Daikoku Nights – In The English Midlands

Most Speedhunters will be familiar with Daikoku PA (Parking Area) – a Japanese motorway rest-stop just outside Yokohama that has become a hub for automotive expression of all kinds.

On any given evening it plays host to a variety of diamanté-encrusted Lamborghinis, JDM icons, and LED-clad, anime-playing vans. It’s somewhere that’s always been on my bucket list of places to visit.

Speedhunters_Daikoku Night193
Speedhunters_Daikoku Night25

While I may not be in Japan and the location doesn’t quite resemble the concrete cluster of Daikoku PA proper, Caffeine & Machine recently played host to the next best thing for us that live in England – Daikoku Nights.

Speedhunters_Daikoku Night58

In the middle of England, also known as the Midlands, the automotive pub/hub staged an homage to the famous parking area by welcoming JDM machinery of all kinds.

Speedhunters_Daikoku Night54
Speedhunters_Daikoku Night39

The first (of hopefully many) Daikoku Nights attracted a large crowd, with marshals having to turn cars away only two hours after the event started.

Speedhunters_Daikoku Night44
Speedhunters_Daikoku Night59

The carpark was littered with everything from S14s and 86s, to Chasers and MX-5s. There was even Driftworks’ Promodet/RWB Porsche, which kind of fits with the theme. Regardless, I think everyone was glad that meets like this are no longer reserved to occasional show weekends or supermarket carparks.

Speedhunters_Daikoku Night83
Speedhunters_Daikoku Night88
Speedhunters_Daikoku Night156

As the sun began to set, the true glory of the Daikoku Night’s light-up fantasy was realised. The centrepiece was a Nissan 180SX outlined in multi-coloured LED strips that pulsed throughout the evening, casting a colourful glow on those in the carpark.

Speedhunters_Daikoku Night109
Speedhunters_Daikoku Night106

I’m not going to be the one to declare the renaissance of neon-coloured lights, but it does seem like there’s a small contingent that are making a go of it. And there is nothing seemingly more at odds than seeing a countryside pub being surrounded by lowered, glowing JDM cars.

Speedhunters_Daikoku Night189
Speedhunters_Daikoku Night117

I for one, can’t wait for next month’s Daikoku Nights to do it all over again.

Charlie Brenninkmeijer
Instagram: charlieb.photography
Website: charlieb.photography


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YES YES more of this...

Charlie Brenninkmeijer

Hopefully next month!


I cannot for the life of me separate these neon lights from the riced-up atrocity that was the FnF Eclipse. Come to think of it, is there any event specific to automotive lighting as such? There must be.


I'm genuinely happy that neons are becoming acceptable again. You can poke your Rocket Bunny and Liberty Walk kits and stupid wheel fitment, I just want my car to look like TRON.


I love it, and I missed it. My neons are sad.........

Charlie Brenninkmeijer

Next time!


Hell yes, I love Daikoku PA.


Charlie Brenninkmeijer

Never been but can't wait to go in the future!

Sebastian Motsch

Thanks for the great pictures Charlie. This looks like an event worth driving to even from Germany. I hope they continue doing it until next summer, so we get a chance to join. Cheers, Seb.


You can even book a "guaranteed" parking space for £10. Always well worth a look at the exotic and eclectic cars that turn up.

Charlie Brenninkmeijer

Well thank you very much - especially if its inspired you to do some speed hunting of your own


Fully errect over the Neóns on proper cars


Pretty cool!