How To Overcome The CARonavirus

Hi, I’m Dave (Who’s Dave?). I’m also known as ShootingDave, a photographer from London that now lives in Venice, California.

A couple of weeks ago during the COVID-19 lockdown, I was starting to notice changes in my mood. I was getting depressed and uninspired. To try and alleviate that I would go out for long walks or skates around my local area to try and get into a different headspace.


On some of these walks I started noticing some pretty cool classic and vintage metal parked outside of people’s houses on the streets. Initially this seems to compound my frustration as I was feeling down and had no way of contacting the owners. These cars were so nice, I knew I wanted to photograph them.

And then it hit me: Why don’t I just light paint them where they sat? There was no guarantee that the cars would still be there at night, but I planned to go out for a walk once the sun had set with my camera gear and hope that they would be.

To my surprise and relief, they were all still there, so I got to work photographing them where they sat. I had to be quick as these were not organised shoots and I could run the risk of aggravating some of the residence.

Thankfully, not a single person came to ask what I was doing, although secretly I did wish that at least one person would want to know what was going on.

After I got a few under my belt I got hungry for more and went on more and longer walks in pursuit of subjects to photograph. I genuinely started to feel much happier and it was almost exciting going out with my camera bag not knowing what I might find.

If you’re interested, I made a video of the process here. I am going to continue this project as long as lockdown is in effect here in Los Angeles, you can follow the project on my Instagram, linked below. I am also wearing a mask and making sure I stay away from anyone whilst shooting this. Especially Jordan Butters, but I normally avoid him anyways.

Dave Cox
YouTube: Shooting Dave
Instagram: Shooting Dave



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Awesome stuff , and with a how to ? thanks a lot man .

Shooting Dave

No worries, glad you liked it.


The only way to overcome CARonavirus is DEATH! :D

Sebastian Motsch

Hello Dave,

great project with amazing results. Signature style indeed, all images have the same vibe.

I enjoyed looking at the pictures and loved the tutorial video even more. This motivates me to try something new and have a go at light painting. Tomorrow I'll buy a new shop light, as I have to replace my old one anyway. Wish me luck...

Best regards
Sebastian Motsch | @drivebysnapshots | @photoshopchops

Shooting Dave

Thank you Sebastian, I am glad it motivates you.


Nicely done. Truly brings “Speedhunting” to light!


If would go on a walk at night, the most spectacular car would be an 1987 Golf. Very interesting neighborhood you live in :-)


On my bike rides around my hood i am always on the lookout for interesting cars. I have never gone without seeing something. Four 90's Buick Roadmaster estates, a Unimog, and a 63 Pontiac lowrider on one ride. I haven't tried to photograph any as there was a car theft ring taking vintage cars in the area.


90's Roadmaster wagon without the wood grain is a dream car of mine. I'd swap my 97 Z28 M6 for a clean one in a heartbeat.


And guys by the way
Happy CovEid! or Happy QuarantEid!


This is the kind of speedhunting that I enjoy seeing! Candid car photography. Brilliant use of skills that are staple landscape skills into car photography. Photo stacking is something that i'm yet to fully explore since I don't use Photoshop. Is Lightroom able to execute this on its own?

Shooting Dave

Glad you enjoyed it. Light room isn't capable of masking stacked photos. You can merge them in Lightroom though.

Odisseas Sophocleous

speedhunting in its purest form. Excellent editing

Shooting Dave

Thank you so much


Great shots and editing tutorial, cool work indeed. I've shot a few zillion cars, almost all in place, never tried the light painting technique. This makes me wanna try something new - thanks!

Shooting Dave

Glad you got inspired dude.

Renato Ruefenacht

Wow! just wow! this really "brightened" up my day;)

Shooting Dave

haha cheers


This is really cool. You should print out little copies and leave them for the owners or at least a link to the site, I'm sure they would love the photos. Also thank you for not sharing their license plates!


Thanks for a creative and well-done article!

That '70 ('71 maybe?) Chevelle with the as-cast American 5-spokes has the *perfect* muscle car stance. :)

Snehit Kalluru

You can leave sticky notes on the cars with your contact information so that you can give the owners the pictures!