WTAC 2022: The Dust Has Settled

The weather gods were kind. Drivers came out swinging. Vehicle limits were pushed. And, most importantly, records were reset.

After a two-year hiatus, finally, the World Time Attack Challenge has been run and won. Over Friday and Saturday, teams from all across Australia battled for their own page in the WTAC history books.


I’ll be back soon with a more rounded collection of cool stories and memorable moments from across the weekend, but after spending 33 of the past 48 hours Speedhunting, I’m going to keep this one short and sweet (like me).


While some records were set early on, the Final Shootout battles saw their fair share of action and drama unfold on Saturday evening under lights at Sydney Motorsport Park. The competition for class wins really did come down to the very last seconds.

Haltech Clubsprint Class

The Haltech Clubsprint class started as a battle royale of street cars from every corner of the globe in every size and configuration imaginable, but ultimately turned into a good old fashioned throw-down between age-old rivals Mitsubishi and Subaru.


Clubsprint’s five-year record was decimated by Jamal ‘Jimmy’ Assaad in his Evolution Racing Spares Lancer Evo VI, his 1.33:7 best lap shaving more than two seconds off the existing record.

Behind the wheel of his Subaru Impreza WRX STI, Melbournian Idin Ahangar dramatically ran his best lap of the event during the Final Shootout. After battling for the entire event, Idin’s 1:35.228 lap bumped him into second place.


Third went to Trent Grubel in the DC Jap Automotive WRX.

Plazmaman Pro-Am Class

The Plazmaman Pro-Am class rankings were locked in fairly early on, with Kosta Pohorukov and his Tilton Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX setting the benchmark.


WTAC debutant Jay Davidson’s WRX STI made a solid entrance, securing second position during an amazing lap in the Final Shootout that shaved seconds off his earlier attempts.

After many years of competing, Richard Perini secured his first-ever podium finish. The 991 Racing Nissan VR38DETT-powered Ginetta G50 held on to second spot in the class for most of the weekend, but was bumped into third by Jay’s heroic last-minute steer.

GCG Turbo Open Class

The GCG Turbo Open Class was the most hotly-contested category of the weekend. Tim Slade in the Xtreme R32 Nissan Skyline GT-R traded positions with Nathan Morcom’s Mitsubishi Lancer Evo, both cars laying laps down in the 1:27 zone.


Morcom’s run in the Final Shootout was wild. He received a hero’s welcome in the garages after managing to drop another four-hundredths off his best lap, edging out the GT-R and stealing the trophy with a 1.27.247 lap.

The Xtreme GT-R had held pole position for most of the weekend with a 1:27.379 lap, but it came at the expense of a dropped valve, forcing the car to retire halfway through its final run.


Benny Tran chased the duo closely, but his BYP Racing Integra’s 1.30.320 best ultimately wasn’t close enough to be a real threat.

Royal Purple Pro Class

The Royal Purple Pro Class was a smaller field than most years (cough, thanks Covid), but it wasn’t any less exciting. The PR-Tech RP968 team spent all of Friday eliminating mechanical issues, but on Saturday morning Barton Mawer came out all guns blazing for his first timed run.


A sensational 1:20.1 lap, just a fraction off the team’s current 1.19.277 WTAC record, instantly set the pace.


No one was writing off the double-entered Tilton Evo, now driven by Brad Shiels, when it clocked a 1.20.9 early on Saturday. However, luck ultimately ran against the team when during a Pro-Am session Kosta encountered some shattered carbon fibre on track from an earlier incident. The carbon shards blew a tyre out and left the front right side of the Evo in need of repairs a little more intensive than what an hour in pit lane could achieve.

The final podium position was picked up by another WTAC newcomer, the GotItRex team’s Extreme Subaru STI Type R, driven by Nathan Antunes. While the car was a few seconds off the Pro Class pace, they were unquestionably the most consistent team of the event, and possibly the only one to leave the pit garage every session.


The car looked strong early on in its Final Shootout lap, but unfortunately it needed a re-run due to accidental interference from the previous competitor on their cool down lap. While Nathan did get the opportunity for another lap, the first two sectors of Sydney Motorsport Park had already taken their toll on the fresh tyres.

I’m really looking forward to seeing what the new kid on the block can bring to the table next year, but before that happens, I’m looking forward to a (hopefully) long and deep sleep. Stay tuned for more from WTAC 2022 very soon.

Matthew Everingham
Instagram: matthew_everingham

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Would like to know more about the Subaru wax sti from Melbourne, is he on Instagram?


I believe his IG is @project_tbag


Tastefully modified cars with all functional parts. Love it. More of these articles please!

Matthew Everingham

Roger that!


Anybody know what year the blue sti is?


Insta is @project_tbag


Day 5000 awaiting return of speedhunters store


Day 5001. The message "be back soon!" is insulting and ironic


A 1.33 around SMSP for the clubsprint class (street tyres, restricted aero, restricted weight reduction) is ridiculous!

Matthew Everingham

Pretty wild. This would have won the entire competition just a few short years ago. Congrats to Jimmy and the ERS Team!
I wonder what #Sneakymods advice he'd have for #ProjectIX :D


Slippery slope :) :) :)


Pretty gutted I couldnt make it this year. Scheduling conflicts suck. The event did look smaller than previous years which also sucks but still looked excited as. Already keen for the next event!

Keen to see more coverage as well. Solid job as always!

Matthew Everingham

It was a bit smaller, but that was expected given the lack of international competitors, flood level rain we've had (and were predicted to happen), and a portion of the population's general reluctance to get out in a crowded environment.

Hopefully onwards and upwards from here. Not just for the event, but for Australia as a whole.


This sounds and looks like real racing happened... But for those of us that don't live around/haven't been to this track, can we get some sort of comparison cross section on just how fast these cars are? If any fully-oem cars were driven competently, what are their consistent times and times with -#.###" differences when you add in sticky tires same driver/car?

I'm wishing I drove this track to understand the difference of all the mods (and driver "skilluck") when these features come out... But then I also wish I could drive every track in the world, and without worrying about carbon debris ripping up my superhot tires!


A modern 911 GT3 cup car is around 1.30, period Group A R32 GTR 1.37's, but perhaps the best yard stick for modified road cars is the lap record for the Toyota 86 series - 1.49. A road car that is quicker than 1.50 driven by Joe Average is considered fast, but this event is resetting the idea of what is quick every year!

Matthew Everingham

Some perspective.
WTAC 2019 - RP968 - Barton Mawer - 1.19.277

Lap Records – CARS
OUTRIGHT Nico Hulkenberg (GER) A1 Lola Zytek 1.19.142 4/02/2007
A1GP Nico Hulkenberg (GER) A1 Lola Zytek 1.19.142 04/02/07
Formula Holden Tim Leahey Reynard 92D 1:22.5131 26/03/00
Formula Three Nathan Caratti Dallara Mercedes 1.24.4881 13/07/08
Formula Two Arthur Abraham Cheetah 1:29.3500 25/08/91
Formula Libre Ty Hanger Ralt RT4 1.27.6786 05/11/05
Formula Ford Paul Laskazeski Spectrum 011B 1.36.0203 09/03/08
Formula Ford 1600 Rob Storey Spirit WL07 1.38.9196 22/09/07
Formula Vee 1200 Jay Hall Jacer 1:50.9297 25/09/05
Formula Vee 1600 Jason Cutts Jacer F2K7 1.47.1592 23/09/07
Group 2A Garth Walden Radical SR3 1.30.6096 21/06/09
Production Sports Allan Simonsen Ferrari GT 360 1.33.4054 06/08/06
Clubman Sports Chris Barry PRB Clubman 1.38.7875 23/06/02
SuperSports John Campbell Hooper Supersports 1:35.6116 31/07/04
Porsche Cup/Drivers Challenge Ash Samadi Porsche GT3 Cup Car 1:36.491 03/02/08
Carrera Cup Alex Davison Porsche 911 GT3 1:34.2011 03/04/04
GT Sports Cars David Wall Porsche GT3 Cup S 1.33.1910 19/07/09
Group Sa Michael Kent Elva Courier 2.00.4967 22/06/03
Group Sb Noel Bryen Morgan 4 1.54.8924 22/06/03
Group Sc William Pye Porsche 911 1.51.8304 22/06/03
0-1300 Chris Adlam Leyland Mini 1:54.2557 22/06/02
1301-2000 Paul Simpson Fiat 124 Sport 1:44.5566 06/08/06
2001-3000 Terry Shiel Mazda RX-7 1:36.4200 29/09/91
3001-6000 Darren Hossack Audi A4 1.30.4632 12/07/08
Group 3E Bob Pearson Mitsubishi Evo 10 1.45.7433 14/03/10
Saloon Cars Steve Kwiatkowski Ford Falcon AU 1.48.1968 13/07/08
Group Na Craig Stephenson Holden FJ 2:11.2755 22/06/03
Group Nb Scott Fleming Lotus Ford Cortina 1.51.0507 07/09/08
Group Nc Ross Donnelly Ford Mustang 1:46.0209 28/11/03
Group C William Van Wersch Holden Commodore 1.44.8823 02/09/07
Group A Glenn Seton BMW M3 1.42.0039 05/09/09
0-2000 Dave Loftus Toyota Starlet 1.45.4008 30/04/06
2001+Over Dave Loftus Nissan Skyline 1.42.5294 23/09/07
Michael Graham Commodore VS 1.45.2478 15/07/07
Andrew Leithhead Alfa Romeo GTV6 1.44.2082 24/06/01
Greg King HQ Holden 1:58.4667 07/12/97
Super Touring Cameron McLean BMW 320i 1:33.8642 07/06/98
V8 Supercars Mark Skaife Commodore VT 1:31.7301 28/03/99
Up to 1300cc Nathan Thomas Suzuki GTI 1:53.4490 30/04/00
1301-1600cc John Ribeiro PRB Clubman 1:48.9879 27/08/95
1601-2000cc Peter Lucas Lotus Elise 1.44.8195 05/11/05
2001-3000cc Ian Palmer Honda NSX 1.40.1991 26/11/06
3001-6000cc Paul Stokell Lamborghini Diablo GTR 1.33.5918 18/07/04
OVER 6000cc Nathan Pretty Holden Monaro CV8 1:33.9060 18/07/04


Does anyone know what tyres the Pro Cars actually ran in the day?
So much tyre failure on Saturday was unexpected.
I wonder what changes will be made to 2023?