast cars, RC cars, model kits, etc! I have a humongous collection of cars I bought on numerous trips to Japan.... it's taking up space on my display rack and bookshelves from ikea, and i still have alot more in boxes in the closet! ahhhh not enough space to display all my stuff!!!

Live the 86 Life!