What Would You Ask Maaya Orido?

Meet Maaya Orido, daughter of famed Japanese race car driver Manabu Orido, and just as passionate about cars as her father.

At 20 years old, Maaya is part of a demographic in Japan – and around the world – that will experience a very big shift in the automotive realm. As car manufacturers keep telling us, the EV revolution is well on its way, and with releases coming every month it really seems to be turning into a reality right in front of our eyes.


At the same time, nostalgia is showing no signs of letting off. The cars my generation grew up lusting over are now the sought-after modern day classics that everyone wants to get their hands on.

Despite her young age, Maaya seems to sit very much with this group. Having grown up watching her dad race cars in various professional series and being involved in the aftermarket scene, not only as a driver and reviewer but also a trendsetter, now it’s Maaya’s turn.


That’s why we will be spending some time with her at 130R Yokohama, the business that Orido has built up in the last few years to train current and future drivers with the latest simulators. Maaya is getting the same coaching as she refines her driving skills.


Being the daughter of someone so well known in the car world must be interesting, which is why we would like to give you, the Speedhunters readers, an opportunity to ask Maaya some questions.

I’ll soon be heading back to 130R Yokohama to check out Maaya’s recently completed, supercharged Toyota 86, and will sit down with her to get the answers.


So go ahead and let us know what you’d like to ask in the comments section below, or via our Instagram channel. I’ll be selecting the best 10 questions, so make your submissions interesting.

Dino Dalle Carbonare
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One of the first questions that comes to mind for me is easy. What is it like growing up as the daughter to someone that many of us that love both the tuning side and the pure motorsport side of the car world would consider pretty much a legend. With that what is it like learning driving skills from someone with as much history in motorsports?

Two questions in one sorry. But this one is interesting to me. I grew up playing Gran Turismo and watching all those Best Motoring videos we all love.


If you were given unlimited funds and could only modify a kei car, what would you modify and why?


hello can you ask her how being the daughter of Mr orido influenced her life ?


Do you want to be a race car driver? If yes, which professional series you want to race?

Whatever she answer, I will definitely support you.


Being that you've been around both professional grip racing and drifting for the majority of your life, do you have a preference between the two?

Jay Soh Tsu Chung

Two questions:

1) What does she think about the female representation in the world of motorsports?

2) Will she be joining professional racing series like her dad in the future?

Eko Puji Pramono Wicaksono

Any other things she would like to do beside cars and motorsports scene?

Urbanized Dreams .

My question is, having a 2 year old daughter and wanting her to get into cars, how did her father Orido get her interested in cars. Did he push the idea of cars into her life by spending time together around cars with her, or did she grow to love cars on her own? Thanks!


I have two questions:

1) With declining interest in the Japanese motorsports/tuning scene from the younger generation, what do you think it takes to gain interest from this age group?

2) Do you see yourself as a role model to bring more youth into the car scene?


Everyone already asked my question but in better English.

I guess I'd ask if she knows why does Best Motoring always has a leopard girl or whats the deal with that lol.


What would it take to have your hand in marriage?


do girls fart?!?!?!?!?


No they only "fluff". Well that's what mom says.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Of course they don't, doh! Next question...


As anyone can drive a car the question is , "Is there a passion within you to take driving to another level , a level where only you can understand and develop your own unique style and creation in the pursuit of innovation, do you think that you have it deep in you ?" question 2 "are you willing to embrace the change in the car scene with electric cars ? .... to speedhunters if if there is a video with her on speedhunters talking about it , all of us petrol heads will know if she really really like cars but most importantly the driving as we all know "you can't fake passion " ... ( new t-shirt quote for yall ) the real question is does she have her father blood for driving ?

Dino Dalle Carbonare

This is great! Keep them coming!


What is her current daily car and her current favorite dream/tune car...


What kind of motorsport does she enjoy most? Or, which would she want to get into the most?

Time attack? Door to door? Drift? Drag?


The world always seems to follow Japanese automotive trends, does she see modifying and racing electric cars becoming popular?


I´d like to know, if she´s as passionate for the Supra, as her dad is and always was and if not, why. :)

Greetings from Germany



Does your dad tell you not to date drifters?


Do you plan on becoming a professional drifter like your father in the early 2000s D1GP? If so, what would be your car of choice and why?


Her dad might be one of the most successful drifter but how does he play the role of dad?


Will you show up in more Hot Version episodes? I saw you make an appearance on the most recent 86 segments


Worst wreck you've ever had - and what did you learn from it.


Really looking forward to this
This is the dream father and daughter duo


I guess I’ll ask a more simple set of questions since everyone has already asked what I can think of.

What was your first car/car you learned to drive on, and as of now what is your dream car?


Did you know your dad was cool or did he(or one of his friends) have to tell you he was cool? In all seriousness, growing up with a professional and being so integrated/a part of peak level racing and iconic productions that shaped not only a culture but a market that would stretch overseas (Best Motoring/import tuning etc.), what are some elements/struggles that you have witnessed from that environment that the general population/enthusiast group might not know of? Additionally, have these unique experiences changed the way you approach life as you learn/see more?


I have a couple of questions :

1) Are you focused on just one, or multiple disciplines of racing (I.E. Time Attack, Drifting ,etc.)?

2) What vehicle do you think would fit your driving style as you learn from your father?


What's the most important thing you have learned from your father?


How would she define the proper training for an up and coming driver? Given she has both actual and sim training. Would she recommend a full sim training given that majority of the pros do it?


As a member of the Orido family, what is the most memorable motorsport/automotive experience you can remember (from childhood till current day)?


I would ask her to marry me holy f* she's just a year older than me


Her view on the dying or near extinction of the bousouzoku/ touge racing/drift and kanjozoku, which essentially was the root of JDM even and made the JDM scene so fascinating to the outside world.



"Since your father is still racing in Super GT and Super Taikyu, do you two want (and plan) to race against each other in such kind of series ? Or racing with him as a father/daughter combination ? "

I would like to ask more questions but fellow petrolheads in this thread had already asked everything I had in mind :v


Racing against each other would be awesome and intense at the same time. This reminds me of Takumi vs. Bunta from Initial D!


I have a feeling that you must have some really good stories. Well at least interesting ones to someone like me.

Do you have any Toyota stories that you would be willing to share? Whether if it is going on a long trip in a Landcruiser or racing your Dad for the first time in your own GT86. It can be big or small. Any competition stories!

Cant wait to see the Interview, cant wait to see what questions are picked!


What does driving and cars mean to you? What made you interested in this passion that so many of us share. Although i feel like this question may simply be brushed off with a simple answer such as “my father is my role model so i followed him into this sport” but i believe theres more to it than that. Driving must mean something special to you if it makes you spend countless hours practicing and refining your driving as well as growing an attachment to your car. My question is that “What kind of feelings are invoked into you when you drive?”



You’ve got a great platform and base to build a fantastic career in the tuning world (and hopefully beyond). I’d like to ask what are some goals of yours, what are some things you want to champion? Obviously the lack of youth joining the car world the major issue, what are some paths to solving that? Is that something you’re interested in focusing on? Are you going to focus on bringing more women into the community? Obviously there’s a lot of cringey moment in old option videos. I think we’ve moved past the need for bikini girls, but what is next? How do we keep moving forward to bring women onto a more equal footing? Help them be seen as knowledge enthusiasts and skilled drivers not just a pretty face.

I would encourage you to use your future influence to better the community. I know you’re not a politician


ask her for a date


In bold no less...