SEMA 2021: Keeping Cool In Las Vegas

I feel like I am fast approaching the SEMA Show slump. It’s not something exclusive to the annual exhibition at the Las Vegas Convention Centre, but something which can be experienced at every major automotive event around the world.

Have you ever heard the phrase ‘too much of a good thing‘? Well, it’s a pretty accurate appraisal of SEMA and it really applies when you have curated content being sent your way, so you’re not even exposed to the stuff you might not have much interest in (which tends to serve as a decent palate cleanser).


This post will be no different, and I really think that Trevor has gone above and beyond in his choices for showcasing the best CSF-equipped cars at SEMA 2021.

You’ll have noticed that there’s no entry fee to Speedhunters. We don’t ask for your money, and we don’t have ‘exclusive’ subscriber content – everybody gets the same. In order to keep this show on the road, we have awesome official suppliers whose products we will highlight from time-to-time.

Even at that, it’s still important to us that you get value from these stories and that they’re not just a blatant shill. We really care about how these stories are presented as we want them to be of benefit to both our suppliers and to you as well.


We consider this ‘value’ to come in the form of allowing you direct access to the knowledge behind the products. Whether it’s technical guides, Q&As, or access behind closed doors, there are many different ways that these story types can be beneficial to all involved.

Thankfully, none of our official suppliers need the ‘hard’ sell – their products are good enough that the vast majority choose them anyway. Whether it’s CSF, KW, RAYS, Gtechniq, Takata Racing or Air Lift Performance, you will normally see them everywhere you look, and the products naturally often overlap in quality builds.

With that in mind, the essence of this post is simple entertainment: the very best cars at the 2021 SEMA Show that feature CSF’s products. You will have already seen their 911 project in some detail, but it’s really the tip of the iceberg, which also features some rather unexpected inclusions.


As an aside, we have a detailed look at CSF’s all-new ‘Super Manifold’ for the B58-engined BMWs and Toyotas with a world-renowned tuning shop in the pipeline. Apparently there’s a company in Orlando that knows a thing or two about building fast Supras…

Anyway, let’s begin this post in earnest.


This is probably one of the cars I was most excited about going into SEMA this year, as I’m sure it was for a lot of others, too. Take a guess without scrolling down.

One word hint? Judd.


Yes, this is Ryan Tuerck‘s aptly named ‘Formula Supra’ featuring what might be the pinnacle of naturally aspirated engines in the form of an 11,000rpm-capable 4.0-litre Judd V10. The name Judd should be familiar with anyone involved in single-seater sports car or hill climb racing.

Ryan could have put this motor into literally anything and he would still have had my attention.


While some mistake this for an original F1 motor, the Judd GV4 was originally a sports car engine designed for endurance racing. In saying that, it is often used in late-model Formula 1 cars where the original engines can no longer be used, whether for practical or financial reasons.

730hp designed to last for 24 hours at wide-open throttle should make for a spectacle in this A90 Supra.


CSF’s role here was a custom dual radiator setup at the front of the car.

There’s a lot to this A90; from the carbon bodywork, WiseFab suspension and more, I hope we see (and hear) more of it in the near future.


Maybe one car I wasn’t expecting to see when the images finished downloading for this post was Rich B‘s Tesla Model S. True, electric vehicles require cooling just like internal combustion engines, but this one is a bit more ICE than I expected.


Yes, this Tesla Model S P85 Dual Motor has been outfitted with an LS3 from a 2015 Camaro SS.

I’m sure some will love this as it throws up two fingers at the EV world (personally, I think that attitude is a bit childish), but I do love it purely because it could be done.

The Camaro’s transmission and differential have been used, along with a host of Vibrant Performance parts and a Radium fuel cell.


My automatic reaction to modified Lamborghinis these days is that ‘they better have turbochargers’, and thankfully TJ Hunt has delivered on this front.

The triple wastegate dump pipes in the centre of the quad exhaust arrangement, and the Sheepey Race heat exchangers with CSF cores are a giveaway for what’s hiding behind the rear bumper.


The 1016Industries wide-bodied twin-turbo car is relatively subtle, all things considered. Although I would love to meet the lunatic who drove a Huracán and decided ‘this needs more power’, just to shake their hand.


I can’t be the only one who has performed a full u-turn on the latest G-series BMWs, can I? As it turns out, they just need a little bit of fettling to tie everything together.

This is Art of Attack‘s G82 M4 Competition featuring a prototype CSF cooling system, KW Suspensions V4 coilovers (see what I mean about that natural overlap?), RS Future aero and Voltex flares.


With a 19×11-inch square Titan 7 wheel setup, it’s a car clearly built with track use in mind.

I’m absolutely enamoured by how aggressive the front is, while simultaneously jealous of places in the world where you don’t have to run a front registration plate.


I can’t believe that I’m several SEMA stories deep and this is my first use of the name ‘Rocket Bunny’, but I do think that Auto Fashion’s A90 Supra, as found on the OS Giken stand, is a sublime example.

Superstar wheels and KW coilovers along with CSF auxiliary radiators, transmission cooler and heat exchanger all do their part on this car.


It wasn’t all wide-bodied cars either, as this APR Performance aero-equipped A90 Supra demonstrated in its Motul Super GT-inspired livery.


RAYS Volk Racing TE37SLs, KW suspension and CSF’s incoming B58 manifold all feature.

I still can’t decide if I prefer the A90 stock-bodied or wide-bodied…


Rounding out this list is Long Tran‘s relatively docile looking BMW G80 M3 running that KW x BBS x CSF combination in addition to a range of BMW Performance parts.

Knowing LTMW’s track record, I’m surprised Long and his crew weren’t measuring the G80 up for its over-fenders mid-event.

Catering for a flat-six, V10, V8, twin-turbo V10 and BMW’s B58 inline-six in just this feature alone quite neatly demonstrates the versatility and capabilities of CSF’s current range. That the cars happen to range from insane swaps and ground-up builds to straight-forward simple upgrades tells another equally important story.

At the very least, we hope this post has entertained if not intrigued you. There’s more coming soon from CSF…

Paddy McGrath
Instagram: pmcgphotos
Twitter: pmcgphotos

Photos by Trevor Ryan
Instagram: trevornotryan

This story was brought to you in association with CSF Race, an official Speedhunters Supplier



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"(personally, I think that attitude is a bit childish)"

“The thing about smart people is that they seem like crazy people to dumb people.”-stephen hawking


Ha! Good one! I should put this quote up on my wall one of the best ones!
RIP Hawking


I really like what some of these builders have done with the G80/G82 platform.


Agreed. I'm still not a fan of that front grill on stock trim car, but it sure looks nice with a splitter/lip. It looks to aggressive compared to the rest of the car without the aero touches.


Agreed on the BMW. I hated it, until I didn't... Dammit!


Tesla with v8 is top, even if it's a "childish" protest. The sooner the better, more people will understand that the Green Agenda is a big hoax for money, not for the environment.
Greetings from Ukraine.


This guy gets it.


Same things another year. I'm getting old and those things don't get me exciting anymore. LS swap tesla, blah blah blah blah...

However ev tuning even converting old cars to ev much more interested than this.


The front end of that BMW reminds me of a 70’s Firebird?


Some of my favorite builds right here at SEMA
It's just so hard to choose just sick builds everywhere
And it just keeps getting better and better


The Judd Supra is by far the winner. What’s the body kit on it? It looks fantastic


Can you guys do us a favor and reopen the CSF 911 article comments back up? I followed the link, and oh boy. So much to say.


Comments close automatically after seven days on every post, as it's normally after this point the flood of spam comments arrive.


So many amazing builds and details to pour over and this post wastes the opportunity with a bunch of pigs with carbon glued on, a quiet sedan (is this a Speedhunter first?) that some goosestepper spent a fortune to make SLOWER than it was, and you just had to slip in a lifted brodozer. Rather see some rally-converted vintage running on homemade biofuel that actually is a valid counterpoint to BEV boredom.

But then alas: Ah, thank the car gods, an actual feat of engineering and dare I say design: Judd Supra. Yes. Please delete the yawnfest, tryhard garbage and make the post about that.


Ha. No longbowmen here. we only throw up 1 finger.